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Mad Men: Season 7 Review

Don Draper's story came to an end in Mad Men's final season... even if it took two years to see it all.   Read More... //

Jon Hamm's take on 'Mad Men' finale: Don 'realizes who he is'

Jon Hamm has known how "Mad Men" ended far longer than just about anyone, so he has a ready answer for his interpretation of the final scene: Did Don Draper's moment of clarity really lead to him creating a famous Coca-Cola commercial?In a word, yes. Hamm tells The New York Times that the events leading up to the final scene -- his phone calls with the women in his life, his breakdown in the group therapy session -- lead to a "serene moment of understanding" for Don."[He] realizes who he is. And who he is, is an advertising man," Hamm says. "And so, this thing comes to him. There's a way to see it in a completely cynical way, and say, 'Wow, that's awful.' But I think that for Don, it represents some kind of understanding and comfort in this incredibly unquiet, uncomfortable life that he has led."RELATED: 'Mad Men' series finale: Great moments, but... //

The Best of the Mad Men Series Finale Recaps

  Most Mad Men recaps include the sentence Mad Men has always been about [insert any of lifes big themes here] and last nights final episode really had writers questioning what big theme the show wanted to leave us on. Was the ending essentially a cynical look at commodification or an optimistic breakthrough forDon? Is Peggys ending a romantic conclusion for a character who has grown so much in her work, or fan service? Do people really change? Was the episode any good at all? These are all things we could debate for hours, perhaps over a Coke. If theres one thing we loved more than watching Mad Men , it was analyzing Mad Men . So here are some of the best thoughts on the finale. One thing they have in common: an aggressively anti-soda stance (but, as a good Mad Men recapper would say, everything is slowly killing us, anyway).   Read More... //

Mad Men Fashion Recap: More to Life

  Anyone who assumed Mad Men would conclude with the typical platitudes the nuclear family reunited, an impulsive marriage, a new life in a tropical paradise forgot how much these characters love to work, and how the office is their whole world. While Joan starts the episode as a woman of leisure, living off her payout in Key West in a bathing suit, pareo, and straw hat, not to mention a couple grams of coke, shes soon out of her vacation mufti and back to work. As she says later in the finale, I just cant turn off that part of myself. Soon, shes back at it in red power dresses and big gold jewelry, turning her home into her office and her babysitter into her secretary.   Read More.... //

Mad Men Series Finale Review: Person to Person

You can take the advertiser out of Manhattan... Or, it all comes down to Coca Cola. Through a long and winding road, we finally learned where Don Draper is headed on Mad Men Season 7 Episode 14 . Thankfully, we also discovered the happy endings for many other characters we've grown to love over seven seasons, and that became important as we ambled toward the AHA moment at the end of "Person to Person." Why? Because the interactions between the characters we love made the finale, and there weren't enough of them. Overall, it still worked, true to character.   Read More...   //

Mad Men's Series Finale: How Did It All End?

  [WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from the series finale of AMC's Mad Men . Read at your own risk.] In the end, Mad Men 's Don Draper just wanted to buy the world a Coke. Or give a random dude a hug. Or something. The thing that made Mad Men such a fascinating show to watch for the better ...   Read More...   //

'Mad Men' Series Finale Recap: Does Don Draper Find Happiness?

The series finale of Mad Men , "Person to Person,"is everything you would expect from this show after watching for seven seasons: inspiring, romantic, depressing, strange, uplifting and, ultimately, kind of cynical. Don Draper finds enlightenment ... and uses it to sell the world a Coke.   The ending of a show like Mad Men was always going to be a hard landing to stick. Unlike more plot-driven shows like Breaking Bad , Mad Men was mostly about the ups and downs of the characters' lives. The narrative of the show wasn't driven so much as it was slow and unspooling. We watched characters move forward into brave and exciting new directions, and fall back into bad habits again and again.   Read More... //

Mad Men Series Finale Recap: I'm Okay, You're Okay

  Be open to this, Anna Drapers niece Stephanie tells Don in Person to Person when they check into a proto-New Age facility in Northern California. You might feel better.   Shes responding to Dons reflexive sneering at class names on a handout: Psychotechnics. Anxiety and Tension Control. Divorce: A Creative Experience. Shes right to push back against Dons sourness, because those last two topics, maybe all three, sound like they might do a fellow like Don some good. And by the time we get to Dons final close-up a slow dolly into his meditating face as he smiles, capped by the sound of a bell it appears that hes on the road to accepting them. Hes open to the possibilities.   Read More... //

'Mad Men' Series Finale: 'Don Is Gone'

Just when I thought wed be saying, Goodbye, Don Draper; hello Dick Whitman, Matthew Weiner once again gives the ad man a reason to return after running away from home except this time it was m...   Read More... //

'Mad Men' series finale: All about that famous Coke commercial

Congratulations, everyone who had "Don comes up with the famous 'I'd like to buy the world a Coke' commercial" in the "Mad Men" series finale pool.That was a popular theory floating around in the days before the finale, since the real-life McCann Erickson created the ad, which was released in 1971. It jibes well with the show's timeline, which ends around Halloween 1970, and, the theory went, it would be the make for the ultimate Don Draper sales pitch.Viewers never see that pitch, however: Don (Jon Hamm), who spends much of the episode at a self-actualization retreat in California, finally has a breakthrough and buys into the lifestyle. While sitting lotus-style and chanting on an oceanside cliff, he gets a beatific smile on his face, and ... cut to the Coke commercial.RELATED: 'Mad Men': A tribute to 11 departed charactersThe clear implication is that Don's clarity on that hillside leads him to create the ad,... //