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Magi: Kingdom of magic Season 1 Episode 20 Review

After Hakuryuu states his true reasons about destroying the Kou Empire, Sinbad informs Hakuryuu to learn more about the world and that he should meet up with Alibaba. In a bar, Sharrkan leisurely drinks with two beautiful ladies, while Alibaba is caught in the middle of it. A tall woman, Ekateria, comes by to chat with Alibaba, who is shocked to see how she resembles someone in Qishan. The next day, Yamraiha does a demonstration for Aladdin by immersing him in a sphere of water of Aladdin's request. Aladdin gets an idea for a barrier of magic,  Borg , only with flames. Elsewhere, Alibaba spars with Sharrkan, where Sharrkan comments that Alibaba's swordplay and  Djinn Equip  are not compatible. In front of the fountain, Morgiana finds Alibaba and Aladdin where she reveals her new  Household Vessel . When Aladdin asks for a demonstration, Morgiana kicks and her chains fly and wrap around her two friends. Aladdin notices that Morgiana does not know what to do with her powers and tells her another way. Her friends' comments about her being their wings gave Morgiana the wrong impression. Read More... //magi.wikia.com/wiki/Episode_20