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Mahou Sensou episode 12 [Final]: How to make a bad show into a terrible one

This show doesn’t even seem to try anymore. The pacing of the show has begun to be really awkward, this episode starts in a whole different setting, where we skipped them escaping the enemy base, skipped them separating and just went straight to the house to the “murder” of their mother. It just seems like there is no more point to the story and they are just jumping from event to event to get to the end of this. They wasted way too much time ruining their boring characters in the school life setting and now the actual story is rushed and they are wasting all the hard work they put to lay out the universe and story.   Read More... //

Mahou Sensou 11: From bad to terrible

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Mahou Sensou is just a terribly boring and cliché show that shouldn’t have happened, but there are only one more episode after this one, so I figure I might as well go through it till it finishes and have all the right in the world to say how much this show was a huge waste of time. The show is not even bad enough that it can make me laugh, but it has such incredible premise only to let everyone down with such a ridiculously silly story and incredibly stupid characters. For those reasons I will keep my reviews short and my effort to the minimum, because you know, I should keep the same amount of effort that they put into their show. Read More... //

Mahou Sensou episode 10: Growing Lack of Interest

As Mahou Sensou keeps on going my disinterest for the show grows stronger. I feel like by the time this show is over I’ll have skipped watching part of the episodes because I was too uninterested. Mahou Sensou has a great universe, amazing magic and good background, interesting organizations…but their characters are all so lame and boring. The more the story progress the less attached I am to all their characters. At this point I feel like the story would be more interesting if it was told as a documentary than from the point of view of the characters. I wish I could learn more about the story and have the characters a bit less in my face, they are rather childish and obnoxious. I feel like the whole war and story is made to look much more stupid because of how uninterested and uninvolved the characters are.   Read More... //

Mahou Sensou episode 9: Second Magical War

It is just about time that everything start. It was already clear that this second war would happen after the awakening of the big bad guy and now it is upon us. I am always so happy when the boring school life ends in any shounen, I completely hate that part of the story and find it to completely cheapen the action and the story every time. I get it that it is necessary to have younger protagonist that still go to school to attract the proper audience, but when the show is all about betrayal and war and magic, it wouldn’t be so bad to skip that part and go straight to the main presentation. Read More... //

Mahou Sensou episode 8: Creepy Watcher in the Night

The show is suddenly taking a much more interesting twist than it has in the past. I always find it rather boring when the world is divided between good and evil. It is much more entertaining when there is no better-option and just different ideology. Now you can’t decide on the good or bad camp, you just have to figure out which match your value most. This is how real life works, there is no real good and evil, just a whole lot of inbetweens everywhere.   Read More... //

Mahou Sensou episode 7: Nightmares

I really enjoyed this episode, I felt like for once Takeshi acted like a normal human being…at least for the most part. I found it rather annoying that the guy would somehow give up so easily inside his own dream and that he just care so much about his family relationship. I don’t understand why you should care that much if your family hates you once you are already not living with them anymore. Just find a girlfriend and have her family becomes your guiding light for what a family should be and solve your problem that way, don’t limp about trying to fix things that are not worth fixing. You got bad ass friends, with a bad ass sword in a bad ass universe, live with that and forget about your past. I think we can agree, the past is over, there is only the present and the future left for you. Read More... //

Mahou Sensou episode 6: Clothes Dissolution

I am so amazed at this episode, I saw something that seem to defy every logic of every anime I have ever seen. I saw something I can barely believe my eyes I saw, it is so ridiculously impossible to witness I had given hope that one day something like this would happen. Some female character got her clothes dissolved but she actually got hurt from it too ! I might have simply seen way too many ecchi in my days, but I don’t think I ever saw a female character in an anime lose part of her clothing in a logical way that was not purely for fan service ! I mean seriously, everything started to dissolve and the girl was actually losing her skin and started bleeding from everywhere ! Anyone not familiar with anime would think that this can of thing makes complete sense and wouldn’t understand how amazing a phenomenon it is for the anime world. I can now say I saw a loli character have her clothes ripped off and she was actually visibly injured from it and not just naked. Read More... //

Mahou Sensou episode 5: Dangerous Exams

I don’t know why, but it seems that in every show about magic, the school always makes sure that the test are absurdly dangerous just because there is magic to fix things afterwards. Look, we have awesome healthcare nowadays, doesn’t mean we try to kill our student any more than we did in the past. I’m pretty sure that in the future even if we have the medical knowledge to grow back limb we won’t ask military student to hold a grenade in their hand before it explodes just because “we can heal it back anyway”. I don’t care if you can heal back to life someone who’s been stomped by a rhino, it must hurt like hell anyway. Even if I am supposed to be able to master the art of avoiding stuff I don’t think it is very fair that my punishment for failing be excruciating pain. Having an F in an exam is painful enough, I’d rather not add broken limb to the list. Read More... //

Mahou Sensou episode 4: Shut up Takeshi

This episode we go straight into action and magic battle woohoo…except that I really had trouble with this episode. I feel like every time Takeshi spoke this episode there was just more and more cheesy and boring shit coming out of his mouth. I feel that the way he conveyed his feelings was so over the time and inexpressive that it just destroyed any ounce of credibility that guy had. I could perfectly understand his feeling up to a certain point, I could understand that he wanted to save his friend and that she was like a ray of hope and inspiration for him. All that part I perfectly understand, but the show is just too serious in his war to make his selfish action reasonable in any way. They went out of the school for the first time and saw someone die in front of their eyes and yet they are not traumatized one bit. I feel like the character are too stupid for their own good. No one see someone die and remain so emotionally disconnected to what is going on. Read More... //

Mahou Sensou episode 3: Magical Romance

I doubt it will happen, but I sure hope that this show won’t turn too much into a high school romance any more than this episode already let it suggest. I’m not such a great fan of the genre and I’d rather have the show focus more on magic than love. I’m not saying that having this episode is bad in any way, if anything it really helped develop the characters more and make their relationship much deeper and interesting. The only trouble I had with the episode is the sudden switch from an action and story heavy progression to heavy character development. The change was a bit sudden and unforeseen, so it just made me a bit worried if the show wouldn’t take some sudden weird turn, but I trust it will continue in the path it was already set to follow. Read More... //