Make Magazine: Best Weekend Projects is a podcast for people who love science, technology, and getting their hands dirty. 50 years ago, there was hardly a household in America that didnâ??t have a workshop in the basement or garage. When something in the household broke, thatâ??s where it was fixed. Somewhere along the way this practice was lost. Ma...

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108 episodes

  • 18 episodes
    18 episodes
    • s3e18$30 Micro Forge
    • s3e17Compressed Air Rocket
    • s3e162-Mile Camera Remote
    • s3e15Egg Heads
    • s3e14Evil Mouse Prank
    • s3e13Convertible Jockey Box
    • s3e12Pinhole Panoramic Camera
    • s3e11Making the Weekend Projects
    • s3e10Gourd Lanterns
    • s3e9Magic Photo Cube
    • s3e8The Raygun
    • s3e7LED Light Brick
    • s3e6The Arc Light
    • s3e5The UnaBox
    • s3e4Remote-Controlled Camera Mount
    • s3e3Personal Portable Heater
    • s3e2Rumble Mouse
    • s3e1Retro Wireless Handset
  • 47 episodes
    47 episodes
  • 43 episodes
    43 episodes