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'Marco Polo' season finale recap: The Heavenly and Primal

Marco brings the Mongol horde to the gates of Xiangyang.  Read More... //

'Marco Polo' recap: Prisoners

Marco faces a death sentence, while Jia Sidao takes the Emperor under his wing.   Read More... //

'Marco Polo' recap: Rendering

Kublai and Jia meet face-to-face, and Byamba has to choose sides between blood and friendship.   Read More... //

'Marco Polo' recap: The Scholar's Pen

A blind man and a white guy walk into a walled city... //

Marco Polo Review

Netflix's new epic original series, Marco Polo, follows the famed explorer's early years in the court of Kublai Khan. So how is it?   Read More... //

Marco Polo Review: Netflix Series Takes Viewers on a Sluggish but Sensual Journey

Marco Polos Chinese exploration lasted for more than two decades. Perhaps, this is why the producers behind the new Netflix series Marco Polo opted to use such glacial pacing when adapting the famous 14th century merchants historic tale. For instance, viewers will have to endure 40 minutes of dialogue and strategy before any action takes place on the pilot alone.   Read More... //

'Marco Polo' recap: White Moon

Marco hunts for a traitor, while the Blue Princess's secret is revealed.   Read More... //

'Marco Polo' recap: Hashshashin

Marco tracks the assassins who targeted Kublai   Read More... //

Netflix's Marco Polo Is No Game of Thrones, But It Puts On a Good Show

The lavishly produced and reportedly mega-expensive period can be a feast for the eyes, even when the overripe dialogue and uneven performances feel dramatically undernourished.    Read More... //

'Marco Polo' recap: The Fourth Step

Marco reunites with his father, while Jingim secures peace in his time.   Read More... //