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Marvel's Agent Carter: "A Little Song And Dance" Review

So here’s the thing about those first six minutes… They really didn’t accomplish anything, story-wise (at least nothing that was apparent by the end of the episode). Peggy wasn’t fighting for her life, she was simply knocked out, and seeing her friends and foes in a big musical/dancing number didn’t give her any big revelation, it was just an entertaining way to see how her psyche was working and to get the Agent Carter cast singing and dancing. Now personally, I still loved the sequence because I love musicals and I love Agent Carter and seeing this all occur was just a hell of a lot of fun – especially given Angie was included. Great to have you back, Lyndsy Fonseca! I just wish it wasn’t only for this sequence (maybe she has an unannounced cameo in the season finale?). READ MORE...

Marvel's Agent Carter: "The Edge Of Mystery" Review

The darker tone that Agent Carter took on last week continued in "The Edge of Mystery", as there were betrayals, double-crosses, shootings and one very big explosion. Wilkes turning that gun on Peggy was certainly a big moment, after he’d been portrayed as a pretty decent guy up until now; albeit one willing to be much more brutal about how to deal with Dottie being taken than Peggy. But self-preservation will make people do dramatic things, and such seemed to be the case here – because it was clear Wilkes wasn’t suddenly genuinely teaming with Whitney as much as he was desperate. Of course, Wilkes returning, but now, presumably, just filled to the brim with Darkforce, seems to indicate even more changes are about to occur. And the reveal that there are other-wordly "voices" Whitney and Wilkes have been hearing underline just how messed up they are by what is happening to them. READ MORE...

‘Agent Carter’ S2E10: Hollywood Ending

★ ★ ★ ½ Well that’s a wrap! Agent Carter 's second season may have ended with a pretty lackluster fizzle, but the show’s decision to focus on the relationships Peggy has made this season saved the episode from what could have been a total let down. Peggy’s star-studded, palm tree filled, evil flamingo toting second season started out strong thanks to bright visuals and cool effects and it introduced science-fiction elements that surpassed Agent Carter ’s first season. Hollywood served as a good backdrop for the messages Agent Carter wanted to convey and it the series got some grasp of the corny comic book tone they were wanting to aim for. Only problem is, the 10 episode season just wasn’t enough to develop any of the mysteries introduced this time. A lot got sacrificed to draw attention to what was already there. So what started out with an expansive noir, superpowered conspiracy turned into a slapdash wrap up of Peggy’s friends and enemies with several loose ends lying around. Still, you can’t blame Agent Carter for trying to finish things up considering how badly they’re doing in the ratings. At the point to where season 3 may be more fictional than any of the science Wilkes and Stark cook up in a lab, uncertainty about renewal led to some hastily done storytelling. The sad part is, you can see where Agent Carter was wanting to go with characters like Whitney Frost and with storylines as broad as the zero matter and Council of Nine ones if it weren’t for their shaky position on ABC’s renewal list. While "Hollywood Ending" takes plenty of time exploring Peggy’s relationships with Sousa, Jarvis, and Anna, it’s her rivalry with Thompson that goes a long way. After two seasons of having a power struggle, the two finally found some support for one another and Thompson even took everyone’s lunch orders for them, a surprising move on his part (though it gave him time to look around the office for any clues.) Thompson’s cliffhanger is a great place for the season to stop and an even better mystery to start the next season with. Only problem is, that cliffhanger may be there forever. The zero matter storyline was really this season’s biggest casualty. Whitney Frost had just begun building a criminal empire when her powers got zapped away by a gamma cannon in a defeat so easy it made the flamingo from episode 1 look terrifying. There wasn’t a final showdown and Whitney’s powers didn’t lead to the large amounts of mayhem you would have expected them to. Problem is, she had fine-tuned her abilities only a few episodes before and that didn’t leave her enough time to don the Madame Masque look, let alone make sure that her plans of world domination seem more feasible. Whitney’s intelligently written character became cartoonishly crazy over time and Wilkes’ zero matter blast did little to help the progressive and interesting character we once knew return to her routes. She spent majority of the episode cooped up in her room planning out a device we never see get created. For a character that started off as strong as Peggy’s to end up like she did, it’s obvious her motivations got muddled somewhere along the way. Wilkes only turned out to be a means to an end. Barely any actual development happened with his character until he decided to go side with Whitney to save his life but, other than that, he didn’t contribute much besides be there so that Peggy has a love triangle. The same can’t be said for Samberly, a scientist that gets shuffled into the background the minute Howard Stark arrives and one that Wilkes (of all people) happens to surpass. The team of scientists lack the symbiotic chemistry Fitz and Simmons have on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Stark’s intelligence and charm make him stand out in every scene. For some reason Wilkes wasn’t killed when he expelled all of that zero matter and, at this point, it would have been a smarter move. It’s tough to picture Agent Carter not coming back, especially after all they’ve set up with this season finale. With so many loose strands left to be tied up, the show would benefit from at least one more season. Besides, we haven’t even seen Peggy create S.H.I.E.L.D. yet. div.post p { text-align: justify; }

Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 Finale Review: How Ya Gonna Just End Like That?

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Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 Finale Review: Hollywood Ending

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'Agent Carter' Season 2 Finale Recap: Does Peggy Beat Whitney?

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Agent Carter Season 2 Finale Recap: A Kiss Before (Someone) Dying

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Agent Carter Finale Was So Close to a Happy Ending But Now We Definitely Need a Season 3

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'Agent Carter' finale recap: 'Hollywood Ending'

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