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MasterChef Recap 9/13/17: Season 8 Episode 18 and 19 “Something Fishy/The Semi-Finals”

MasterChef S8 Ep 17 begins with the Top 6 – Jeff, Dino, Eboni, Cate, Yachecia and Jason. They are greeted by Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Aaron Sanchez and Chef Christina Tosi in the Masterchef kitchen. Tonight is time for their final Mystery Box Challenge, when they lift the boxes they see envelopes with their loved ones handwriting on them. Christina tells there there is no ingredients under the boxes but there is a little taste of home; everyone gets overly emotional as they read the letters. Chef Ramsay says the judges want to see them create an extraordinary dish inspired by the people who wrote those letters; they are given 5 minutes to shop in the pantry and the winner of this challenge gets a game changing advantage. As the emerge from the pantry they are greeted by the ones who wrote the letter; there isn’t a dry eye in the house. Their loved ones head upstairs and they are given 60 minutes to make their dish. The chefs visit each station and are impressed with their personal growth. Chef Aaron says there are a couple dishes they would like to take a closer look at; he calls Eboni to step forward. READ MORE...

MasterChef Recap 9/6/17: Season 8 Episode 16 and 17

Tonight MasterChef S8 Ep 16 begins with Chef Christina Tosi, Chef Aaron Sanchez and Chef Gordon Ramsay greeting the Top 7 home cooks. They dive right into their next Mystery Box Challenge, and the only thing under the box is a pair of chopsticks. Christina says a 3rd of the world eats with chopsticks everyday, and tonight they want them to create an Asian inspired dish with their own personal spin and the only thing holding them back is their imagination; they are given 60 minutes to create their MasterChef worthy dish. The chefs/judges are not looking for what you get out of a take-out box, something imaginative and creative, something with big flavor but a lot of subtleties. Its is about standing out and presenting something impressive. After checking out the cooks’ dishes, they say the kitchen smells incredible. They encourage them with their presentations and count down as the cooks finish their dishes. There are 3 dishes they are intrigued by. READ MORE...

MasterChef Recap 8/30/17: Season 8 Episode 14 and 15

MasterChef Season 8 Episode 14 ‘A Mexican Tag Team Challenge’ Recap Part 1 MasterChef is on for two-hours tonight beginning with "A Mexican Tag Team Challenge." The Top 9 home cooks head to their stations, where they are welcomed to the MasterChef kitchen by Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Christina Tosi and Chef Aaron Sanchez. The Mystery Box challenge tonight is all breakfast ingredients and at the center of it all they have Nutella. They have to create a MasterChef worthy breakfast starring Nutella; they have 1 hour to create a breakfast they would make for their own families. Gordon, Christina and Aaron talk about how difficult it could be to elevate. When time is up, the Chefs call the best dishes forward. Chef Aaron calls forward Gabriel, first time in the top 3 since the competition started. He made doughnut holes with blueberry glaze, hazelnuts and espresso syrup. Chef asks where this has been hiding, loves the freshness and fantastic flavor; he tells him he is happy to see him stepping up in the competition and if he continues to do this he will go far. Chef Gordon says he would only add more filling to the doughnuts but says he respects that Gabriel had the guts to make them in 60 minutes; saying he may be 19 but definitely deserves to be in the Top 9. READ MORE...

'MasterChef' Recap: Who Is Brought to Tears During a Gordon Ramsay Chicken Challenge?

After the big cliffhanger, we find out whether Newton or Yachecia heads back to the MasterChef kitchen. The top 11 faces a skills test that throws one of the chefs into a panic attack, while the others are confident they will head to the balcony and make the top 10. The losers of the skills test face a dumpling challenge, where one chef is sent home. Later, the top 10 pair off during a chicken and potato challenge, which leads to a second elimination challenge that sends another chef packing.   ...Read More... //

MasterChef Recap 8/16/17: Season 8 Episode 11 “Vegas Deluxe & Oyster Shucks”

Tonight is the 50th Anniversary of Caesar’s Palace and the Top 12 homecooks travel to Las Vegas where they are greeted by Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Aaron Sanchez and Chef Christina Tosi who reveal they will be feeding 50 VIPs in entertainment and hospitality. Dino and Daniel are the team captains; Dino is given the choice of choosing his whole team first or he could decide which protein each team will have to cook tonight – sea bass or rib cap. Dino takes a gamble and chooses people over protein and Daniel gets to choose the protein; picking sea bass. Dino is the captain of the red team and he picks Jason, Eboni, Adam, Jenny and Cate. Daniel is the captain of the blue team and he gets Caitlin, Yachecia, Jeff, Gabriel and Newton. They are told each diner will taste a plate from both teams and then cast a vote for their favorite dish. The losing team will face the dreaded pressure test. READ MORE...

'MasterChef' Recap: Whose Luck Runs out in the Vegas Pressure Test? The Answer Will Surprise You

MasterChef takes over Las Vegas as the Top 12 head to Caesars Palace to celebrate the luxury resort's 50th anniversary. But it's after the party where things really heat up in the make-shift MasterChef kitchen at Nobu Hotel as two chefs go head-to-head in a pressure test sure to leave any fan on the edge of their seats.   ...Read More... //

MasterChef Recap 8/9/17: Season 8 Episode 10 “The MasterChef Returns”

MasterChef begins tonight with Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Christina Tosi and Chef Aaron Sanchez greeting the top 13 homecooks. Chef Ramsay welcomes America’s MasterChef Season 7 reigning champion Shaun O’Neale. He says he has been cooking all over the world and been on the MasterChef cruise but the most exciting thing he has done is release his very own cookbook "My Modern American Table". Christina says its time for the next Mystery Box challenge, Shaun counts to 3 and reveals some of his favorite ingredients from his cookbook, including the protein that won it all for him: Venison Tenderloin. Shaun will be cooking alongside all of them, he heads to his station and they are given 60 minutes to make a spectacular dish using the ingredients Shaun selected plus their staple pantry box. Shaun is called up first. He has made spice rubbed Venison with parsnip-garlic puree, chimichurri and pear puree. Everyone is very impressed calling him an artist and chef master. Christina says there are 3 dishes they really want to check further that impressed them and she calls Caitlin first. READ MORE...

'MasterChef' Recap: Which Champion Returns to Inspire the Contestants?

A sweet and savory ingredient trips up some of the best chefs in season eight of MasterChef during the elimination challenge. But first, in "The MasterChef Returns," the champion of season seven comes back to the kitchen for a mystery box challenge with ingredients that won him the competition.  ...Read More... //

MasterChef Recap 8/2/17: Season 8 Episode 9 “Holy Cannoli”

MasterChef Season 8 Episode 9 begins tonight with Chef Christina Tosi, Chef Aaron Sanchez and Chef Gordon Ramsey greeting the top home cooks. Chef Ramsay says tonight things will be different as they will be cooking for a fully booked restaurant in two teams of 7. The Chefs are picking the team captains – 21 year old Adam is the captain of the red team and Caitlin for the blue team. Adam chooses Brien, Eboni, Newton, Dino, Yachecia, and Jeff while Caitlin chooses Daniel, Cate, Jenny, Gabriel, Reba and Jason. Chef Aaron says they will be filling the restaurant with local ingredient purveyors. They are the backbone of the culinary world and they will be cooking with their ingredients. Chef Ramsay and Chef Sanchez bring in two big boxes, each team has one box to work with; the contents are identical, the teams take their boxes back to their kitchens and each team has 90 minutes to turn the farm fresh ingredients into MasterChef worthy dishes. The diners will vote after tasting both dishes. The Chefs talk about the battle of the young guns. Chef Sanchez thinks the red team has it because Adam is a very well seasoned young man, and a very savvy palate and if he can transfer that to a team setting. Chef Ramsay has his money on the blue team because there isn’t a single strong character under Caitlin and she will dominate the team but Chef Christina wants to know who will call Caitlin out when she makes a mistake. READ MORE...

'MasterChef' Recap: Who Flips Out During the Cannoli Challenge?

There's 14 contestants left in season 8 of MasterChef , and as Gordon points out, the strong are getting stronger, and the weak are getting weeded out. And that's just what happens during the cannoli pressure test. And while just one person is sent home, I feel that three weak links should have been sent packing out of the MasterChef kitchen.   ...Read More... //