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Matador "Code Red Card" Review and 4-Episode Test: Mess with the Bull, Get the Horns

We're four episodes in: Does El Rey's soccer n' spies drama pass your 4-Episode Test?   Read More... //


 For fans of spy thrillers  and  the World Cup, Matador may pique your interest. From Hollywood powerhouse Roberto Orci (Transformers, Star Trek, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 -- the list goes on), with a pilot directed by Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Desperado), the new soccer-spy show is the second original series to hit Rodriguez's El Rey Network, following From Dusk Till Dawn. To give you an idea, Matador is one part Alias (the Orci factor) and one part Machete (the Rodriguez factor), with a little bit of I Spy thrown in for good measure. The result is an odd mixture, where some ingredients work better than others.  Read More... //

'Matador' mixes soccer, spies and sangria in fun retro style

You've got another four years to wait for the FIFA World Cup, and a year for the Women's World Cup, but you won't have to wait very long at all for "Matador," a spy story with a soccer setting and Latin twist and the second original series from Robert Rodriguez's El Rey Network. It starts... //

Television Review: Gabriel Luna Stars in Matador, on El Rey Network

Matador is a new original spy-meets-sports series on Robert Rodriguezs El Rey Network.  Read More... //