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Alfred Molina Hedges His Bets in Exclusive MATADOR Clip from Episode 5

We have an exclusive  Matador  clip from the show’s next episode to debut today.  From writer/producer  Roberto Orci , the 13-episode series airs on the newly launched El Rey network and revolves around an undercover CIA operative masquerading as a professional soccer star.   Gabriel Luna  leads the show as Tony “Matador” Bravo, who uses his skills to get close to LA Riot team owner Galan ( Alfred Molina ).  This clip is from the show’s fifth episode, “Enter the Worm”, as we see Molina’s villainous character explaining one of his sinister plans. Read More... //collider.com/matador-clip-episode-5/

Tanc Sade Talks about Learning to Play Soccer, His Cocky Character, and More on the Set of El Rey’s MATADOR

From writer/producer  Roberto Orci , the 13-episode El Rey series  Matador  is an action-packed, fun, sexy, dangerous look at the world of an undercover CIA operative masquerading as a professional soccer star.  Tony “Matador” Bravo ( Gabriel Luna ) becomes a professional soccer player for the LA Riot, in order to use his skills as a covert operative to get close to ruthless billionaire team owner Andrés Galan ( Alfred Molina ) and execute missions for the CIA. Back in May, Collider (along with one other online outlet) was invited to spend an afternoon on the set, which just happened to be a $40 million ranch property out in Simi Valley, where we got to watch them shoot Episode 5, directed by Dwight Little (who also did the Season 1 finale of  From Dusk Till Dawn ).  The family environment and camaraderie was obvious when, even though it was all work when the cameras were rolling, between shot set-ups, the actors would continue to practice soccer between takes and, at one point, a crew member even picked up a guitar and started strumming while show star Gabriel Luna sang along.  While they were setting up for the next scene, we spoke to actor Tanc Sade (who plays Alec Holester, the English striker for the LA Riot) about how he came to be a part of this show, learning to play soccer for this role, his appreciation for the sport, how much fun he has playing this cocky character, what an extreme athlete he is in his own life, and why he loves acting.  Check out our Tanc Sade Matador interview after the jump!  Episode 5 airs Tuesday, August 12th. Read More... //collider.com/tanc-sade-matador-interview/

Matador (El Rey) Episode 5 “Enter The Worm”

Matador  episode 5 “Enter The Worm” airs Tuesday, August 12th at 9PM ET/PT on El Rey Network. Episode Synopsis:  Matador Episode 5 “Enter The Worm” – Whisked away on Galan’s private jet, Tony, Holester, and Caesar touchdown in Nicaragua, a world run by a drug cartel leader known as “The Worm,” where the stakes are high and the death rate is higher. Aided by an old DEA friend, Tony finds himself in a brutal futsal game where the prize is more than just walking away with your life. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/08/12/matador-el-rey-episode-5-enter-worm/