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Medaka Box Episode #07 Anime Review

As the series has progressed, the cast has grown in general as we’ve seen more of the school, but we’re also getting more members for the student council which become regulars. There was some amusement at the start with Zenkichi being the only one working for Medaka, but it’s grown nicely and not too fast with only the second real addition hitting in the previous episode with their new treasurer, Kikajima. She looks to bring something interesting to the mix but her arrival also brings some challenges for Zenkichi as he’s wondering why they’re all in a higher position than him even though he started first and does so much for Medaka. But it’s the kind of comical wondering more than anything else because he’s not really actively looking to gain more position and power. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2012/05/17/medaka-box-episode-07-anime-review/