Mmm Me Gusta Episode Guide

I created Mmm, Me Gusta after losing my job during the recession and spending countless hours in my kitchen. There is something about cooking meals for friends and family that I found very comforting. One day, out of complete boredom, I literally pressed a button and POOF!, the show came out. I am not a chef, but a home cook. The recipes are mea...

Episode Guide

19 episodes

  • 9 episodes
    9 episodes
    • s2010e619Milanesa Steak 4 Dad
    • s2010e520The Ultimate Po
    • s2010e421Sparkle! Sparkle!
    • s2010e409Breakfast Burrito
    • s2010e323#SxSW Geeks
    • s2010e302Taquitos and Twitterers
    • s2010e211Stack of Love
    • s2010e126Tangy Cucumber Snack
    • s2010e20Vampire
  • 10 episodes
    10 episodes