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Modern Family Episode 24 : "Family Portrait" Review

The last two episodes of Modern Family felt like a very good way to end the season. They combined for one heck of a family vacation and it seemed like a very fitting way to bring the series' first year to a close. Knowing there was still one episode left felt odd, as if they were just trying to fit in one more half hour to meet some predetermined quota. How could they possibly top a two-episode trip to Maui and why bother? But "Family Portrait" turned my expectations on their head and delivered a great and worthy finale episode. In reality, this was a far more fitting conclusion to the season. Maui was a lot of fun, but it wasn't what the series has been about all season long. "Family Portrait" brought us back to the familiar world of this extended family, to remind us all why we fell for the comedy to begin with. Everyone in the cast was included in some way, with even the characters with shorter amounts of screen time scoring laughs with their bits. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Modern Family' - 'Family Portrait' Recap (Season Finale) Episode 24

Even the commercials mislead us as far as what we could expect in this episode. In that regard, I'm rather glad they did, as it made the unfolding of the awkwardness throughout the episode that much more delicious. Not since earlier seasons of 'The Office' have I been so anxious for a sitcom to come back on the air. With 'The Office,' that's usually because of ongoing storylines, or a dramatic cliffhanger. With 'Modern Family,' it's far simpler. Everything about this show screams instant classic. It doesn't matter in the slightest what's going on in any given episode for me to be completely stoked about it. This week's happenings included a trip to a basketball game, Cameron becoming a "professional" singer, and ultimately a beautiful family portrait that Claire has worked her heinie off to put together so it could be absolutely perfect. When I saw the title, I expected that the entire episode would be about the portrait, and because I have that much confidence in this cast and these writers, I thought it would be brilliant. Lucky for me, it was brilliant and packed with far, far more goodness to enjoy. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap - Modern Family 1.24 "Family Portrait"

The Modern Family season finale begins with Phil loading his pockets with candy in preparation for the Lakers game. The concession prices at the arena get him "a little nuts" (as he points to one pocket. Continuing the word play (and pointing), Phil explains "It ruffles me when goobers tell me I have to spend half my payday on their hot dogs." (With the last food mention, Phil points to a pant pocket.) Claire reminds her husband that he needs to be home in time for the family portrait she has arranged for later in the day. She asks Phil if he tried on the white pants she laid out for him. When Phil balks at wearing white pants, Claire explains that the entire family will be wearing white, and if he doesn't, Phil will stand out like Where's Waldo?. "Actually, Where's Waldo doesn't stand out. He's super hard to find," Phil corrects his wife. Claire is not in the mood for Phil's shenanigans; she just wants him to promise to be ready for the pictures. Phil promises, and hugs Claire - crunching all of his hidden candy. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Modern Family' Recap: An Offer You Can't Refuse Episode 24

This year's freshman comedy champ, Modern Family, winds up its season with a sprinkling of something for everyone in "Family Portrait." Phil ends up in hot water with Claire, but not for the reason he thinks. (As Phil likes to say--he's clueless.) Cameron's outgoing nature clashes with Mitchell's shyness. Claire obsesses. Jay rants. Gloria cracks wise and looks hot. Manny acts suave. Luke ends up wrapped in plastic. And through it all, the love shines through. This week's Modern Family parenting lessons: Lesson 1: Life isn't perfect. When things go wrong, just throw mud. Throughout the episode, Claire obsessively plans for the ultimate family portrait. She expects everyone to wear white, smile nicely, and look happy for the camera. Instead, the couples are fighting, the kids are cranky, and the photographer is losing the light. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Modern Family' Episode 24 Recap: Luke puts the 'He' in 'Hero'

Every now and then I wonder if the writers of Modern Family were invisible guests at my family dinner table. Take last night's 'Family Portrait': Claire's obsession with the flawed step, the stress of taking a family picture, and even Mitchell's reaction to a pigeon trapped indoors (see: my sister, a Lord & Taylor dressing room, last winter) were all scarily reminiscent of my own family. After two great Hawaii-centric episodes, Modern Family went back to basics for its season finale. The simple plots - a family picture, a basketball game, a school project - could have felt boring as there were no big-name guest stars or scenic backdrops, but each of the characters' personal quirks made them endlessly entertaining (Phil's paranoia, Claire's obsessiveness, Mitchell's fear of animals, and Cameron's newly acquired Divadom). They're what make family family, and what makes this show so brilliant. Here are the 10 best lines: To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now