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Modern Family 2.23 "See You Next Fall" Review

In last week's review, I wondered if  Modern Family would be able to match the fantastic run it went on at the end of Season One when it brought us " Hawaii " and " Family Portrait ."  Halfway through the final two episodes of Season Two, I have to say the show is easily meeting the standard set by those final Season One episodes.  "See You Next Fall" had me practically rolling falling off my couch with laughter.  As funny as it was, however, the episode also had one of the nicest emotional moments of the series: Haley's admission of failure to Alex. The theme of the episode was one of its most explicit, as "everybody's got their stuff" was repeated at least twice in the episode, and was part of Alex's revised commencement speech.  It was Alex's speech that served as the somewhat randomly occurring "treacly music summarizing soliloquy" as well, so the theme pf the episode was driven home.  While I normally would take this opportunity to rail against this bit of the episode (as my regular readers know how much I dislike the treacly music summary), I was too struck by Haley's admission to worry about it. Read More... //tvovermind.zap2it.com/abc/modern-family-tv-news/modern-family-223-fall-review/59341?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+tvovermind%2Ftvnews+%28TVOvermind+Television+News%29&utm_content=Google+Reader

MODERN FAMILY “See You Next Fall” Review

MODERN FAMILY  "See You Next Fall" Season 2 Episode 23 –  As valedictorian at her middle school graduation, Alex is the cerebellum of the ball Phil and Claire almost miss while Jay’s drifting Botox turns him into half a basset hound in the "See You Next Fall" episode of  MODERN FAMILY . Oh, Alex. "Don’t stop believin’. Let’s get this party started." I can’t blame her for the "Seriously?" after those overplayed lyrics get her speech so much applause, but some of that "stuff" she says works just fine. I love Alex/Haley scenes, especially when they let down their guard just a smidge, and there are two especially good ones here. Being a teenager is hard all around because, yeah, everyone has stuff and no one really wants to be a social piranha. I’m very curious to see how Haley’s stuff and Alex’s newfound acceptance play out next season. Can Haley get it together? Will Alex lose some of herself if she becomes popular? How much more will Phil and Claire freak out? Hysterical hug at the end. "I’m not hungry anymore." Hee! Read More... //www.daemonstv.com/2011/05/18/modern-family-see-you-next-fall-review/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daemonstv+%28Daemon%27s+TV%29&utm_content=Google+Reader

Modern Family Recap: Falling Down

Typically, the Dunphy-Pritchett-Delgado-Tuckers are pretty much like The Simpsons — after twenty-something minutes of various hilarious antics and whatnot, things pretty much always reset, the slate wiping itself clean for next week. In last night's penultimate episode, however, we were happy to detect a few threads carrying over from previous episodes. The Pritchett-Delgados Jay's had a few scrapes with mortality this season — the emergency appendectomy, his brother's cancer diagnosis. So it makes sense that, when he comes home from the doctor with the left side of his face drooping like a basset hound, Gloria and Manny spaz out a little bit. He says it's because of some numbing cream his dermatologist smeared on him, but really it's Botox that just didn't take. In the words of Mitch, "No my God you didn't." "In my head, I feel 40, but when I look in the mirror, I'm like, 'Who's that old man in the bathroom?'" Jay tells a disapproving Gloria. "But I love that old man in the bathroom!" she replies. Manny does his part to help him out, digging a Phantom of the Opera half-mask out of his personal collection before realizing it covers the wrong side ("Lemme go see if I have a leftie.") We could've gone for a little more digging into why jabbing face-stiffening bacteria into his person for psycho aesthetic reasons was something that appealed to Jay in the first place. "But you're a veteran!" Cam screeches when the truth comes out to the whole family, and, yeah, it really doesn't fit with Jay's Big Stoic Manly Guy persona. But again, neither does adopting the most adorable dog ever on TV ever in the world EVER, and he did that last week. The puppy from last week, we're happy to see, seems like it'll be hanging around! (If it doesn't, though, it's definitely not because we found it and stole it and carted it back from L.A. and named it Ernestine and bought it little pink sweaters despite our long-held anti-dog-clothes beliefs. No, definitely not.) Read More... //nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2011/05/modern_family_recap_9.html

'Modern Family' recap: The Graduate

Tonight’s episode, titled "See You Next Fall" -- get it? -- established why this cast is one of the best comedy ensembles on television. Not only can they deliver an acerbic quip that leaves us in stitches or a tender moment that almost makes us shed a tear, but tonight they demonstrated that they are also physical-comedy geniuses. Whether it was Cam falling into the baby pool or walking into the glass door (then through the screen door), or Phil cheerlead-throwing Claire over Jay’s gate, then trying to ride a tandem bike with her to Alex’s graduation, and then finally tumbling down the hill with her -- props to Julie Bowen (Claire), who looked like she was really falling and potentially hurting herself – they did it with gusto, and got hilarious results. Read More.... //tvrecaps.ew.com/recap/modern-family-season-2-episode-23/

'Modern Fmaily' Season 2, Episode 23 Recap

It's interesting that the episode's title would be perfect if this was the season finale, right? Makes me wonder if this actually was the season finale, but ABC intervened. It's not the first time this has happened. This had the feeling of a season finale, didn't it? There was a life passage (Alex's graduation from middle school), lots of Dunphy/Pritchett family slapsitck, and a big moment where everyone comes together at the end. It was also extremely funny, as if the writers kicked things into high gear in order to go out with a bang. Read More... //www.tvsquad.com/2011/05/19/modern-fmaily-season-2-episode-23-recap/

Modern Family Review: "See You Next Fall"

Hola, mi nombre es Enrico and I was never Treasurer of my High School Spanish Club and I was certainly never valedictorian of my middle school.  But it doesn't matter, because I still found my way in the prestigious line of Modern Family  reviewers, and I'm here to cover "See You Next Fall." This is certainly a tough show to review given how reliably funny and smart the show is each week, but I'm going to try anyway.  First, I'll cover what I considered each of the four separate stories that tied so closely together this week: //www.tvfanatic.com/2011/05/modern-family-review-see-you-next-fall/