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Naruto Season 7 Episode 165 The Death of Naruto Episode Recap

Neji, Tenten, and Kakashi stare at a grave. As they head back they throw off a pursuer with a replacement, but are being shadowed by another. Komei is about to be forced to commit seppuku, but the Cursed Warrior saves him. Shortly afterwards, it is revealed that Naruto disguised himself as the Cursed Warrior. Kakashi fights Nagare, who uses moves copied from other ninja. Naruto, Neji and Tenten discover that the true identity of the Cursed Warrior is the feudal lord himself, who seeks to kill Moso to avenge his father. Source Here

Naruto Season 2 Episode 25 Byakugan vs. Shadow Clone Jutsu! Episode Recap

The episode starts off Naruto looks around and tries to find Sasuke but cannot find him. "I'm versing Dosu but he's missing too." Shikamaru also said. "Hey! Quit fidgeting, you two! Face the audience, from here on and out, you guys are heroes in this final competition." The seven faces the audience and looks with determination. The scene changes to where the Third Hokage sits. Raido comes to him and whispers that they haven't found Sasuke and that a few ANBU's are looking for him. Third Hokage looks down and says that he understands. Looking to his left, he sees the Kazekage. "Ah, Kazekage-sama! I ask you to sit down, it must've been tiring for your journey!" The Kazekage only replies that he's okay. "While for you, when you're still young. Maybe it's time to pick the Fifth?" Hokage says that it's okay and says that he can still take the job for another five years. He stands up and announces the whole stadium. "WELCOME! Welcome to the Konoha's Chunin Selection Exams! We will now start the matches between the 8 participants that got past the preliminaries. Please stay until all the matches are done!" Kazekage then asks: "You said eight, where did one go?" The Third Hokage just simply sighed. To Read More Click Me!

Naruto Season 2 Episode 24 The Final Rounds: Rush to the Battle Arena! Episode Recap

The episode starts off when in the battle arena in which the Chunin Exams take place. In the front gate of the arena, stood Naruto. "Tomorrow…" was all Naruto could say. The scene changes to Ichiraku Ramen Bar, where Naruto simply sat with no ramen. Teuchi gives Ayame a huge bowl of ramen and then gives to Naruto. Confused, "uh, Mr. Chef?" Teuchi only replies to eat up since Naruto was in the final competition. Naruto replies, "Okay! Thanks a lot Mr. Chef!" The scene changes to a bar, in which Shikaku Nara, Inoichi Yamanaka, and Choza Akimichi are drunk. "Hey, I know how you feel (half drunk), daughters are a real drag." Inoichi replies. "Yep, I know how it feels like." Choza then said. "Bah! It's not it really cares. Here, mister! One more order here;" He shows the waiter the menu. "These two pages, everything on 'em!" To their right, the door opens and Shikamaru comes in. "Wohoo! Reinforcements! Come in and order something from this menu!" Choza shouted out. Ignoring him, Shikamaru goes up to his dad and says. "Hey, dad. Can we go home already?" Shikaku grunts and looks up at Shikamaru, "Wha? Listen, don't be a drag; you're supposed to live up at this festival." He then chugs almost all the liquor from the small box he's holding. Shikamaru then doesn't care and says that he's in the final competition and doesn't want to babysit his father. "Wha? You're in it? Seriously?" Shikamaru was shocked of how drunk he is and says: "Nevermind. Just forget it." To Read More Click Me!

Naruto Season 2 Episode 23 Hospital Besieged: The Evil Hand Revealed! Episode Recap

The episode starts off when Baki knocks at Kankuro's and Temari's door. Kankuro opens it to see a mad Baki, "You idiots! Didn't I tell you to watch Gaara without a sight!?" Kankuro and Temari then are surprised and immediately go to where Gaara rests. Kankuro opens Gaara's door and finds him missing. Realizing that he was gone, Baki goes up the window and says: "This is bad…very, very, bad." The scene changes back to the Leaf Hospital, where Naruto rests. Shikamaru was playing Shogi, by himself with a time glass. "What a drag, when's this bum going to wake up." Scene changes back to a flower shop where Sakura is. She gets some more flowers for an occasional reason. To her right, Ino then says: "Going for another visit to the hospital? Of course, you're not going to see Sasuke there!" Sakura then replies that she's only visiting to see Lee. "After all, the old flowers are probably dead by now." Ino then pauses a bit, she then takes the flowers and checks them out and Sakura gives Ino the money. Back at the hospital, on the front desk, Gaara seems to be freaking out and putting his hands on his head like he has a seizure. To Read More Click Me!

Naruto Season 2 Episode 22 He Flies! He Jumps! He Lurks! Chief Toad Appears! Episode Recap

The episode starts off when Naruto summons Gamabunta and he appears to save Naruto from falling to death. Naruto then falls on Gamabunta with a great bump. He then goes around to see if he really did it or not, "big four legs, a giant mouth, and no tail! I did it! I actually summoned a toad, not a frog!" Jiraiya then says that he was finally able to do the Summoning Technique, but the chakra he used was unstable and even summoned "him," Gamabunta, "Even I can't control Gamabunta". While Naruto cheers, Gamabunta then shouts: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, YOU LITTLE SNOT!" Naruto then suddenly jumps back in shock. "I get some fresh air! AND THEN WHAT? I GET SUMMONED HERE!!!" Naruto takes another step back in shock. Then Gamabunta faces Naruto and asks: "Hey little snot, where's Jiraiya?" Naruto then says that he wasn't sure of who Jiraiya was. "HEY I'M PRETTY SURE YOU KNOW, the person who calls himself as the toad sage!" Naruto then says that if it was the "pervy sage". Naruto then says that Jiraiya was up in the cliff. In anger, Gamabunta starts yelling out Jiraiya's name, and in the midst, behind a tree, was Jiraiya, knowing that he can't let Gamabunta see Jiraiya. To Read More Click Me!

Naruto Season 2 Episode 21 Live or Die: Risk It All to Win It All! Episode Recap

The episode starts off in the waterfall where four girls in a bikini suit started playing in the water. On the shore, behind bushes, Jiraiya sat with a perverted look and laugh. Behind Jiraiya was Naruto, still practicing the Summoning Jutsu and summons a little frog. Naruto then yells out of what was the difference between a frog and a tadpole. Naruto then shouts at Jiraiya, still in his perverted laugh, that he wasn't helping at all. After, Naruto was done complaining, he faints. Jiraiya then looks back at Naruto, and considers that Naruto has been training with determination and guts but still doesn't get anything. The scene changes into the Hokage Room, where the Third Hokage looks at all four Hokages. The Third Hokage then looks back and sees Anko, saying that she probably doesn't deserve to be here after meeting Orochimaru, she also wished the Fourth Hokage was still alive, The Third Hokage then says that if it wasn't for the Fourth Hokage, then the village wouldn't exist, same goes for Anko. Then the Third Hokage gets his hat and leaves, saying that he's taking a stroll outside. He then leaves Anko in the Hokage Room, who then bows to the Third Hokage To Read More Click Me!

Naruto Season 2 Episode 20 A Feeling of Yearning, A Flower Full of Hope Episode Recap

The episode starts off at a waterfall, where three girls wearing bikinis were playing at the water. Behind the bushes on the shore, Jiraiya was peeking at them with a perverted look on his face and occasionally laughing to himself. Naruto then called for Jiraiya to help him train, but Jiraiya said that he was working on his research and told Naruto to do it by himself. Naruto then said that he was going to summon a toad that was the size of a house. Naruto then bit his thumb and formed hand seals before shouting, "Summoning Technique!" He summoned another tadpole. Jiraiya then looked over at the tadpole. Displeased, he shouted over to Naruto that he had to put all of his chakra into it as if his life was depending on it. Naruto was trying his best, and then commented that the tadpole was bigger than the last time. Jiraiya replied that, despite that, it was still a tadpole. Therefore, Naruto's training wasn't doing very well. To Read More Click Me!

Naruto Season 2 Episode 19 Summoning Jutsu; Wisdom of the Toad Sage! Episode Recap

The episode starts off on the top roof of the Hokage Monument, when Ebisu told Jiraiya to take care of Naruto; he then left. The scene changed to a building where the roof had two huge statue fishes. Gaara was sitting on the tail of the fish; he was suddenly alerted to the presence of Dosu, who told him that he didn't get any sleep, but then said that he could fight him in this location, making him one step closer to fighting Sasuke. Gaara then said that it was the full moon which resulted in "its" blood being stirred up. Gaara suddenly turned into an enormous monster, and swiped at Dosu, killing him. Gaara was then breathing heavily and holding his head in his hands, as if he had a headache. To Read More Click Me!

Naruto Season 2 Episode 18 Long Time No See: Jiraiya Returns! Episode Recap

This Episode starts off when Naruto looks at his fallen sensei, trying to test out to see that if he fainted or not, he uses One Thousand Years of Death at Ebisu. To Naruto's certainty, Ebisu didn't move an inch. Angry, Naruto then demands explanation of who the white-haired guy was, who took out his sensei. After his motto of saying that he was the greatest ninja of the Sannin, and the mountain toad sage, he announced himself as Jiraiya! Calling him a pervy sage, Naruto then asks of what he was doing here. Jiraiya then says that he was a novelist, coming here for research. He pulls out a book from his clothes and from there was Icha Icha Paradise. After one second looking, Naruto immediately knows of where the book was. He then has a thought in which it shows Kakashi reading Icha Icha Paradise and he was red-faced (although his mask covered). Jiraiya was then amazed of how popular the book was already, and asks Naruto about it. He only gets criticism from it as Naruto says that it was a junky book. To Read More Click Me!

Naruto Season 2 Episode 17 Ebisu Returns: Naruto's Toughest Training Yet! Episode Recap

The episode begins with Naruto in the hospital, asking if he can visit Sasuke's room. When the nurse tells him "no visitors," he begins shouting and complaining. Kakashi comes down the hallway and tells Naruto to quiet down because it's a hospital. Naruto is happy to see Kakashi and says he needs to ask a favor, but Kakashi interrupts and says that he's already found Naruto a trainer for the next stage of the Chunin Exams. Naruto insists that he wants Kakashi to train him, and when Kakashi says that he has other things to do and won't have time for Naruto, Naruto points an accusing finger and asks him if he's going to be training Sasuke instead. Kakashi tells Naruto not to complain, adding, "I've found you an even better teacher than me." When Naruto asks who, he hears a voice saying, "It is I." Turning around, Naruto is shocked to see Ebisu standing there. Source Here