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This series tries to explain strange phenomena, such as mysterious lights in the sky and Chupacabra sightings on the ground, by investigating these cases and meeting with researchers and scientists for possible explanations. MYSTERY LIGHTS: From the deserts of Texas to the snowy valleys of Norway, mysterious lights have appeared without warning or explanation, and eyewitnesses express a mixture of fear and fascination for them. Many wonder if the lights could be ghosts, or visitors from outer space, but a team of researchers has a new theory on the origin of these strange lights. CHUPACABRA: In the mid 1990s in Puerto Rico, livestock were killed and appeared to have been drained of blood through puncture wounds to their necks. Eyewitnesses claim the creature responsible for the killings was an ugly creature that stood like a kangaroo with spikes running down its back, large fangs protruding from its mouth and large, predatory eyes glowing red. The case went cold until similar attacks by a different creature occur in Texas, and ranchers and farmers discovered the remains of this weird creature. What did scientists find?

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3 episodes

  • 3 episodes
    3 episodes
    • s1e3Blood Rain and Star Jelly
      June 8, 2010
    • s1e2Mystery Lights
      March 1, 2010
    • s1e1Chupacabra