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NCIS Star Pauley Perrette Explains Her Twitter Hiatus Ahead of Show Exit

Pauley Perrettes fans apparently want every possible interaction with her that they can get before she signs off for good from NCIS. The actress, who recently announced that the CBS procedurals currently airing 15th season will be her last, did not tweet at all during this weeks new episode, and some viewers took to Twitter to express their disappointment. Perrette, a typically frequent Twitter user, had tweeted in the evening on Oct. 16 but posted nothing on Oct. 17, when the episode aired.   ...Read More...

NCIS Promo: Who Gets Kidnapped?!

Why did Reeves' friend get kidnapped? That's the question plaguing the team on NCIS Season 15 Episode 5 after Reeves witnesses the whole event playing out. When the team starts investigating what really happened, they find that the man they think could be responsible went missing two days prior and had confidential military intel. This puts the team in a difficult position as they try to work together despite differing opinions. Will Reeves go too far because the investigation is personal to him?   ...Read More...

NCIS Fans React to Maria Bellos Debut as Pauley Perrette Nears Exit

One star entered as another eyes the exit on tonights NCIS, and some fans werent sure whether to celebrate or commiserate. Tuesdays installment of the venerable CBS procedural featured the introduction ofSpecial Agent Jacqueline JackSloane (Maria Bello) joiningLeroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) team. The new characters arrival follows the departure of Special AgentAlex Quinn (Jennifer Esposito), who left after Season 14.   ...Read More...

NCIS Exclusive: Professor Ducky Is Ready for Questions

  This week's episode of NCIS promises to be a big one for Ducky ( David McCallum ), as he gets an exciting new opportunity from a friend. In an exclusive sneak peek, we see Ducky delivering a guest lecture, describing how he found the eaten remains of a murder victim inside the stomach of a man he was   ...Read More...

NCIS Sneak Peek: Maria Bello Arrives to Give Gibbs a 'Good Fight'

NCIS Leroy Jethro Gibbs is going to like having Special Agent Jacqueline Jack Sloane around at least to hear her tell it in this exclusive first look at a promo touting Maria Bellos debut. In the CBS dramas Tuesday, Oct. 17 episode, titled Skeleton Crew and directed by cast member Rocky Carroll, Director Vance []

Pauley Perrette Exiting NCIS After This Season

After 15 seasons on NCIS , Pauley Perrette announced today that she is leaving the CBS series at the end of this season. As rumors of her status on the show have swirled in recent weeks, the actor revealed the news on her Twitter feed: So it is true that I am leaving NCIS There have been all kinds of false rumors as to why (NO I DONT HAVE A SKIN CARE LINE Pauley Perrette (@PauleyP) October 4, 2017 A core cast member of the Mark Harmon-led   ...Read More...

NCIS Promo: Gibbs Returns Home!

Gibbs and McGee found themselves in quite the predicament on NCIS Season 15 Episode 1 . They had been missing for two months. Just as their team members were losing hope for a safe return home, there weresome changes and now they're returning home! On NCIS Season 15 Episode 2 , the two returnees are forced to go through a psych evaluation from Doctor Grace Confalone before they can officially return to their duties.   ...Read More...

NCIS: Gibbs and McGee Will Suffer "Lasting Effects" from Paraguay Mission

  NCIS ended things on a cliffhanger in the Season 14 finale with Gibbs ( Mark Harmon ) and McGee ( Sean Murray ) surrounded by enemy forces in Paraguay. Fortunately for fans, they won't have to wait long to find out what happens to our heroes. The new season picks up less than a minute from where we left   ...Read More...   //

Maria Bello Joins 'NCIS' as Series Regular for Season 15

Sources note the actress has inked a three-year deal for the most-watched drama in the world.   ...Read More... //

Jennifer Esposito to Exit NCIS

Jennifer Espositos tenure at NCIS has come to an end. The actress is leaving the CBS drama after one season as a series regular, our sister site Deadline reports. Esposito joined the shows cast in last falls Season 14 premiere, playing NCIS Special Agent Alexandra Alex Quinn. An instructor at the Law Enforcement Training Center, [] //