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'NCIS' Episode 14.23 Photos: The Team Gets Ready for McGee and Delilah's Wedding

McGee and Delilah's wedding day may almost be here on NCIS , but the team is going to have to work a case as well in this season 14 episode, "Something Blue." According to CBS, "The stress of McGee and Delilah's (Margo Harshman) imminent wedding takes its toll, as Delilah is rushed to the hospital. Also, the NCIS team travels out to sea after a young and healthy Petty Officer aboard a Navy destroyer dies in his sleep." ...Read More... //

NCIS Sneak Peek: Elisabeth Rhm Is Wowed by Abby's 'Science Police' Work

This week on CBS NCIS, insect genocide just might help solve a homicide. In the episode Beastmaster (airing tonight at 8/7c), after a Marine Sergeant is found murdered in Rock Creek Park, Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) and the NCIS team partner with Mounted Police Sergeant May Dawson (the ever-ubiquitous Elisabeth Rhm) to solve a [] //

[WATCH] 'NCIS' Sneak Peek: How Is the Team Saving McGee's Job?

NCIS is teaming up with the Mounted Park Police in this season 14 episode, after a Marine Sergeant is found murdered in a National Park, to solve a string of related crimes in the park. ...Read More... //

5 Ways Michael Weatherly's 'NCIS' and 'Bull' Characters Are Basically the Same Person

Have you been missing "Very Special" Agent Anthony DiNozzo from NCIS ? Getting your DiNozzo fix may be easier than you can imagine. If you watch the freshman season of Bull , you will surely notice many similarities between Michael Weatherly's characters on the two shows, Dr. Jason Bull and Tony DiNozzo. ...Read More... //

'NCIS' Season 14 Finale Spoilers: Will Delilah and McGee Make It Down the Aisle?

NCIS fans might be in for a wild and emotional end of season 14. CBS has released descriptions for the last two episodes of the season and things don't sound great for Delilah and McGee. Though the penultimate episode of season 14 is being promised as a "special wedding episode," it sounds as if Delilah and McGee's nuptials won't go off without a hitch, if they happen at all. ...Read More... //

NCIS: Torres' Dirty Past Blows Up in His Face

NCIS started so sweetly -- if you discount that Marine getting shot in the head, that is -- with Bishop ( Emily Wickersham ) chastising Torres ( Wilmer Valderrama ) for not RSVPing for her painting-her-place party. Well, she won't be getting cheap labor from him anytime soon, since he's called to ...Read More... //

'NCIS' Episode 14.22 Photos: Elisabeth Rohm Guest Stars as a Mounted Park Police Sergeant

The team is going to have to work with the Mounted Park Police to solve the case in this NCIS episode, "Beastmaster," and that includes guest star Elisabeth Rohm. According to CBS, "After a Marine Sergeant is found murdered in a National Park, Gibbs and the NCIS team partner with Mounted Police Sergeant May Dawson (Elisabeth Rohm) to solve a string of related crimes in the park." ...Read More... //

'NCIS' Episode 14.21 Photos: A Marine's Murder Is Linked to One of Torres' Old Undercover Operations

It's time to delve into one of Torres' old undercover operations in this NCIS episode, "One Book, Two Covers," and this one involves a dirt bike gang. According to CBS, "Torres must rely on old case notes and contacts after a Marine's murder is linked to a former dirt bike gang he joined for a year-long undercover operation." ...Read More... //

'NCIS': How the Team Handled Using Flip Phones in 'A Bowl of Cherries'

The team was without their cell phones and laptops during NCIS ' "A Bowl of Cherries" after a vice admiral intentionally infected McGee with ransomware (and it spread to the rest of the team) to motivate him to find who was responsible. That meant they all had to use burn phones and got a taste of what Gibbs goes through every day with a flip phone. (He likes it. They did not.) Here's how the team reacted to their new (temporary) phones in "A Bowl of Cherries." ...Read More... //

NCIS: What Family Secret Is Quinn Hiding?

  Tuesday's episode of NCIS turned into a family affair, with Quinn's ( Jennifer Esposito ) mother Marie (guest star Mercedes Ruehl ) causing a number of problems for her at work. Quinn skips a mandatory visit to the gun range after getting a "911" text from her mother -- whose only emergency, as it turns  ...Read More...   //