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Maria Bello Joins 'NCIS' as Series Regular for Season 15

Sources note the actress has inked a three-year deal for the most-watched drama in the world.   ...Read More... //

Jennifer Esposito to Exit NCIS

Jennifer Espositos tenure at NCIS has come to an end. The actress is leaving the CBS drama after one season as a series regular, our sister site Deadline reports. Esposito joined the shows cast in last falls Season 14 premiere, playing NCIS Special Agent Alexandra Alex Quinn. An instructor at the Law Enforcement Training Center, [] //

Did 'NCIS' Season 14 Focus Too Much on Characters and Not Enough on Plot?

NCIS season 14 was a difficult season to manage. With the loss of the beloved Tony DiNozzo and the introduction of three new series regulars, the show needed to balance the old and the new. While there was a balance in the characters, some viewers were disappointed in the lack of plot development. Is it possible that NCIS season 14 focused too much on the characters and not the plots? And are there now too many characters competing for our attention?  ...Read More... //

Did 'NCIS' Season 14 Successfully Balance the Old and the New?

After losing someone who had been around since the show's beginning in Michael Weatherly's Tony DiNozzo at the end of season 13, NCIS brought in three new characters this year: Clayton Reeves (who was introduced last season), Nick Torres and Alex Quinn. And what resulted was quite the change -- for the team, for the show and for these characters as well. McGee was the new Senior Field Agent. The team gained two new members after only losing one, so they had to do a bit of rearranging of the desks. (Fortunately, Reeves was working the international desk, so they didn't have to make room for his once he was around full-time.) By joining the team, the new members were put in situations much different from their previous positions. It was a time of change for everyone, and when it comes to addressing that, it worked. But at the same time, it felt like the "old" took a backseat at times. ...Read More... //

Why You Should Have Seen That 'NCIS' Season 14 Finale Cliffhanger Coming

Gibbs, McGee and Torres headed to Paraguay to rescue a Navy SEAL in the NCIS season 14 finale. However, upon arrival, they discovered that the SEAL was trying to save kids who had been taken by rebels to be trained as child soldiers, and by the end of "Rendezvous," Gibbs and McGee were in quite a bit of trouble. Here are the moments that hinted at that season finale cliffhanger.   ...Read More... //

[WATCH] 'NCIS' Season Finale Sneak Peek: McGee Learns He Needs to Plan Ahead

A few members of the team are traveling to a remote area of Paraguay controlled by a violent group of rebels in the NCIS season 14 finale. Gibbs, McGee and Torres are trying to locate a missing Navy Seal who disappeared during an unsanctioned trip. ...Read More... //

10 Times 'NCIS' and 'NCIS: Los Angeles' Killed off Loved Ones

NCIS has solved many mysteries and has saved plenty of lives over the course of the past decade, but it has also claimed numerous lives, including characters we love. While some fatalities were expected, some deaths were heartbreaking and unfortunately they still linger until now. Let's look back at 10 of the most beloved characters killed off by the CBS police procedural franchise. ...Read More... //

'NCIS': 9 Heartwarming Moments from 'Something Blue'

The stress of planning their wedding was getting to Delilah in this NCIS episode, leaving McGee worried about his wife-to-be. But a trip to the hospital doesn't have to end with bad news, and Tony's old apartment didn't always have to be the scene of a crime. Here are the most heartwarming moments from "Something Blue." ...Read More... //

'NCIS': Sean Murray Teases Emotional Wedding Day and a Wild Finale

Grab your tissues for the next episode of NCIS on CBS. In "Something Blue," we'll get a look at all of the Tim McGee and Delilah Fielding wedding drama long before the highly anticipated wedding episode airs this summer. Sean Murray, who plays McGee, teased fans with what to expect. "[He] is doing OK, you know? He's always a little overwhelmed, but other than that he's doing OK," Murray said in an interview with TVLine . "We're getting ready and McGee, as usual, is sort of in a state of, 'Well, I'm not quite sure what I want to do here.' He's overwhelmed by all the little details, and that's sort of what the episode is about -- McGee learning not to sweat the small stuff so much." ...Read More... //

NCIS: Sean Murray Previews McGee and Delilah's Big Day

  There's an NCIS wedding in the works -- but will it actually happen? Not without a few obstacles thrown in the way. On Tuesday's episode, the stress of planning their summer nuptials gets the best of McGee ( Sean Murray ) and Delilah ( Margo Harshman ), resulting in a trip to the emergency room.   ...Read More... //