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Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2009 - Featured

* Steven Seagal: Lawman (10/9c A&E ) Steven Seagal made his action-hero debut in 1988's Above the Law and became known on screen as an enforcer with martial-arts skills and a passion for doing the right thing. In this new reality show, viewers see Seagal as, well, an enforcer with martial-arts skills and a passion for doing the right thing. The series follows his work as a deputy sheriff in Louisiana and begins with Seagal and his team apprehending a carjacker. * Christmas in Rockefeller Center (8/7c NBC) Hosts Jane Krakowski and Zachary Levi flip the light fantastic at the 77th annual lighting of the famed Christmas tree in Manhattan. It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas when slated performers Michael Bublé, Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, Barry Manilow, the Roots and Shakira render holiday tunes and current hits. Also illuminating the event are appearances by newsman Brian Williams and actors Taylor Schilling and James Tupper, both of NBC drama Mercy. * Grammy Nominations Concert Live! - Countdown to Music's Biggest Night (9/8c CBS) Several key 2010 Grammy nominations are announced on this music-filled special hosted by LL Cool J. But the nods may take a backseat to what promises to be tomorrow's leading chatter on the social-networking sites: the debut of Nick Jonas and the Administration, the youngest JoBro's new band, performing "Who I Am." Other top acts on tap: the Black Eyed Peas; Sugarland; and Maxwell. * Top Chef : Las Vegas (10/9c Bravo ) The tension is piping hot in Part 1 of the two-part Season 6 finale, whetting all appetites for next week's crowning of the winning chef. The scene shifts from Sin City to Napa Valley, Calif., where the four remaining contestants try to seal the deal with an ideal meal in the penultimate challenge. Stepping up to the plate (and sporting interesting new hairstyles) are Kevin Gillespie, Jennifer Carroll and the Voltaggio brothers - serious Bryan and cocky Michael - who are taking sibling rivalry and scrambled egos to the next level. * Nip/Tuck (10/9c FX ) Christian and Kimber: It's a relationship that just won't die. Or live. Two weeks ago she was engaged to Mike Hamoui; last week she wasn't, and guess who was back in the picture. For how long? How long do you think? Sleeping with your grandchild's mother is creepy anyhow. On the Sean front, meanwhile, there finally appears to be some light at the end of the Teddy tunnel. Source Here

FX Sets MidSeason Premieres - Featured

From TVGuide: Nip/Tuck 's final season will debut in January, kicking off FX's midseason slate of new and returning series, the network announced Tuesday. The final nine episodes of Nip/Tuck will premiere Wednesday, Jan. 6, at 10/9c and will air consecutively through the series finale - the 100th episode - on March 3. Melanie Griffith, Joan Rivers, Mario Lopez, Frances Conroy, Donna Mills and Joan Van Ark are among the guest stars. With Nip/Tuck occupying the Wednesday-at-10 spot, critical darling Damages will move to Monday nights. The Emmy-winning drama's third season, comprising 13 episodes, will debut Jan. 25 at 10/9c. FX also has three new series of three different genres on tap. Animated comedy Archer , which had a sneak peek in September, will bow on Thursday, Jan. 14. New drama Justified (formerly known as Lawman), starring Timothy Olyphant will premiere sometime in March, while comedy series Louie , featuring comedian Louie C.K., will launch at an unspecified date in the spring. We have added these dates to our Midseason Premiere Calendar Source

NIP/TUCK "Lola Wlodkowski" (Season 6 Episode 8) - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of NIP/TUCK "Lola Wlodkowski" (Season 6 Episode 8 ) which airs on Wednesday December 2 at 10pm. Episode Synopsis: A medical consultation with Liz's friend leads Christian to contemplate his relationship with Kimber. Sean begins to heal emotionally following an encounter with a perfection-seeking patient. Source & Preview

NIP/TUCK "Alexis Stone II" (Season 6 Episode 7) - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of NIP/TUCK "Alexis Stone II" (Season 6 Episode 7) which airs on Wednesday November 25 at 10pm. Episode Synopsis: Both Matt and Alexis Stone request unusual surgical procedures from Christian. Erica discovers the horrible truth about her new husband. After a lifetime of torment from her mother, Julia seeks revenge upon her. Source & Preview

Nip/Tuck Latest Episode: Season 6, Episode 5 - "Abigail Sullivan"

As Julia arrives from New York to help Matt recover from surgery, Sean makes a surprising discovery about Teddy. Meanwhile, a new patient suffers from extreme separation anxiety. Watch & Discuss: Watch Nip/Tuck: Season 6, Episode 5 - "Abigail Sullivan"

NIP/TUCK "Alexis Stone" (Season 6 Episode 6) - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of NIP/TUCK " Alexis Stone" (Season 6 Episode 6) which airs on Wednesday November 18 at 10pm. Episode Synopsis: Julia's recently remarried mother (Vanessa Redgrave) threatens to take custody of Annie and Conor, and Sean and Julia put aside their differences to stop her. Meanwhile, Christian bonds with a new patient; and Mike reveals his plans with Kimber. Source & Preview

Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2009 - Featured

* America's Next Top Model (8/7c The CW ) Who will be the first petite model to be named America's Next Top Model? Will it be Kentucky country girl Laura or Colorado cutie Nicole? It could go either way, and the final runway challenge may just be the deciding factor in who wins the coveted title. Or it could be decided when the two finalists shoot their CoverGirl commercial. Laura would seem to be at a disadvantage with her thick hillbilly accent, but poor speech hasn't derailed some past winners. One thing is for certain: They both take stunning photos. * Modern Family (9/8c ABC) Praise keeps pouring in for this standout sitcom, and tonight the rich get richer when it features Oscar nominee Edward Norton. A friend of Ty Burrell, who plays Phil, and reportedly a fan of the show, Norton hams it up as Izzy LaFontaine, the bass player from an '80s pop group whom Claire hires to perform a private concert for Phil. And if Norton isn't enough star power, Elizabeth Banks guest stars as an old friend of Mitchell and Cameron's who's still stuck in their partying ways of the past. * CSI: NY (9:59/8:59c CBS) Skeet Ulrich returns as the so-called Compass Killer who is terrorizing Manhattan. Tonight, he claims his third victim and tosses the body off of the 59th Street Bridge. Nearby, a compass pointing east is discovered, and that can only mean one thing: He's not finished killing yet. Making things even tougher for Mac is the fact that Flack goes AWOL during the investigation. * In the Spotlight with Robin Roberts: Janet Jackson (10:01/9:01c ABC) Janet Jackson allows cameras inside her Malibu, Cal., home for the first time and opens up to newscaster Robin Roberts about the death of her brother Michael in June. Ms. Jackson will also discuss her two-disc greatest-hits collection Number Ones, which is scheduled for release the day before this interview and contains the recent release "Make Me," a tribute to Michael's hit "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough." * Nip/Tuck (10/9c FX ) Sean and Julia may not agree on much of anything these days, especially since she rushed back from New York after her children were almost asphyxiated in an RV by their soon-to-be decapitated stepmother. Oh, and Matt's recent mime crime spree isn't going to win either of them a Parent of the Year award. But just watch how the protective instincts of this estranged couple kick in when Julia's recently remarried mother (Vanessa Redgrave) unveils a plan to take custody of Annie and Conor. Source Here

NIP/TUCK "Abigail Sullivan" (Season 6 Episode 5) - Preview

Watch a preview of Nip/Tuck "Abigail Sullivan" (Season 6 Episode 5) which airs on Wednesday November 11 at 10pm. Episode Synopsis: As Matt's crime spree catches up with him, Julia returns from New York to help in his recovery from surgery. Sean discovers devastating details about his marriage to Teddy. A new patient suffers from extreme separation anxiety. Source & Preview

Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009 - Featured

* Criminal Minds (9/8c CBS) Gavin Rossdale is better known as a musician than an actor, but he gets to meld the two professions when he guest stars as a rock star in this episode. As the team tracks a serial killer, they make the connection that the murders seem to match up with the touring schedule of a goth rocker (Rossdale) that they suspect has become lost in his dark stage persona. * 43rd Annual CMA Awards (8/7c ABC) Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood host the 43rd annual CMA Awards at the Sommet Center in Nashville, and it promises to be a memorable event. The gala boasts unusual artist parings, such as Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews sharing the stage, and Vince Gill performing with Daughtry. Kid Rock is slated to duet with Jamey Johnson, who is nominated for four awards tonight. Another performer with four nominations, Taylor Swift, hopes to add to her burgeoning trophy case in a year that has seen her gain everybody's stamp of approval except for Kanye West's. * Return to Duty (9/8c MTV ) In honor of Veterans Day, MTV is debuting a documentary that offers a very personal and candid look at life in a war zone. When we last saw Real World: Brooklyn alum Ryan Conklin, he was putting his life on hold to return to Iraq for his second tour of duty with the U.S. Army. Cameras continued following Conklin (who enlisted after 9/11), from his final moments at home with his family to the streets of Baghdad, where he's serving as a patrol gunner. Rarely is reality TV this real. * Nip/Tuck (10/9c FX ) Teddy certainly is creepy - just like Colleen Rose, come to think of it. That Sean sure knows how to pick 'em. What'll Teddy do tonight? Or, perhaps, what'll that opera-loving attacker (Matthew Glave) do to her? Meanwhile, it appears that Matt's career as the Marcel Marceau of crime is over. Taking a bullet can do that. And this McNamara family crisis has roused Julia from New York, as Joely Richardson makes her first appearance this season. * Glee (9/8c Fox "Defying Gravity." You know, that blockbuster from Wicked. It's a song for a girl, but Kurt thinks he can sing it better than Rachel at the regionals. We'll see. Meanwhile, the bus that'll take the glee kids to the regionals isn't equipped to handle Artie's wheelchair, and that presents a problem. So does Principal Figgins' insistence that Sue hold an open tryout to fill Quinn's slot on the Cheerios. But it'll expose a side of Sue that you certainly haven't seen before. Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2009 - Featured

* Top Chef All Stars Dinner (10/9c Bravo ) Padma & Co. take a break this week, but fans of Top Chef will want to feast their eyes on this. An appetizing mix of winning chefs and fan-favorite contestants from past seasons return to dish out culinary fare and dish on memorable moments in a special hosted by Season 5 chef Fabio Viviani. The all-star cooks include Tiffani Faison, Harold Dieterle, Marcel Vigneron, Ilan Hall, Dale Levitski, Casey Thompson, Hung Huynh, Richard Blais, Lisa Fernandes, Carla Hall and Stefan Richter. * Bill Cosby: The Mark Twin Prize 2009 (8/7c PBS) Legendary Bill Cosby, who has entertained generations with his stand-up work, comedy albums and TV shows, is honored with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. The evening includes clips from his classic TV shows as well as tributes from former Cosby Show co-stars Phylicia Rashad and Malcolm Jamal-Warner, not to mention comic greats Carl Reiner, Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld. * The New Adventures of Old Christine (8/7c CBS) Christine loves attention (as fans well know), and her popularity hits new heights when Ritchie is asked to a dance by an extremely popular girl at his school. It's all good with Christine since she gets to bask in the limelight as the mother of a suddenly respected kid. Meanwhile, Matthew and Richard aren't too popular with an elderly woman (Marion Ross) they are trying to evict from an apartment they want to rent. * Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (9/8c NBC) Therapy is supposed to help you, though it may have done more harm than good for the teenage murder victim at the center of this episode. The murdered girl's father points detectives in the direction of her controlling therapist, but they soon find he has a strong alibi. Then Stabler and Warner discover one of the therapist's other patients broke into the morgue, and the case becomes more complicated. * Nip/Tuck (10/9c FX ) Getting married and committing a murder - all in a week's work for Teddy. Just why she killed that patient who kept calling her "Dixie" is bound to emerge and blow up in new hubby Sean's face, but Teddy is a picture of domesticity tonight as she organizes a camping trip for Sean and his kids Annie and Conor. Meanwhile, Matt is calling himself a mime these days. But unless your name is Marcel Marceau, that's not a particularly lucrative profession. So how is Matt making his money? Source Here