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NIP/TUCK "Jenny Juggs" (Season 6 Episode 4) - Preview

Watch a preview of Nip/Tuck "Jenny Juggs" Season 6 Episode 4 which airs on Wednesday November 4 at 10pm. Episode Synopsis: Christian struggles to understand a patient with big anger-management issues. Sean and Christian learn how Matt is earning an income, despite his attempts to keep it hidden from his family. Teddy arranges a camping trip with Sean, Annie and Conor in order to ease family tensions. Source & Preview

NIP/TUCK "Briggite Reinhart" (Season 6 Episode 3) - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of Nip/Tuck "Briggite Reinhart" Season 6 Episode 3 which airs on Wednesday October 28 at 10pm. Episode Synopsis: Sean makes an impulsive life change without consulting family or friends. A morose Annie visits from New York with a disturbing medical condition. Christian offers advice to Mike on how to satisfy Kimber and a new patient recognizes Teddy from her past. Source & Preview

Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009 - Featured

* Top Chef : Las Vegas (10/9c Bravo ) The gourmets hammed it up last week, taking on pork-themed food and pairing it with vintage wine. But this was dining and whining, as catty dustups revolved around Robin and later the Voltaggio brothers, who are taking sibling rivalry to new heights. We now advance to tonight's supersize event (drum roll): the Restaurant Wars challenge. Here, the cooks must manage all matters of a restaurant, including serving, cooking and hosting. Top Chef Masters player Rick Moonen serves as the guest judge. * The New Adventures of Old Christine (8/7c CBS) Christine fills in as Matthew's receptionist and meets a handsome therapist (Eric McCormack) who shares the office space. Sparks fly, but neither one is certain whether to pursue therapy or romance. Considering this is Christine we're talking about, therapy might just be what the doctor ordered. It certainly wouldn't be a bad place to start. * America's Next Top Model (8/7c The CW ) Models not only must be physically striking but they must also be engaging in conversation, as the seven remaining ladies discover when they visit the set of The Insider entertainment magazine, where they meet 90210 star Jessica Lowndes and interview her. The lucky seven also sharpen their writing skills after they learn they must pen their own scripts for a cosmetics commercial. Kim Kardashian is this week's guest judge. * Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (9/8c NBC) ADA Alex Cabot makes her first appearance of the season this week, and she by no means gets to ease back into things when a child-rape case lands on her desk. The detectives deliver her a solid prime suspect, but he offers up a twist when he suggests a deal: In exchange for amnesty, he'll give up the leader of a large civil-rights group that supports child-adult sexual relationships. Rosie Perez guest starts as the mother of the little boy who was sexually assaulted. * Nip/Tuck (10/9c FX ) The boys aren't broke, but they are hurting financially, and they show it in different ways tonight. Christian has a business proposition for Kimber that involves selling himself (in one aspect, anyhow). And as for Sean, money woes are high on the list of things keeping him awake, as you might recall from last week's episode, which ended as he was overdosing on sleeping pills. He survives (no surprise there), but the incident certainly rattles Teddy (Rose McGowan). Source Here

What You Need to Know About Nip/Tuck's Final Season

As the first half of Nip/Tuck 's sixth and final season kicks off, the boys of McNamara/Troy are dealing with a host of problems. When last season wrapped, newly married Christian (Julian McMahon) found out he was not dying of cancer just before his honeymoon with Liz (Roma Maffia). Sean (Dylan Walsh) got involved with anesthesiologist Teddy Rowe (Katee Sackhoff) and Kimber (Kelly Carlson) was left devastated when her relationship with Ram Peters (John Schneider) ended. Here's what you need to know going into the premiere, with a few spoiler-y teases for good measure. * D-I-V-O-R-C-E Now that he's not dying, Christian doesn't need a caretaker, so he tells Liz the marriage is off as soon as they return from their honeymoon. With a scorned woman's fury, Liz hires a visually impaired shark of an attorney (Barry Bostwick) and sues Christian for divorce. "How tough can he be, he's blind?" Christian quips. "So is justice," advises his own attorney. * The Economy Sucks, Especially for Plastic Surgeons Things aren't much better at the office. Via voiceover, guest star Linda Hunt explains how the tightening of purse strings around the country has lessened many Americans' fascination with tightening their bods. As Sean's list of patients decrease, his bills increase, bringing on insomnia. Plus, he cuts son Matt off from his cash flow, which leads Matt to take up the art of mime. * Desperate Times, Desperate Measures Christian attempts to bribe Liz's lawyer to end the divorce proceedings quickly. Let's just say Bostwick's character is willing to turn a blind eye to his ethics, but it will cost Christian much more than any check he can write. Meanwhile, strapped for cash, the boys bring in Dr. Mike Hamoui (Mario Lopez), whose corner on the vaginal reconstruction market is flourishing. With the help of Kimber, who has given up porn to focus on electrolysis, the boys film a hilarious infomercial that quickly packs the waiting room with eager women. But the ad also brings in one unexpected patient who makes both Sean and Christian self-conscious. (You can blame Lopez's abs, boys!) Still the stress in everyone's lives isn't all played for laughs. By the end of the premiere episode, one character is holding someone at gunpoint, and another may not be long for this world. * Is That You, Teddy? Sean's leading lady is now played by Rose McGowan. (Sackhoff had to drop out for scheduling reasons.) It's a little jarring at first, but what's more surprising is how cozy Sean and Teddy's relationship has become, considering Teddy's double life. You'll quickly see a whole new level of commitment between the two. Nip/Tuck airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX . Are you excited for the new season? Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009 - Featured

* Nip/Tuck (10/9c FX ) At the end of last season, just-married Christian learned that he wasn't dying after all. "Have a long and happy life together" with Liz, the doctor told him. Will the marriage last through the opening credits as Season 6 begins? Here's a hint: She already has a lawyer (Barry Bostwick). Another downer: Business is bad, but old frenemy Mike Hamoui (Mario Lopez) is now in L.A. and doing nicely. Things are going nicely for Sean and Teddy (now played by Rose McGowan), too, but not so much for Matt. * Modern Family (9/8c ABC) At this point in the Pritchett family saga, we're not sure how Jay wound up being married to Gloria. But after tonight, we should have a pretty good idea what Jay's ex-wife, Dede (Shelley Long), thought about it when she pops in for a surprise visit. And though she comes bearing an olive branch, the clan might not be ready to forgive and forget, especially after we relive the time that Claire and Mitchell's mom became the mother of all nuptial nightmares when Jay and Gloria tied the knot. * The New Adventures of Old Christine (8/7c CBS) If anyone knows how to play an opportunistic divorce lawyer, its Corbin Bernsen. After all, he played sleazy attorney Arnie Becker on L.A. Law for eight years. In this episode, Barb serves Christine with divorce papers since their sham marriage isn't helping Barb's immigration problems. But Christine then sues Barb for alimony. Why? Because her shady lawyer (Bernsen) tells her to. * Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak (7/6c HBO ) If you loved Maurice Sendak's book Where the Wild Things Are, can't wait for Spike Jonze's film adaptation of the children's classic, or both, you'll certainly want to catch this 2009 documentary that features enlightening conversations between these two artists. The octogenarian Sendak is known for his privacy, so there aren't many chances to hear his reflections on his childhood, family, inspiration and frequently morbid imagination. * Alaska State Troopers (10/9c National Geographic ) There are some things state troopers in Alaska must always take into consideration. One is a rugged and unforgiving terrain that's not always easy to navigate. Another is a well-armed population of people who own guns and knives - and they know how to use them. This new docu-reality series follows elite law-enforcement professionals of the 49th state as they deal with these issues and others while protecting the people and wildlife of the Last Frontier. It's kind of like "Cops," but with a lot more snow. Source Here

Penn Badgley's 'The Stepfather' Unleashes New Clip

Penn Badgley and Dylan Walsh take center stage in a brand new clip for " The Stepfather (2009) ". Put forth by Yahoo! Movies, the less than a minute snippet focuses on the time Walsh's character David Harris tries to befriend Badgley's Michael by sharing a drink. While David mentions the situation as a father and son moment, Michael reminds the older man that he is David's stepson. Coming home from military school, Michael finds his mother happily in love and living with her new boyfriend, David. While everybody in the family thinks of David as a "family values" man, Michael becomes more and more suspicious of him as they get to know each other. Along with his girlfriend Kelly and his mother's friends, he begins to puzzle together the truth behind the man who is set to be his stepfather. A remake of the 1987 American thriller film, "The Stepfather" is directed by the man behind another thriller movie "Prom Night", Nelson McCormick. Aside from " Gossip Girl " actor Penn Badgley and " Nip/Tuck " star Dylan Walsh, it also features the likes of Amber Heard, Sela Ward, Sherry Stringfield and Paige Turco. It will be distributed by Screen Gems in U.S. theaters this coming Friday, October 16. Source & Clip

New Nip/Tuck Season 6 Promo

We haven't written anything about Nip/Tuck in awhile, which is returning to FX for its 6th and final season beginning Wednesday, October 14th. FX has now released the first promo for the new season, and while it shows no enlightening footage, is pleasantly artsy. Check it out: Nip/Tuck Season 6 Promo via TV Squad

Brooke Shields at the Michael Jackson Memorial

Brook Shields gave an emotion filled speech in which she talked about her friendship with the late, great, Micheal Jackson. She told that the pair met as teenagers and spent much time together, playing and laughing. More pictures, video & news @ PUTU.US

FX Schedules Three Returns, Plans for New Comedy - Featured

FX 's fall schedule includes the return of three series and the arrival of one new comedy, the network announced Tuesday. The lineup starts Sept. 8 with the return of Sons of Anarchy , which will now air on Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET. The gritty motorcycle drama's first season topped the 18-34-year-old male demo for all of basic cable. Season 2's guest stars include Adam Arkin (playing a white supremacist) and Henry Rollins (as a deadly new threat to the SAMCRO motorcycle club). Next up, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia premieres its fifth season on Thursday, Sept. 17. FX plans to launch a new original comedy series this fall, to be paired with Philadelphia. FX has also penciled in an October premiere for the sixth and penultimate season of Nip/Tuck . Guest-stars on tap for Nip/Tuck's coming cycle include Vanessa Redgrave, Rose McGowan, Mario Lopez, Barry Bostwick and Dancing with the Stars' Gilles Marini. Melanie Griffith (playing Kimber's mother) and Famke Janssen (reprising her role of transsexual Ava Moore) will be among the guests in the as-yet-unscheduled final season. Source: FX Schedules Three Returns, Plans for New Comedy

Gilles Marini Heads to 'Nip/Tuck'

Dancing with the Stars ' season 8 runner-up Gilles Marini may not be gracing the Sex and the City sequel but at least, fans will be able to get a peek of his hot body when he heads to Nip-Tuck. In an interview with E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos, the French actor sheds light on his upcoming gig and what viewers can expect for the final season of the dark medical drama. Warning: This article may contain spoilers! To Read More Click Here .