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'The Hope Diamond of Transsexuals' Back to 'Nip/Tuck'

The upcoming season of " Nip/Tuck " will not only boast a guest performance by Gilles Marini but also the return of its obsessed transsexual, Ava Moore. Famke Janssen who portrays the character, has signed a deal to reprise the role for season 6 which also serves as the conclusion to the whole drama series. "Just finished the last script today - the 100th episode," one of the series' creators Ryan Murphy wrote on the show's online fan forum. "The end. Very strange. But I thought I would confirm something here on the forum, since you've all been so great and loyal: Ava Moore (Famke!) returns for the final two episodes." Ava Moore, who was originally Avery Tanner, was last seen in the end of season 2 jetting to France. However, she appeared briefly in the third season, still in France but appearing in Matt McNamara's dream sequence. The last season of "Nip/Tuck" will be split into two, ending in the 100th episode which will air around 2011. Gilles Marini is set to play Julia's new bad boyfriend, Reynaldo Panettiere, who is involved "to scheme Sean away from his kids." Source Here

Melanie Griffith Cuts into Nip/Tuck Role

If you've ever wondered who brought Nip / Tuck's wild Kimber into the world, you'll soon meet her - and she'll be played by Melanie Griffith. The Working Girl actress will play Brandie, Kimber's beautiful and considerate mother, who visits her ex-pornstar daughter from Wisconsin, a show insider confirms exclusively to (Griffith couldn't be better cast in terms of looks - her resemblance to Kelly Carlson, who plays Kimber, is striking.) Brandie will be joined by Les, her too-tan, on-again-off-again car-salesman boyfriend of six years. Les, played by Robin Thomas (Another World, Who's the Boss), ignites insta-hate from Christian (Julian McMahon). The breast-cancer-battling doc sees too much of his own abuse of women - especially Kimber - in Les's treatment of Brandie. Griffith's arc begins in the FX drama's seventh and final season. No airdate has been set for it or Season 6. Source Here

Top 10 Favorite TV Bromances, Part 2 - Featured

Scrubs - JD & Turk Since JD and Turk have intimate sounding nicknames for one another (Chocolate Bear and Vanilla Bear), I think it's safe to say that the two have one of the more overt bromances occurring on TV. Heck, they even sang a song about it during the "My Musical" episode called "Guy Love"! If I didn't know any better, I'd say that Turk is married to both Carla and JD, since the two have a relationship that pretty much mimics one of a married couple. JD even sang, "It's like I married my best friend, but in a totally manly way." Friends (1994) - Chandler & Joey Poor Ross was always slightly on the outside, because the true bromance in Friends was always Chandler and Joey. The best of roommates, there was little they wouldn't do together, from watching Baywatch to playing foosball to...even kissing each other (on New Year's...once). When Chandler moved out to live with Monica, Joey was devastated, and had a hell of a time finding a replacement roommate. Chandler and Monica even joked at the end of the series that they'd have a bedroom for Joey above the garage in their suburban house! How I Met Your Mother - Ted & Barney & Marshall I couldn't decide if there's more of a HIMYM bromance between Barney and Ted or Ted and Marshall, at which point I realized, why does a bromance have to be constrained to merely 2 bros? Thus, for HIMYM, I introduce to you the bromorgy of Ted & Marshall & Barney. Having 3 involved in a bromance gets a little more complicated, of course, as Ted once got angry when he heard that Barney was spending "alone time" with Marshall. Gossip Girl - Chuck & Nate These two strapping young gentlemen share everything - even their women! But seriously, if the friendship between Nate and Chuck could survive Chuck taking Blair's virginity in the back of a limo (when she had been dating Nate forever), it's gotta be bromance! Right? The two also genuinely care for one another - Chuck was even willing to sell some of his shares in his beloved club to help Nate when he was in financial troubles. Nip/Tuck - Christian and Sean Much like our two Upper East Siders above, Christian and Sean have shared everything - from their practice to Sean's former wife Julia to their son Matt. Yeah...Sean and Julia were once married and raising Matt, though in fact, Matt ended up being Christian's biological son. It's kind of effed up, but as the two have openly confessed, they truly love each other , so I guess it all works out ok. Who are you favorite TV bromances?

Top 10 Shows that "Jumped the Shark," Part 2 - Featured

You've seen SideReel's first 5 shows that jumped the shark , and now it's time for Part 2: Prison Break - You could see how a show entitled Prison Break might get itself into trouble in terms of keeping things fresh. Frankly, after the break-out in the first season, the show never lived up to that same quality again. The Season 2 Manhunt seemed to lack focus...and by Season 3 (back in prison, because breaking out once wasn't enough)...I was finished. Smallville - I can't pinpoint this show's jumping the shark to a specific season or episode (you true fans can help me out), but I recall a time when I was watching the program and I thought to myself..."This guy used to be so hot". This is not to say that Tom Welling still isn't a perfectly attractive and appealing lead, but face it...he's on the verge of 32. He is no longer a young Clark Kent and Smallville is no longer a young show. Throw in the departure of some of the show's key players...and you know this one has overstayed its welcome. Grey's Anatomy - Some of you cited this show in the comments of Part 1...and I couldn't agree more! When did Grey's 'Jump the Shark'? It really went off the deep end when Izzie starting seeing dead people. And talking to them. And having sex with them. But I'm going to be bold and call the "jump moment" even earlier. This might be a mere correlation and not a cause, but this show has been a stank mess ever since the end of the 3rd season when Burke left (which is not to say I still don't watch every minute of it). Scrubs - I was a Scrubs fanatic from the it pains me to say this, but the show has jumped the shark. This last season on ABC especially has done nothing except detract from the show's overall legacy. What really killed it for me was that aired-out-of-order "My Princess" episode on NBC last season. Cute episode. Made no sense continuity-wise. And this season? Sorry, but it's just not that funny anymore. It's a 30 minute drama being sold to us as a comedy, and that makes me sad. Nip/Tuck - For its first 2 seasons, Nip/Tuck was the most inventive thing on television. Then...there was that whole Eva storyline, and the Carver, and it's only gotten worse from there. There's only so many times that a crazy person can attempt to kill Sean and/or Christian before we call shenanigans on the show. For Nip/Tuck , I will pin the shark jump to the point at which they packed up and moved to LA. Sometimes, a change of scenery can do a show good. I was really optimistic at first when this change occurred, but it quickly sank back to its same degree of absurdity, if not more. Colleen the teddy-bear-making faux-agent from hell? Don't get me started... Which shows do you think have jumped the shark? Are we missing your selection? Do you disagree with ours? Discuss!

Spotted: Adhir Kalyan Dreaming of Gossip Girl - Featured

Adhir Kalyan is on CBS' Rules of Engagement starting tonight. In addition to that, he just wrapped a stint on FX 's Nip/Tuck , he's a big TV star in his native South Africa thanks to the surprise success of Aliens in America in that country and he's in all the movie comedies now playing, including Fired Up and Paul Blart: Mall Cop , but he still has a dream to dream. He wants to cozy up to the honeys on Gossip Girl . "I think that's the long-term goal for me in my career: at some point to get onto Gossip Girl and share screen time with either Blake Lively or Leighton Meester, whomever they see fit." For the record, CW execs: Adhir is totally fine with either one. "No, really, I am flexible. A rock-climbing instructor just told me so." Adhir (who is perhaps even more hilarious in real life than he is onscreen) starts a five-episode stint on Rules of Engagement tonight. Here's what he spilled to us about that story... Spotted: Adhir Kalyan Dreaming of Gossip Girl Photo courtesy of

Glee To Preview in May, Continue in Fall - Featured

One new show that has been getting a lot of positive buzz is Glee , from Ryan Murphy, the creator of Nip/Tuck ! The show focuses on a teacher who wants nothing more than for his high school glee club to make it to the National competition. Though the show was tentatively scheduled to air this summer, Fox has instead decided to try something different. A single preview episode will air on May 19th, following an episode of American Idol . The show will then not air the rest of its season until the Fall. Source: THR Says FOX: "An ambitious and unique show such as Glee deserves an ambitious and unique kickoff," said Fox chairman Peter Liguori. "We also wanted to take advantage of the huge 'American Idol' promotional platform to launch the marketing campaign in May."

Tonight's TV Hot List for Tuesday, March 3 - Featured

* Reaper (8 pm/ET The CW ) Don't fear, the reaper is back - but he's out of work. Fans have waited since last May for the second season to begin, and it finally arrives tonight. Unfortunately, the vacationing Sam, Sock and Ben return from a little R & R to discover they have all been fired from the Work Bench. And to make matters worse, they've also been evicted from their apartment. One bright spot for Sock is that he learns he has a gorgeous stepsister (Eriko Tamura). And, of course, the Devil shows up with a helluva assignment for Sam. The Biggest Loser : Couples (8 pm/ET NBC) Tonight's episode is all about changing the players' perspectives on food and fitness. First, Rocco DiSpirito teaches the contestants how to select healthier meals while dining out. Then, the teams have a cook-off to prepare leaner versions of their favorite foods at home. After that, Bob has a surprise in store when he sets up boxing lessons with Sugar Ray Leonard. And finally, the teams work at a food bank to pack and load supplies onto a truck during a meaningful challenge. * Nip/Tuck (10 pm/ET FX ) It's the season finale, so expect big developments. Will Christian's death be one of them? It is imminent, remember. (His oncologist said so.) But also remember that the series will be back next year. And will Christian and Liz go through with their wedding? Find out tonight. Other story lines feature Teddy and Kimber, and Kimber's includes Eden Lord. Consider those two to be a show within a show, and call it Women Behaving Badly. John Schneider returns as porn impresario Ram Peters. * Trust Me (10 pm/ET TNT ) The peek into the rad, mad ad industry continues with the Mink advertising group desperately trying to land a gold-medal job. The mad men and women network to score a coveted account for Chicago's Olympic bid, resulting in gale-force activity in the Windy City. As Mason plans a long weekend with Erin at a ritzy Chicago hotel, he grudgingly gives Conner managerial control over the group. Meanwhile, lauded scribe Sarah nets a new partner who had earlier bowed out of the ad business to have children. * '''Dirty Jobs (9 pm/ET Discovery Channel)''' Working-class hero and reality-show host Mike Rowe gets to live out what many working Americans can only dream about: He tells his bosses to try out his job for a change! The two executive producers responsible for sending Mike out for one thankless gig after another get some hands-on experience tackling their very own dirty job. Source here

Tonight's TV Hot List for Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2009 - Featured

The Biggest Loser : Couples (8 pm/ET NBC) The players are thrust out of their comfort zones in the first half of this two-part episode. The buddy system goes out the window as the teams are reorganized into just two groups. This move pairs some players with a new trainer, and the adjustment isn't an easy one for all of them. Once the dust settles, the contestants compete in a 24-hour bike challenge. The second half of the episode airs tomorrow at 8 pm/ET. Address to the Joint Session of Congress (9 pm/ET Fox (also ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, FNC and MSNBC, among others)) It'll have the trappings of a State of the Union Address ("I have the high privilege and distinct honor...") - and the Republicans will get to rebut it (Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has that high honor) - but since Barack Obama has been president for barely a month, he'll assess the shaky state of the union tonight in an address to Congress that's being billed as simply that. Expect a broad-based policy survey, but the primary focus will certainly be on the president's plans for the economy. Leverage (10 pm/ET TNT ) The cunning caper show's 13-episode inaugural season closes with the conclusion of the two-part finale. An underground Nate Ford, the guiding spirit of this high-styled band of contemporary Robin Hoods, resurfaces to tangle directly with two personal nemeses. One is avaricious bigwig Ian Blackpoole (Kevin Tighe), the CEO rat who denied medical coverage to Nate's son, leaving the youngster to die. The other is Jim Sterling (Mark A. Sheppard), Nate's wily ex-coworker. Nate's plan is to pilfer two prized David statuettes from under their noses. The sting is on - let's hope Nate doesn't get stung. Nip/Tuck (10 pm/ET FX ) Next week is the season finale, so Christian is putting his affairs in order prior to (a) getting married and (b) dying. As for the getting-married part, tonight's problem is that Lizzie's family-heirloom gown is too small. A nip and a tuck should fix that, right? No so fast. As for the dying part, Christian wants to hire his replacement himself. Enter the style-conscious Dr. Logan Taper (Richard Burgi). Playing Lizzie's mother is Lillian Hurst, who also plays Hurley's mom on Lost. Dark Days in Monkey City (10 pm/ET Animal Planet ) First it was the meerkats, then the lemurs and the orangutans. Now the spotlight is on the monkeys. Cool graphic-novel-style animation helps dramatize the lives of Sri Lanka's gray langurs and toque macaques, two wild-monkey species that live (and fight) in the abandoned city of Polonnaruwa. In the premiere, a leader defends his position against a rebellion, but it seems like the power struggles are far from over. Source here

AnnaLynne McCord Returns as Nip/Tuck's "Evil Vixen"

AnnaLynne McCord, who already on Tuesday nights plays 90210 's naughty Naomi, is going in for another Nip/Tuck (or two) when she resurfaces on the FX drama's next fresh episode, airing Jan. 27. "I'm reprising my evil vixen role," McCord tells us, referencing her previous run as Eden, an 18-year-old hellraiser who at first merely wanted her virginity "restored," but then went on to torment Sean, corrupt little Annie and poison Julia. Where has this bad girl been since wrapping up her original reign of terror? "I've gone off to Europe, but now I come back to... well, I can't say," McCord teases. "But I come back to 'claim something' that's rightfully mine. And then I end up being quite charitable with it." Um, Eden, charitable...? Says McCord with a wicked laugh, "Yes, it's all very suspicious." McCord appears on next week's Nip/Tuck, then again on Feb. 24 - and beyond that the door is left open for future encores. That's terrific news for McCord, who calls Eden "by far one of my favorite roles to play. The writing is impeccable." Source here's Top 10 TV Moments of the Week - Featured

TV came roaring back this week, with a brand-new American Idol and the start of 24 . And they were both entertaining and everything, but did everybody catch that flat-out miracle in New York City? Or two rather high-profile goodbyes? Relive and discuss them all in our Top Moments . 10. Most Secure Heterosexuals: On TruTV's The Principal's Office, two 17-year-old guys are called in for a lecture about dancing too close with girls at a school event. Pushing the issue - and proving their total lack of gay panic - they test out a series of touches and embraces to see which ones are okay. It all feels very Borat-like. 9. Best Return(s) of Favorite Character(s): In 24 's two-night, four-hour (and fast-paced, return-to-form) season opener, we're treated first to the return of Tony, then Bill, and then all-time fan favorite Chloe. So are they bad guys or good guys? We don't know, and we don't care. We're just glad they're all back after a too-long hiatus. 8. Most Awkward Moment: Ryan Seacrest forgets that one of the main things about being blind is not being able to see. When a visually impaired contestant makes it to Hollywood, Seacrest offers him a high-five, then remembers to explain what he's trying to do. Watching it, we kind of regretted out own ability to see. 7. Best Fringe Science: Today interviews the parents of a 3-month-old boy who recovered after doctors found a foot - with toes - inside the newborn's brain tumor. Experts say it would stop any brain surgeon in his or her tracks. Wait, were they making a foot joke? 6. Dumb-but-Funny Award: On Saturday Night Live , Neil Patrick Harris hosts a talk show devoted to stars with two first names. Fred Armisen gets to play David Lee Roth, Abby Elliott turns up as Jamie-Lynn Spears, and Michaela Watkins does her best impersonation of former Old Christine colleague Julia Louis-Dreyfus - until she admits she has two last names. 5. Biggest Blowup: Usually the more sensitive of the The Biggest Loser trainers, Bob Harper loses it when contestant Joelle gives up on the treadmill, erupting into a flurry of F-word-laced demands. His explanation? "I was possessed by Jillian Michaels this week." 4. Most Em-bare-ass-ing Moment: Julia catches Nip/Tuck 's Sean naked and standing upright - sans wheelchair - but misses seeing him in the diaper provided by a baby fetishist. Man, what a weird show this is. But get it? Em-bare-assing? 3. Worst Partner: Patrick Swayze welcomes his new FBI partner on The Beast by shooting him, letting a drunk pin him down, and shoving him against a car. But how good is it to see Swayze in ass-kicking mode? 2. Best Departure: CSI 's crew helps solve the grisly case of a serial killer, because, as Nick puts it, "it feels like Grissom's last big game and I want to win it for him." With a CSI (Laurence Fishburne) handpicked to join the team, Grissom leaves the lab with just a nod to Catherine Willows. But where's he going with such peaceful confidence? To the thick vegetation of a Costa Rican rain forest - and the arms of a smiling Sara Sidle. A kiss. (Oh, and on the same night, President Bush says goodbye to the nation, too.) 1. Best Made-For-Hollywood Breaking News: We're amazed that everyone aboard survived the "Miracle on the Hudson" plane crash. Of course, those of us who are entertainment-obsessed immediately started taking stock of the story's Hollywood-y elements: The hero pilot with nerves of steel. The happy ending that calls out for a John Williams score. And don't forget... the similarities with Lost ... Read more:'s Top Moments of the Week Photo courtesy of