No Clean Break Episode Guide

No Clean Break is a stylistic noir drama about an introverted hit man named Frank (Frank Krueger) who is contracted to carry out an unusual job. When the city's crime boss, known only as "The Man" (Chad Everett), discovers that he's terminally ill, he enlists Frank to carry out his own assassination. "The Man", however, is selfish and jealous, and doesn't want to die alone, and makes it clear to Frank that he is to take out the woman he loves in addition to himself. When Frank discovers that The Woman (Sarah Thompson) is his own long lost lover, Frank alters the job making himself the next mark. In an action-packed chain of character-driven events, riddled with dark humor and visual spectacle, Frank and The Woman take on the many enemies set out before them before they can free themselves from The Man's jealous grip. Also starring Michael Madsen, Mackenzie Firgens, Matthew Jones & Xin Sarith Wuku, featuring James Russo, Charles Durning & David Carradine

Episode Guide

20 episodes

  • 20 episodes
    20 episodes
    • s1e20Episode 20
    • s1e19Episode 19
    • s1e18Episode 18
    • s1e17Episode 17
    • s1e16Episode 16
    • s1e15Episode 15
    • s1e14Episode 14
    • s1e13Episode 13
    • s1e12Episode 12
    • s1e11Episode 11
    • s1e10Episode 10
    • s1e9Episode 9
    • s1e8Episode 8
    • s1e7Episode 7
    • s1e6Episode 6
    • s1e5Episode 5
    • s1e4Episode 4
    • s1e3Episode 3
    • s1e2Episode 2
    • s1e1Episode 1