Nyankoi! Episode Guide

Nyankoi! is a high school romantic comedy aimed squarely at cat lovers. Our hero, Junpei Kousaka, is a normal high school student who hates cats and is allergic to them to boot. One day, the ailurophobic Junpei finds out that he has angered the local cat god with his actions, and in order to appease the god, he has to fulfill the wishes of a hundred cats or he'll turn into a cat himself! His newfound ability to understand cats will help him on his quest, but he still has to get over his hatred of cats before it's too late - and hopefully, he can win the heart of his classmate, Kaede Mizuno, in the process.

Episode Guide

7 episodes

  • 7 episodes
    7 episodes
    • s1e3Your Name Is
      October 15, 2009
    • s1e2That Man is My Slave?
      October 8, 2009
    • s1e1The Ugly Cat and the Cursed Highschooler
      October 1, 2009