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Who Are The Two Woman That Have A Bun In The Oven (Aka pregnant) In One Tree Hill ???

Someone told me there is two people in One Tree hill who have a bun in the oven Aka pregnant out of these (1,Peyton 2,Haley 3,Millicent 4,Samantha or 5,Deb 6,Brooke ) What if peyton is pregnant that would be fab with Lucas and her just getting ready to get married and with all the sad storyline they have had Peyton and Lucas need ahappy storyline. Or What if Haley is pregnant that would be great after all nanny Carrie done to them that would just bring the Scott family together. Or What if Millicent is pregnant the one night stand with Owen that would hurt Mouth and Brooke if she is havin' ababy Or Who would be the daddy ?? What if Samantha is pregnant well i think Brooke would help her and i know Brooke will forgive her for the robber too. Or What if Deb is pregnant to Skills that would be funny storyline but i don't think Deb is having ababy. Or Who would be the daddy ?? What if Brooke is pregnant that would be hard the last guy she was out with was Owen and that was ages ago. So who do you think is two pregnant woman out of these ??? P.S Happy New Year 2009 !!! :)

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Webclip of 'One Tree Hill' 6.13: Things a Mama Don't Know

One scene from the January 5 episode of 'One Tree Hill' has been released, showing Nathan and Haley breaking a good news to Jamie. Read more.

Episode 6.13 Things A Mama Don't Know Sneak Peek

check out the sneak peek of episode 6.13 Things a Mama Don't know here

New Promotional Pics from a scene in episode 6.14

New Promotional Pics from a scene in episode 6.14 "A Hand To Take Hold Of" check them out

OTH Cast wins BIG

READ FULL ARTICLE BuddyTv has released their list of TV's 50 Sexiest Men of 2008. One Tree Hill hotties, James Lafferty, Chad Michael Murray and Michael Trucco all made the list. Gee, about time. James Lafferty came in at #12. The tricky part of playing Nathan Scott is that hes still trying to become a professional basketball star, so James Lafferty has no choice but to stay in great shape, otherwise it becomes unbelievable. Lucky for us, he does, and his recovery keeps him working up a sweat in the gym nearly every episode. Michael Trucco aka hot uncle Cooper, came in at #17. C'mon you guys, think about it. He was kinda hot... READ FULL ARTICLE

One Tree Hill SPOILER ALERT: Pregnant?

Ok, some of you have asked for it. The ones who asked are the people who can't wait until January 5th, 2009. Read Spoilers for the January 5th episode of OTH!

Mark Schwahn to Pen Melrose Place Remake?

The CW still has no official plans for that Gossip Girl spinoff (the subject of many pesky rumors )...but it looks like the Melrose Place reboot (first mentioned here ) is still rolling. What's more...none other than One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn is in talks to write the pilot for the new show. However, The CW is also currently in talks to renew OTH for a seventh season , for which Schwahn would stay on as an executive producer even if he begins working on the Melrose show. Happiness for everyone. Source: E!Online

One Tree Hill Mega Minue

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Sizzling CW Winter Promos

CW has recently released Winter Promos of its hot shows like One Tree Hill,Gossip Girl,Smallville,Supernatural,90210,Priviliged,Reaper.The promo video is really good!! CW Sizzling Winter Promos