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One Tree Hill Episode - 6.07 MessinĂ¢?? With the Kids Recap

Miss one tree hill? Or want to remember what happened more clear? read the recap by tim

One Tree Hill 6.07 Sneak Peek

Brooke finds being a role model not as easy as she expected in One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 7 Messin' with the Kid. Read more.

Dawson Leery Heads to Tree Hill to Achieve His Lifelong Goal of Directing

And by Dawson Leery I obviously mean James Van Der Beek (of Dawson's Creek ), though Van Der Beek will pretty much be playing a future Dawson Leery - a film director. His character will be interested in making a movie out of Lucas' novel. One Tree Hill even films on the same Wilmington, North Carolina production lot that Creek did, so it really should be like a return home for Van Der Beek. The Beek has recently been seen in guest starring roles in Criminal Minds , Ugly Betty (at top) and How I Met Your Mother . Source: EW

Check out 3 Video Clips of "Choosing My Own Way Of Life" - ONE TREE HILL

Check out Three Video Clips of "Choosing My Own Way Of Life", the new episode of ONE TREE HILL airing this Monday, October 13, at 9pm on The CW.

A Clip of 'One Tree Hill' 6.06: Choosing My Own Way of Life

The CW have posted a webclip from their October 13 episode where Haley assists a student in need. Read more.

OTH Season 7 Pretty Much a Go!

One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn has signed 3 production deals, one of which pretty much ensures that those Tree Hillers will be sticking around for a 7th season. The aforementioned deal guarantees that Schwahn will remain a showrunner and executive producer with Warner Brothers (who produces OTH) for another year. While this could technically be for any show, it makes sense that it would be for One Tree Hill ... Schwahn's other deals will allow him to create a new series with CBS Paramount TV which will focus on the music industry as well as a related deal with CBS Records. In case you hadn't noticed, Schwahn (a one-time band member) likes music (and I think the generally excellent One Tree Hill soundtracks prove that he knows what he's doing). So, great news all around for Schwahn and OTH Fans! Source: TV Guide

CHOOSING MY OWN WAY OF LIFE plot & pics & promo

CHOOSING MY OWN WAY OF LIFE The plot: Lucas begins his book tour and is joined by a familiar face; Nathan questions his health when he is given an opportunity to play basketball again; Haley attempts to help a student in need. Owen comes back to Tree Hill and introduces Nathan to a basketball team called Slamball who want Nathan to join the team. Mouth continues to do great with his job in Omaha. some pics: HERE's a promo: Promo Here!

Preview of 'One Tree Hill' 6.06: Choosing My Own Way

In the episode called 'Choosing My Own Way of Life', Nathan will be torn into two between taking the luring offer as a basketball pro and his health. Read more.

One Tree Hill introduces SLAMBALL to the world

The Exciting, violent, high flying, basketball-meets-gymnastics sport of Slamball is coming to OTH! READ THE ARTICLE

Sneak Peeks to 'One Tree Hill' 6.05: You've Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It

A rather chilly episode for Haley and Jamie as Nanny Carrie carries on with her evil deeds to hunt Jamie. Read more.