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'One Tree Hill': Who was under the sheet? Why we're not loving the lack of a twist

Well, that was anticlimactic.In this season's "One Tree Hill" premiere, we saw a brief flash-forward style glimpse of Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) crying as she prepared to identify a body in a morgue. All week, The CW has been airing promo trailers for tonight's episode -- a dramatic clip of Haley approaching the body. It's been two months of building anticipation for this moment.Tonight, during the episode, we learned that Nathan was not, in fact, the body in the morgue. In fact, it was just a random body that surfaced in the river.Don't get us wrong -- Galeotti's performance was absolutely heart-stopping, and we'd have to have been made of stone to avoid shedding a tear over it. She's had many stand-out moments over the course of the series, but this week's was undoubtedly her strongest work, and if there's any justice in the industry, she'll find herself highly sought-after from here on out.That said,... //

'One Tree Hill' finale to be a two-hour event, plus more CW scoop

"One Tree Hill" fans, start painting your door red, mixing up brain blasters, and cooking some Brookies in preparation for your series finale party! We are. The CW has just announced that the finale will air as part of a two-hour goodbye event on April 4. Cue the waterworks.Your finale party will have some very special guests, as The CW plans to air interviews with the stars of the show throughout the evening. They're taking another look at some of the "most memorable moments" from the series and sharing some touching memories. (For our 99 most memorable moments, click here!)If you're already craving finale scoop, we've got some details on some returning cast members, a five-year time jump and a very important character here. As one final bit of info before we shut our traps, we can reveal that for the final episode, Peyton's iconic bedroom set was re-built. Since we've confirmed that Hilarie Burton... //

One Tree Hill “A Rush Of Blood To The Head” Season 9 Episode 8

One Tree Hill  "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" Season 9 Episode 8 airs Wednesday February 29 at 8pm on The CW. Episode Synopsis:  Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) receives news of a possible tragedy. Dan’s (Paul Johansson) search for Nathan (James Lafferty) leads him back to his dark past. Clay (Robert Buckley) has a breakthrough in his treatment . Brooke (Sophia Bush) and Julian (Austin Nichols) deal with Xavier (guest star Devin McGee).  Chase ’s (Stephen Colletti) concern for  Chuck  (guest star Michael May) pushes him to his limits. Shantel VanSanten, Jackson Brundage, Lee Norris, Lisa Goldstein and Tyler Hilton also star. The episode was written by Johnny Richardson and directed by Greg Prange (#908). Read More... //  

Top Moments: Glee's Crash Course and Khloe and Lamar Break a Sex Swing

Our top moments of the week: 13. Lamest Return: Chad Michael Murray makes his much-anticipated return to One Tree Hill when Lucas comes to town to pick up his niece and nephew for a vacation to distract them from their dad Nathan's abduction and... well, that's it. Not only do all of Murray's scenes take place in the airport, but would Lucas Scott really come to Tree Hill after two years away and not see his other friends? We're glad Murray came back for the show's final season, but our imagination of how Lucas, Peyton and Sawyer are was much more exciting than reality. 12. Most Outrageous Reveal: After surviving their... //

TV Ratings: 'American Idol' Top 24 announcement slips 2.7 million from last Wednesday's episode

Fast National ratings for Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012"American Idol" announcing part of the Top 24 was good for FOX win at 15.9 million viewers, though that was down 2.7 million from last week's Wednesday episode and it also let CBS close the gap even more, even though "Survivor" slipped slightly from its premiere numbers last week.FOX averaged 15.9 million viewers with a 9.2 rating/14 share in households. CBS was next at 11.6 million, 7.1/11, followed by ABC at 6.8 million, 4.3/7, NBC at 4.1 million, 2.8/4 and the CW at 1.1 million, 0.8/1.In the adults 18-49 demo, FOX won easily with a 5.1 rating, followed by CBS (2.9), ABC (2.4), NBC (1.2) and the CW (0.5)Ratings hour-by-hour:8 p.m.:FOX: "American Idol" (15.4 million viewers, 9.0/14 households)CBS: "Survivor: One World" premiere (10.3 million, 6.0/10)ABC: "The Middle" (7.5 million, 4.6/7)/"Suburgatory" (6.8 million, 4.3/7)NBC: "Whitney" (4.1 million, 2.7/4)/"Are You There Chelsea?" (3.4 million, 2.3/4)The CW: "One Tree Hill" (1.4... //

'One Tree Hill's' Shantel VanSanten talks Chad Michael Murray and a future for Clay and Quinn

When Shantel VanSanten joined "One Tree Hill" in Season 7, she and co-star Rob Buckley were brought on to fill the spaces formerly occupied by series vets Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray. She'd never actually met Murray, though, until he arrived on set in September to film his return appearance for tonight's episode.Zap2it was on set when Murray and VanSanten shot their scenes, which involve Lucas (Scott) meeting Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and Quinn (VanSanten) at the airport to take Haley's kids out of Tree Hill while she handles the horrifying reality of Nathan's kidnapping.Sitting down with us between scenes, VanSanten admitted that she was a little bit nervous about meeting Murray. "I never knew what to think," she says. "I know he was such a big staple on the show and everyone was devastated when Peyton and Lucas left the show. Coming in, [Rob and I] weren't always very well received. I know... //

'One Tree Hill': Austin Nichols takes to the director's chair, reflects on final week of filming

When Zap2it visited the "One Tree Hill" set in September, Austin Nichols was working his final day as director on this week's episode -- an important one for fans not only because it marks the midpoint of the last season, but also because of the return of Chad Michael Murray's character, Lucas.We watched from behind the monitor as Nichols juggled the challenges of shooting an emotional airport scene with countless extras -- not to mention the added issue of having two young babies on set to play Lydia Scott. But Austin never missed a beat, and took time out to welcome the press to the set and fill us in on the day's scenes, which, for a busy director, is more rare than you might imagine. Nichols seemed at ease with cast and crew, even shooting in an unfamiliar location.In fact, the next day, when we reconvened in Nathan and Haley's "house" on the stages,... //

One Tree Hill's Chad Michael Murray: I Came Back For the Fans

Chad Michael Murray admits that he wasn't exactly planning to return to One Tree Hill for the final season.   "I've been busy with different discoveries in my own life ... [and] it never really dawned on me," Murray told on the show's North Carolina set. "Then the opportunity came, and I knew how important it was to these fans who are everything to the show — and that was it." //

One Tree Hill “Last Known Surroundings” Season 9 Episode 7

One Tree Hill  "Last Known Surroundings" Season 9 Episode 7 airs Wednesday February 22 at 8pm on The CW. Episode Synopsis:  Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) seeks help from Lucas (guest star Chad Michael Murray) as Nathan (James Lafferty) makes an escape attempt. Brooke (Sophia Bush) comes face-to-face with Xavier (guest star Devin McGee). Juliain (Austin Nichols) uncovers evidence that assists Dan (Paul Johansson) in his search for Nathan. Clay (Robert Buckley) makes a connection with another patient. Read More... //  

Chad Michael Murray returns to 'One Tree Hill': Details on Lucas' emotional reunion with Haley

The time has come, "One Tree Hill" fans. Next Wednesday's episode features a return appearance from Chad Michael Murray, who left the series after Season 6 when contract negotiations with the studio came to a standstill. Though Murray has been approached about a return before, it wasn't until the series' cancellation was announced that he agreed to come back for this episode."We tried to do it the last couple seasons, but I don't think Chad was ready to do it," executive producer Mark Schwahn tells Zap2it. "It came down to him, and there was some back-and-forth, but it didn't feel like everybody was willing to play nice. So this season, we reached out again, and I think he was just in a better place. He saw that it was the end of the series and he knows that the show was good to him and he was good for the show. When you know that... //