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One Tree Hill Review: I Can See Daniel Waving Goodbye

Dan. Effing. Scott.  Whether you loved him, hated him, or loved to hate him, it is nearly impossible to argue that he didn't have one of the most intriguing and divisive character arcs of all time.  He tormented his sons, his wife, and everyone else in town for that matter.  He was hit by a speeding car, poisoned, lost out on a number of heart transplants, and attempted to hang himself.  Dan Scott even murdered his own brother. He also treated his grandchildren - we mostly witnessed this through his joyous moments with Jamie - wonderfully.  When it came down to it, and someone he loved was in extreme danger, he put everything including his life on the line, and saved Nathan Scott for his family. Read More... //

Best ?One Tree Hill? Quotes from ?Danny Boy?

The best quotes from the 11th episode of season 9 of One Tree Hill . //

'One Tree Hill' Recap: The Redemption of Dan Scott

The rescue of Nathan Scott on last week's One Tree Hill was an action-packed thrill ride. This week there's no real action or suspense, but it's an emotional rollercoaster that refuses to stop. It's happy, triumphant, light-hearted, funny, bittersweet, sad, tragic, redemptive, and everything else you can imagine. If, at any point during the episode, you went more than five minutes without tearing up, you're made of stone. //

One Tree Hill “Danny Boy” Review

It’s the end of an era , folks. In this week’s episode of  One Tree Hill , "Danny Boy," Dan Scott…father, businessman, politician, murderer, convict and villain…died surrounded by his family, minus one son. To my great surprise, I cried actual tears. Who would have thought it? For all the criticism the show takes for being campy and soapy and sometimes even silly, I would make an argument that few shows before or after  One Tree Hill  will ever capture the true spirit of what it means to earn and bestow forgiveness  as thoroughly or as completely. Too many times in television and movies, characters expect to be forgiven for their crimes and more often than not they are granted thatforgiveness too easily. Not so for Dan Scott. No one has ever let it slip their minds that Dan shot and killed his own brother, and ever since he did so back in season three, the characters who were directly and indirectly affected by that horrible act have been trying to figure out what to do about Dan. To forgive or not to forgive. If they do forgive, are they betraying Keith? If they don’t, will they be damaging themselves more than Dan? I love that it was never simple for them. Read More... //  

'One Tree Hill': Has Dan Scott been redeemed? Why we still can't forgive him

Let me begin this rant by saying that Dan Scott is one of the most interesting, dimensional characters "One Tree Hill" has ever seen, and Paul Johansson is a fantastic actor, director, and all-around human being. He also has very excellent hair. This isn't meant as a criticism of Johansson at all. It's also not meant as a criticism of "One Tree Hill" executive producer Mark Schwahn or any of his writing staff. It's simply a (very opinionated) look at a character from a dedicated fan of the show. (Because, for the record, I do really, really love this show, and have since I was 16.)In this week's episode, Dan saved Nathan from his kidnappers and, quite literally, took a bullet for him. Because of Dan, Nathan will be reunited with his wife and children. It was arguably one of the most thrilling, suspenseful episodes in the series' nine-year run, and Dan was undoubtably the... //

Best ?One Tree Hill? Quotes from ?Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will?

The best quotes from the 10th episode of season 9 of One Tree Hill . //

'One Tree Hill' Recap: The Ultimate Sacrifice

This week's One Tree Hill pretty much resolves all the major drama of the season, so I can only imagine the final three episodes of the series will be one long, happy farewell. Nathan Scott is rescued by the unlikeliest of trios and Xavier gets tazed. A lot. //

One Tree Hill Review: I'll Take Shotgun

It might have been annoying at certain points in this final season of One Tree Hill , but Nathan getting kidnapped and the subsequent events it caused over the first nine episodes were all worth it for what was maybe the most heroic rescue mission in television history. I would be extremely surprised if I needed to convince anyone else of the greatness of Dan Scott - and Paul Johansson's portrayal of the character - after his performance during " Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will ." Read More... //

One Tree Hill “Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will” Review

I think it’s safe to say that "Hardcore Will Never Die , But You Will," this week’s  One Tree Hill , will go down as one of, if not the, most violent episode of the series, and I’m even including the infamous schoolshooting  in that statement. It’s taken weeks of planning, but Dan is finally ready to rescue his son with the help of Julian and Chris Keller. It’s an odd team, yet desperate times make for interesting bed-fellows. Everything seems to go to plan, as long as the plan included Julian getting kicked out at the last second and told to go home for his family’s sake and Chris Keller kind-of accidentally killing one of the beefy guards with the getaway car. Dan takes no prisoners. He walks into the warehouse and guns down everyone who crosses his path. He even manages to replace Nathan with the drug dealer who gave him all the information, so that when Dimitri catches up to him, it’s the dealer who gets three bullets to the chest instead of Haley’s husband. Read More... //  

One Tree Hill Review: Thanks But No Thanks, Dad

There were sexy boots, incorrect dates of death, fatherhood offers turned down, an Air Force discharge, and a possible stolen baby.  Yeah, every breath did in fact seemed like a bomb during the hour of One Tree Hill that was " Every Breath Is A Bomb ." Sexy Boots As I mentioned last week, it's completely awesome that Haley and Dan Scott are teaming up to find Nathan. I only wish that a single other person would care about Nathan at this point.  He has been missing for quite a while.  If the rest of these characters just don't care about him, that's fine, but at least make note of that.  I understand they all have chaotic things going on in their lives as well, but you're good friend is either kidnapped or dead.  You should care. Read More... //