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One Tree Hill “Catastrophe and the Cure” Review

Last week , I made a list of possible reasons for Nathan’s kidnapping . Far down on that list was that  it might be the beginning of a new plot, rather than the consequence of an old one. This week’s episode of One Tree Hill , "Catastrophe and the Cure ," proved to me that I should never underestimate low odds. Nathan, we finally learn, was snatched by Eastern European gangsters who are under orders to kill him for scouting (or as they call it, stealing) some of their best, most profitable players for his agency. Because in Russia, basketball plays you! Read More... //  

'One Tree Hill' Recap: Nathan Scott is Missing

With Nathan missing, One Tree Hill 's final season gets darker and more tragic than ever this week. Haley is desperate for answers, Clay is stuck in the nuthouse and we finally see Brooke and Julian's tragic moments previewed in the season's opening montage. //

One Tree Hill Review: Dan Scott Started The Fire

We came into " The Killing Moon " wondering what had happened to Nathan Scott.  By the end of the hour I had no better explanation of who took him, or for what reason, than when we started.  Did you? Dan did set his diner on fire on purpose.  We know that.  The question remains whether or not we should believe him when told Haley that all of his intentions were good.  If so, then he's just an old man that is trying to get closer to his family, and I can respect that.  If he's lying, that would be a horrific character arc for Dan Scott. Read More... //

One Tree Hill “The Killing Moon” Review

The Killing  Moon, this week’s episode of  One Tree Hill , could have easily be retitled "Where in the World is  Nathan Scott?" Short answer…we don’t really know, but he’s clearly nowhere good. And surprisingly, I’m only 70% sure that Dan had something to do with it. We know that Nathan made it to Tree Hill and got as far as the taxi pick-up at the airport…but his phone ended up on what looks like an amateur poker table before getting smashed  against the wall  by an unknown hand. We also know that eventually Haley will identify a body. Hmm. I would be worried, but it seems too straightforward at this point just to say that Nathan is going to die. I feel that there’s a twist coming. Here are my three theories. Read More... //  

Best ''One Tree Hill'' Quotes from ''Don't You Want to Share My Guilt''

The best quotes from the fourth episode of season 9 of One Tree Hill . //

'One Tree Hill' Recap: Guilt Sucks

This week One Tree Hill is all about guilt, and no one feels it more than Julian. Last week he almost killed his infant son Davis by leaving him in the car in the boiling sun. But he's not the only one with something to feel guilty about. Clay lies to Quinn about his drug problem, Mouth starts to feel bad about being so damn far and Chase has crazy hot monkey sex (10 times in one night) with the absolute worst possible woman. Then there's Dan, who always seems to have a guilty look on his face. //

One Tree Hill Review: Drug Dealers Beware

Last week it was Julian leaving Baby Davis in the hot car, and now " Don't You Want to Share the Guilt? " ended with Nathan not making it home on time.   One Tree Hill is not slowing down at all in season nine. Seriously, how many more of these cliff hangers can we take before we start to black out on the regular like Clay? I'll get to the latest in a long line of twists and turns for Clay that I could care less about later on.  First, this Nathan issue needs to be addressed.  The stuffed animal he had for Lydia was lying by the curb at the airport, so the most logical conclusion is that harm was done to him after landing in Tree Hill.  Read More... //

Sophia Bush on One Tree Hill's Tragic Accident: "Major Drama" to Come!

On last night's episode of One Tree Hill, viewers were shocked to witness what appeared to be the aftermath of a horrible accident involving baby Davis. It's still not clear what happened,... //

'One Tree Hill' ripped from the headlines: Will Julian's greatest mistake tear him away from Brooke?

"One Tree Hill's" final season began relatively quietly. A sleep disorder, some figures in the shadows, a fire of questionable origin... these things are small change to the residents of Tree Hill, who have encountered more than their fair share of psychos over the years.In the third episode, which aired this week on The CW, things took a startling turn -- and it wasn't Dan, the erstwhile villain, or Clay, the newly-minted drug addict who brought Tree Hill to its knees.It was Julian (Austin Nichols), the man who wore a puppy costume for Halloween and who, just hours earlier, had reenacted a scene from "The Goonies" and perfected the moonwalk to quell his boredom. Julian, perhaps the most harmless "new guy in town" Tree Hill has ever seen. After a frustrating day at work, Julian stopped by his house to say hello to Brooke (Sophia Bush) and pick up one of his twin sons to... //

'OTH': What Happened To Julian And Brooke's Baby?

Julian got a little too excited and a little too distracted when he got a call from a television series interested in possibly using his soundstage on " One Tree Hill " (Wed., 8 p.m. EST on The CW). When he returns home to share this great news with Brooke in advance of the meeting, she asks him to drop the baby off at daycare on his way. The next scene of Julian has him picking up a bottle of scotch to celebrate when he gets a phone call. It's Brooke. "Hey, is everything okay?" He says all is well, but she responds, "Well the day care called and said you never dropped Davis off." At this, Julian rounds the corner to find that the sirens he'd been hearing in the background was the emergency response to his vehicle. The windows are smashed -- did the first responders do this or did something worse happen? -- and a bed is being loaded into the ambulance. Read More... //