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I hated d ending of episode 7... Lucas & Peyton...True Love Alwaz... nw i cnt wait fer d 8th episode... xxx


omg can't believe how episode 7 ended!!! can't wait for episode 8!!


is he realy gonna marry lindsay???? i hope not

One Tree Hill ROCKS!

I started watching one tree hill a little into the third season and i was a little lost seeing as i hadn't watch the first two seasons so i decided to buy them. and i started watching them.. FAST! it's like a drug yu just get so addicted and into it yu never wanna stop watching it. Now that the fifth season started, i watch all the episodes online because i don't have the channel at home. I am so greatful for AWSOME sites like this one that let's yu watch online episodes and catch up on what you've missed. I can't wait for the season to come out on DVD because im SO buying it. It's become one of my FAVOURITE tv shows ever and sometimes.. i feel like i can relate to some characters because they are our age and they represent teenage life basically. Anyways, i just wanted to say that this SHOW ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF! =) I hope the writers strike thingy ends soon so they can air all the episodes that were supose to be for the fifth season.. which is like 22 i think and now their only airing 12 i think ? Anyways, let's hope it's over and done with SOON =)


When Will Episode 7 Be Uploaded??


i need sumone to watch season 5 (episode 5) but i cant dnt know yy ..but it alweis pop up sth like to upgrade sth ...dnt know how to do this.... any one luv me ??lol

Song. Episode 5

It's called Loving You by Joey Ryan. Pretty song too.

song episode 5

In episode 5 there's a song and it goes like this: "make you feel better than you'll ever know, sing you a love song that nobody knows you think you've tried love but I'll give you more..." I really like it but I can't find it anywhere can someone please give me the name of the guy who sings this!! xxxx Laura from Belgium!


One tree hill is on in the US on tuesdays therefore we get the episode posted every wednesday :) with out fail

Best show ever!!

ok im a complete looser with TV shows.. i wach everything from las vegas - prison break - how i met your mother scrubs etc.. practicly everything.. and i gotta say one tree hill is the best amazing!! just wish box set of season 5 was out already so i cud camp out in my room with no food or sleep like i was with the other box sets whiched i wached over and over again :)