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One Tree Hill Review: Hey You Lies!

If the opening moments of the premiere didn't make it clear that the characters of One Tree Hill were going to face severe consequences this season, then the final minutes of " Love the Way You Lie " certainly did. Julian Baker, one of the few people in Tree Hill that we have been able to count on for stability over the past couple years, got a bit too excited about the prospect of producing a television show at his way too empty sound stage, and might be paying the ultimate price for it. Read More... //

Best ?One Tree Hill? Quotes from ?Love the Way You Lie?

The best quotes from the third episode of season 9 of One Tree Hill . //

'One Tree Hill' Recap: Julian's Soundstage of Dreams and Nightmares

I'm starting to think my " One Tree Hill season 9 is Hell " theory is true. This week's episode feels like a dream where nothing makes sense. Clay is a drug addict. Millie is worried that Big Mouth will die even though he isn't THAT fat. And Julian and Brooke's son Davis may or may not be dead. That last one is where things get really confusing. //

'One Tree Hill' Recap: Bad Dads, Werewolves and a Big Mouth

In the premiere of One Tree Hill 's final season a lot happened and we saw a possible glimpse of everyone's tragic future (though I still think it might be a metaphysical hellscape). Sadly, not much happened this week as it felt like a lot of filler. What we did learn is that all the devils who returned last week (Dan Scott, Ted Davis and Chris Keller) are definitely up to something, and I don't think it's good. //

One Tree Hill Review: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

One Tree Hill continued its stellar start to season nine with an episode not as epic in nature as the premiere , but just as emotional, and thanks to the appearance of Chuck Scolnik, maybe more hilarious. Because they use song titles for episode titles on One Tree Hill , sometimes it's a stretch to connect the dots between the song and the content.  That wasn't the case with " In The Room Where You Sleep " as it became clear early on that the location of where a number of characters would be laying their heads in the near future would be a theme of the hour. Read More... //

One Tree Hill Review: Hell Is Empty

One Tree Hill , due to its flare for the dramatic, has always been a series that gives that extra bit of effort for a finale. Showrunner Mark Schwahn and company hold nothing back at the end of the year, presumably in an effort to leave the audience blown away. If " Know This, We've Noticed " is any indication of what's to come, we may be in for a final season of One Tree Hill that feels like the combination of each and every past finale. That is, 13 episodes of heart pounding, gut wrenching, big laughing, scary, silly, romantic, drama-filled action. Read More... //

'One Tree Hill' Recap: Bad Things Are Coming

  One Tree Hill  is not joking around this season. The first few minutes of the premiere episode for the ninth and final season of the CW show were packed with tragic scene after tragic scene. [Warning: Spoilers ahead.] Clay ( Robert Buckley ) and Quinn ( Shantel VanSanten ) are fighting, and maybe breaking up. Brooke ( Sophia Bush ) is tearing apart her café. A building is burning. And Haley ( Bethany Joy Galeotti ) is standing over a dead body in a morgue. Read More... //

Best 'One Tree Hill' Quotes from the Season 9 Premiere

The best quotes from the first episode of the final season of One Tree Hill . //

'One Tree Hill' Season 9 Premiere Recap: All the Devils Are Here

It's here, the final season of One Tree Hill! I've been looking forward to this for as long as I can remember, and the show did not disappoint with an hour that was as ominous a start as Tree Hill has ever seen. //

'One Tree Hill': Ending on a High Note

After a year of highs and lows on One Tree Hill , tonight's finale was definitely one of the season's better episodes, as it wrapped the season up nicely, giving an insight into the futures of all the characters. The series finale-esque style made sense because word of The CW's decision to renew OTH came only hours before the episode aired. Nevertheless, it is official. Tree Hill and its residents will grace our television screens for at least 13 more episodes. Above all, the finale, which spanned a one year time frame, focused around the characters' relationships, leaving most of the drama behind to give the show a clear ending in case of cancellation. Read More... //