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'One Tree Hill' finale: Everything's better and everything's safe

Are you crying? We're crying.Tuesday's Season 8 finale of "One Tree Hill" was not the series finale -- just hours before airtime, The CW officially picked up a 13-episode Season 9. That said, it could have easily served as a satisfying end to the series. Though Mark Schwahn shot several cliffhangers to end the season on in case Season 9 got the green light, he ultimately decided to end with some closure.The season ender spanned a year - so much time that Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) went from having just learned of her pregnancy to giving birth to twin boys, Davis and Jude. With Davis, Brooke and Julian (Austin Nichols) stuck with the Tree Hill trend of naming their kids after their mothers' maiden names, while Jude's name came from "Hey Jude," which John Lennon wrote for his son, Julian.She was also enjoying the successful reopening of Karen's Cafe, which she and Haley (Bethany Joy... //

One Tree Hill Review: Air Force Done

There have been many times over the course of One Tree Hill 's eight seasons when they have unnecessarily made every second on screen seem not only important, but epic in nature.  "This Is My House, This Is My Home" certainly straddled that line, but was effective for two reasons. First of all, unlike some episodes that came before it, much of what happened in this season finale was very important.  And secondly, when this was being created it could have been their series finale.  The constant dramatic music combined with powerful stories was a necessity for the last ever episode of One Tree Hill . Read More... //

10 Best Moments of 'One Tree Hill' Season 8

Though season 8 hasn’t matched the greatness of some of the earlier seasons, there have been several memorable moments. Here are the top 10. #10 Brooke Pays Back Investors While some may argue that Millie and Victoria forging Brooke’s signature and committing fraud was one of the worst moments, I disagree. Yes, it was horrible and unfair, but we were able to see how much Brooke had changed over the years. Had Brooke been faced with this problem in seasons one or two, she never would have put the hundreds of affected people above herself. Her personal evolution and altruism makes her decision to pay back the investors with her own money and sell the company she loved so dearly one of the best of the season.   Read More... //

'One Tree Hill': Coming Full Circle

With only one episode remaining in the season and no official announcement from the CW, One Tree Hill gears up in case of cancellation while leaving doors open for the future in case of a renewal. As the characters we have followed for eight years take on new roles, their children begin a new generation of Tree Hillers who will grow up in the same environment. //

One Tree Hill Review: Bird of Mouth

I commend One Tree Hill for how it handled the River Court story in "Flightless Bird, American Mouth."  On a show that is quite melodramatic to begin with, they easily could have taken a plot about the memorable historic landmark of the town and gone way over the top with it. Instead they used a camping session, Clay's out of left field quirkiness, and the continued evolution of the Chase and Chuck relationship, to lay the ground work for what ended up being a really sweet moment for the court, the show, and Marvin McFadden. Read More... //

'One Tree Hill' Recap: Babies and Justice for All

One Tree Hill  is great at blending weird comedy, dark drama and emotional revelations. The latest episode, set around Jamie Scott's first Little League game, had all of that.  The Comedy: Quinn the Oompa Loompa Ever since Quinn got shot, recovered and fought back against Psycho Katie in the first half of season 8, she's been stuck in cute, light-hearted scenes with Clay. After spending most of last week's episode singing "Eye of the Tiger" poorly, Quinn got a horribly orange spray tan this week before heading to Puerto Rico. I'm actually happy that she's getting a chance to have fun, silly storylines after the hellish year she had. The Drama: Justice for Ian Kellerman In the most cathartic scene of the night, Julian, Clay and Nathan served up justice, Tree Hill-style, on Ian Kellerman for being responsible for the accident and letting his dad take the fall. They brought him to the bridge where Brooke and Jamie almost died, and Ian's lack of interest first prompted Clay to tackle him off the bridge into the water. Then Julian drowned Ian a little bit (which reminded me a lot of when Dan "baptized" Clay in the ocean) and Nathan got to punch him. It may not actually make everything better, but it felt damn good, just like killing Osama bin Laden. Read More... //

One Tree Hill Review: Jamie At The Bat

Much of the material near the end of "The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul" left a really pleasant taste in my mouth, and it wasn't only because I was drinking Phidian's during most of the episode. Any story that deals with Chase is going to work like gang busters, but add the switching of a urine test and a pregnancy switcheroo, and you pretty much nail it.  The relationship between Chase and Chuck has been one of my favorites as of late, so seeing Chuckles disappointed after Chase failed to show up for the baseball game was originally tough to swallow.  When the older brother showed up though, it made the reunion that much more rewarding. Read More... //

One Tree Hill Review: Paternal Instinct

Baby Lydia has been brought home safe and sound, but between the twists and turns of the Kellerman plot and the possibility that Brooke and Julian might leave for New York, "Where Not To Look For Freedom" had plenty of excitement to follow up the double baby episode from a week ago. Thanks to the month and a half hiatus, and "Quiet Little Voices" being devoted solely to birthing and flashbacks, it had been quite a while since they teased the fact that Ian Kellerman was the jerk that smashed into Jamie and Brooke on the bridge during the storm. Read More... //

One Tree Hill Review: Mothers and Daughters

It has been over a month and a half since One Tree Hill has aired a new episode, which is why I found it strange that it seemed like over half of "Quiet Little Voices" was footage from seasons past. On the one hand, you could say that the numerous flashbacks were a great way of cutting corners so they didn't have to shoot new footage.  On the other hand, many of the flashbacks they used were fantastic at building the emotion of the characters. For me, they were mostly a time to relive the glory days of One Tree Hill . You know, the days of the overbearing father and a young couple falling in love.  Oh and a pimply faced James Lafferty that had not yet learned how to act.  Those were the days people. Read More... //

ONE TREE HILL “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here” Review

ONE TREE HILL "I Thin I’m Gonna Like It Here" Season 8 Episode 16 – The girls of Tree Hill decide to throw Haley a baby shower for her soon to be baby girl, Lydia. However, they decide to make it a surprise which turns out to be a bigger feat than they thought. Meanwhile Clay and Nathan work hard to sign the younger Kellerman to Fortitude and Millie begins her new job, the one that Mouth wanted. It is never a good idea to throw a surprise baby shower. Surprise parties in general are hard to pull off. Add in a pregnant woman full of cravings, unexpected moods and ideas, and you have lost all control. In the end it worked out. That is, until Brooke’s potential birth mother arrived unannounced and recieved a surprise of her own. It is probably not a good idea to lie to a potential birth mother and paint such a perfect picture of your life that it is impossible to actually live it. Then, when the woman shows up on your doorstep as you are chugging a beer, it is probably not smart to invite her in to stay especially when you have not told your friends who she is or how important her opinion of you is. It was funny when Julian thought that it did not sound like it was so bad. Well, amost everyone there said they had been in jail, Brooke was outed as losing her company and being unemployed, her mother talked about prison, and their was drug talk. If not for Haley’s speech about Brooke saving Jamie’s life, I think Chloe would have run right out the door. Read More... //