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One Tree Hill Review: Kids These Days...

One Tree Hill covered the idea of having children this week, along with the relationships these children then have with their parents. It wasn't as good as some recent episodes, but not nearly as bad as some earlier in the season. Let's start with Brooke and Julian, who were attempting to adopt a baby from a 19-year old pregnant woman played by Leven Rambin. Rambin seems to be in everything these days. After I first disliked her character in The Sarah Connor Chronicles , I proceeded to dislike her characters in Grey's Anatomy, the two episodes of Scoundrels I watched, and ,most recently, as a red head in Wizards of Waverly Place (yes, you read that correctly). I loved her on "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here," though, and not just because she ultimately decided to let Brooke and Julian adopt her baby. Her character, Chloe, seemed to have been through a lot, so her final speech to Brulian about why she chose to give them her baby felt really good. Read More... //

One Tree Hill Review: Valentine's Day Surprises!

All three holiday-themed episodes of One Tree Hill this season have been extremely enjoyable. Both Halloween and Thanksgiving were successes, and this week's "Valentine's Day Is Over" definitely did not stray from that pattern. I usually start out with what did NOT work, so let's change things up and take a look at the positives: The Chase/Chuck dynamic continues to be a highlight.  I once again give props to Stephen Colletti, but let me also mention what a great job young actor Michael May has done the past few weeks. He has always portrayed the rude annoying little kid well, but making him a show tune lover that has a drunk for a mother and a father that ran away just ups the ante for this character and rising star. Read More... //

ONE TREE HILL “Valentine’s Day Is Over” Review

ONE TREE HILL "Valentine’s Day Is Over" Season 8 Episode 15 – It is Valentine’s Day in Tree Hill and so this week we are subjected to every couple’s version of celebrating whether sex-filled, blown out or low key. I admit I am not the biggest Valentine’s Day fan so an hour episode that is centered totally around the celebration for the day really is not my bag. Despite this, I will admit that there were some good parts to tonight’s episode. First, we finally get to see Clay and Nathan working. Together they scout a new ball player although the fact that he just happens to be Nathan’s hated professor’s son seems a bit convenient. One can only assume that since the ball player also thinks the professor is a "douchebag", all signs point to Clay and Nathan signing him by next episode. Nathan thinks the overly confident and cocky guy can be changed like he was as a young teen. Speaking of which, are we supposed to believe that guy is a young teen? He looked a bit old for that. Read More... //

One Tree Hill Review: "Holding Out for a Hero"

I am in no way condoning two gimmick episodes within a span of three weeks, but One Tree Hill kind of pulled off a cape and mask-based theme here with "Holding Out For a Hero." It helped that the comic book stylings, spandex costumes and super hero names were relegated to only one storyline.  While I was worried early on that this whole super hero business came out of nowhere, and it wasn't going to be able to ever come together in the end, things changed when Haley got the phone call from the girl at the crisis center.  That "nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh Haley" really made it work. Once Haley got on board as Baby Mama, the whole thing felt more sincere and I joined the crazy train with her and her partners in crime-fighting.  At the end of the day, Mrs. Scott was just trying to help out a kid that was getting made fun of, and if doing it in a caped green outfit was going to make Quinn and Brooke happy, then darn it that's what she wasn't what she was gonna do! It seemed like everyone in Tree Hill was pretty restless following the big wedding.  Brooke and Quinn were in dire need of some excitement because the former was out of employment and the latter just recovered from getting shot, surviving a coma, stalking her shooter, and then having an all out horror movie type brawl with said shooter.  Wait... what?  Let's back up a second.   Read More... //

ONE TREE HILL “Holding Out For a Hero” Review

ONE TREE HILL "Holding Out For a Hero" Season 8 Episode 14 – Sorry to say One Tree Hill fans, but this week’s episode was pretty awful. And I am a fan. Although I really wanted to like this episode, it was hard because it felt like it was written by a child. In fact, the writers should have made it from Jamie’s viewpoint or a dream Jamie had. That would have made more sense. Instead, we had the whole episode driven by Brooke who dreamt she was a superhero called B Dazzle. Seriously. Here’s the thing. The adults in Tree Hill need to get jobs. Fast. Aside from Chase and Julian, no one really works. Brooke is currently doing absolutely nothing other than designing and making crazy superhero outfits. Quinn, although claiming she has been getting a lot of calls for photography work, has nothing going on. Clay, who actually owns a sports agency, hasn’t been shown working since he signed that one athlete. Nathan is taking one class and whining the entire time about his one tough professor. Haley is pregant so she gets a pass. Heck, even Mia isn’t working and she is an actual musician. I wanted to just reach through the TV and shake these characters. Read More... //

One Tree Hill Review: "The Other Half of Me"

Guess this is my lucky day. - Julian Baker If you like One Tree Hill , you loved "The Other Half of Me."  This week's installment took me back to the days when this show could so easily pull at the heart strings of its audience, and made me forget any negative things I have had to say about the series in the recent past. Which brings me to my main argument for why this week's One Tree Hill was such a fantastic episode: There were two - count 'em, two! - moments in "The Other Half of Me" when it got extremely dusty in my living room. You had to know this was going to be epic when they opened with young Brooke Davis catching a veil outside her house with the red door.  It set the emotional tone for the entire hour. Let us cut ahead to the first time that the dust started to kick up into the eyes of television watchers everywhere.  As Brooke walked down the aisle to marry the man she loves, we witnessed the most glorious flashback montage I've seen in a long while.  Watching all of the moments that Brooke and Julian have been through since Austin Nichols first became a recurring star on One Tree Hill , interwoven with Sophia Bush smiling ear to ear as she prepared to rattle off her lovely vows, was nothing short of beautiful. Read More... //

ONE TREE HILL “The Other Half of Me” Review

ONE TREE HILL "The Other Half of Me" Season 8 Episode 13 – The Brooke Davis and Julian wedding is finally here. To no one’s surprise, it turns out not to be a backyard shingdig, but rather a sophisticated and classic affair planned and decorated by none other than Julian’s mother, Sylvia, and Haley. Also, it looks like Brooke got her dress or at least one that looked like it. Of course, we received no real explanation as to how this was all afforded (we assume it was Syliva) or if Brooke designed her own dress or if it was store bought. Wedding episodes in a series are my least favorite. Nothing unique ever happens. The same is true here. The only difference I suppose is that after eight seasons, I am invested in Brooke Davis. She is one of my favorite characters. After all of the dark stuff she has been through, including being deprived of having children, it was nice to see her have her day. Of course, things do not ever go that smoothly for Brooke so she had to be ditched by her father on her wedding day. It was nice of Victoria to step in and save the day and her present of the veil Brooke found as a child was incredibly thoughtful. Kudos also belong to Julian’s father who also stepped in during the father/daughter dance. Read More... //

'One Tree Hill' Wedding: Brooke marries Julian and says goodbye to the red door

When the "One Tree Hill" gang was still in high school, Brooke (Sophia Bush) described herself as "the girl behind the red door." She was referring to the front door of the giant house she grew up in -- raising herself, more or less. "The girl behind the red door" was a lot of things over the high school years - she was the head cheerleader, the class president, and, in less pleasant times, the school slut and the girl whose heart was broken repeatedly by the people she trusted most.Over 8 years of "One Tree Hill" we've watched the other original series regulars pair off and settle down while Brooke was married to her work, but on Tuesday night's episode, Brooke finally said goodbye to the girl behind the red door and married the guy for her - Julian (Austin Nichols).Cue waterworks. Okay, okay, we know it's lame to cry over TV and even... //

One Tree Hill Review: Hungover... and Hilarious?

The video cameras were finally back in Tree Hill, NC after the long winter hiatus, and it may have been enjoyable for the girls of Brooke's bachelor party, but not for viewers. On "The Drinks We Drank Last Night," the show paid homage to The Hangover , but it was simply a sub-par knockoff of that classic comedy. One problem for me, which will come with plenty of boos and hisses from readers? I was not that big a fan of The Hangover.   Therefore, watching Brooke, Quinn and the gang stroll around town trying to remember everything that happened during their drunken escapades from the night before didn't do anything for me.  Think about it: Watching Frank the Tank guzzle beers is hilarious in Old School because Will Ferrell is hysterical.  If the actors aren't funny, the scenes aren't going to be funny. So watching Alex, Millie, etc. remembering their evening just made me feel miserable for them. Read More... //

ONE TREE HILL “The Drinks We Drank Last Night” Review

ONE TREE HILL "The Drinks We Drank Last Night" Season 8 Episode 12 – It is almost time for the Julian and Brooke wedding, but first comes the obligatory bachelorette party. Leave it to One Tree Hill to have me laughing the entire episode. Although I realize that the episode was a take on many movies and shows, most recently probably being The Hangover, I still think it worked. While the show centered around Brooke’s "lost" ring and, later, who the mysterious guy she made out with was, the antics of the entire group that night had me in stitches. My favorite moments included Millie’s realization that her nickname "Boots" was due to drinking copious amounts of liquor out of an old cowboy boot and the skateboarding dog. Who didn’t think that Alex got a black eye from Brooke? Also, who didn’t think that Dave Navarro actually nailed Alex and not just with a water balloon made out of condoms? Read More... //