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Paranormal State

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Mondays, 9:00 PM EST on A&E
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6 Seasons, 86 Episodes
30 Minutes
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Paranormal State is a half-hour series chronicling the extraordinary life of Ryan Buell and other members of the Penn State University Club The Paranormal Research Society (PRS) as they seek to find the truth behind terrifying real life mysteries, hauntings and ghosts. In some ways, the members of PRS are your basic college kids - dealing with the problems of school, dating, and finding their way in the world. The difference is that these students are drawn to examining "other" worlds as well - working on cases that include ghosts, hauntings and other paranormal phenomena. Each week, they are contacted for help by outside parties ranging from the Catholic Church to ordinary families who are terrified by unusual events in their homes.

Show Reviews

by Sylar Dean Paginton

May 04, 2015 10:54 PM EDT

This show is pretty much one of the BEST paranormal investigation tv shows I have had the pleasure of watching. The show follows a group of investigators who are STILL studying for their degrees but have come together to form PRS.. Paranormal Research Society located at Penn State University, with the lead being Ryan Buell.

The show's first few episodes are filmed in such a way it looks like it's done by amateurs but as the first season goes on the quality of the show becomes MORE an MORE professional.. so as with the students.. the show also grows and matures into something pretty special.

As the show's season progress you get to see some pretty shocking things caught on tape and such which is lacking in MOST other paranormal shows. The other great thing about this show is that the group also HELPS the families/person(s) out even more by getting them help after investigations are complete which you get to see what help, by the end of it all they do a quick visitation based a few weeks after the initial investigation to see how things are and have progressed.

It's a shame the show has finished now as I had only recently discovered it but it IS one of those shows that keeps you interested throughout each 30 minute episodes.

Something else special in this show is how you become attached to the team on a personal level, (due to little clips you see with them all talking or hanging out doing whatever other than paranormal stuff), and appreciate everything that they are doing for each person/family they tend to help.. I'M REALLY GOING TO MISS THIS SHOW.. AND THE PRS TEAM.. they had some FUN times.

by iriswonderland

Mar 29, 2015 4:54 PM EDT

I really like the people behind this show, that's mostly why I watch it anyway.

by rachelwe

Nov 30, 2014 3:40 PM EST

didn't really like this