Paul the Matchmaker Episode Guide

When Paul inherits a matchmaking company from his Aunt Cathy, he wonders what his aunt could have possibly been thinking. But he soon realizes it makes perfect sense: by his own estimation, Paul is very attractive, super-likable and a really happy person -- and he's got a fantastic marriage to a very wealthy woman, Teri. Although Paul's confident that he is the perfect person to help women find love, his approach is going to be a little different from that of his Aunt Cathy. His no-holds-barred philosophy toward dating can be surprising and frustrating to the women he is helping, but no matter how hilarious it may appear, his focus is always on being brutally honest with his clients.

Episode Guide

10 episodes

  • 10 episodes
    10 episodes
    • s1e10Never Give up On Love
    • s1e9Fear Can Make Someone Love You
    • s1e8Know How to Cook, Part 2
    • s1e7Know How to Cook, Part 1
    • s1e6Know When You're Simply Too Old
    • s1e5The Experts
    • s1e4Don't Be a Meanie
    • s1e3Do What It Takes
    • s1e2Know When You're Not Ready
    • s1e1First Impressions Are Everything!