PIT - The Paranormal Investigative Team is the premier ghost hunting outfit with their own TV show in Los Angeles. By day, founders Art Mack and "The" Deuce Moran run the semi-successful "Big Yellow" diner on Pico Blvd., but at night the real fun begins. That's when they pack up their van, pick up the team and head out to investigate yet another paranormal occurrence in Southern California. Joined by research Specialist Pam Duberry, Tech Wizard Lear Levin and their latest Investigator-in-Training Clark Dunwoody, PIT knows no fear. Well, actually they know plenty, but they can usually cut that part out in post production. On-camera they're brave, vigilant and focused as they confront dangerous ghosts head-on. Off-camera things aren't quite so clear as they deal with more down to earth matters like forbidden office romances and overcooked hamburgers. Oh wait... all of that is on-camera too. Whether investigating haunted mansions, a Bigfoot in the forest of central California or strange beings on Hollywood Blvd., PIT goes where no man has gone before, and there's probably good reason for that.

Episode Guide

8 episodes

  • 8 episodes
    8 episodes
    • s1e8Unzipped
    • s1e7Pheromones Gone Wild
    • s1e6Something Approaches...It Looks Blonde!
    • s1e5You Know What They Say: Big Foot
    • s1e4No, Not The Robot
    • s1e3Ghostus Interruptus
    • s1e2Dead and Breakfast
    • s1e1Grant Me Asylum/Stapler Me Death