Play Value Episode Guide

Did you know that Nintendo started out as a playing card company? Did you know that Steve Jobs worked for Atari before a spiritual retreat to India? The history of video games is a strange and exciting saga that needs to be told. In Play Value, game industry heavy-hitters and hardcore gamers retell the stories that have led up to a multi-billion...

Episode Guide

22 episodes

  • 22 episodes
    22 episodes
    • s1e22College Dreams- the story of General Computer
    • s1e21Mine!...Gaming and Copyright
    • s1e20SEGA Dreamcast
    • s1e19Controllers
    • s1e18The Founding Fathers
    • s1e17The Two Johns - From Doom to Dust
    • s1e16Women in Gaming
    • s1e15Gaming Mascots
    • s1e14Shigeru Miyamoto
    • s1e13Sony Vs. Nintendo
    • s1e12Return of The Arcade
    • s1e11Commodore 64
    • s1e10Colecovision
    • s1e9Controversy!
    • s1e8Sega Vs. Nintendo
    • s1e7Failed Consoles - Part Two
    • s1e6Failed Consoles - Part One
    • s1e5Atari vs. Nintendo
    • s1e4Tetris: Splitting the Iron Curtain
    • s1e3The Fall of Atari
    • s1e2Rise of Nintendo
    • s1e1The Death of Arcades