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‘Pokemon Generations’: New Animated Series Coming to YouTube

Now celebrating 20 years of Pokemon, perhaps the biggest news of the year to date was the wildly successful Pokemon Go mobile game, which just rolled out another update today. But for longtime fans of the franchise and newcomers alike, one aspect that has long been missing from the pantheon of marketing material was a show that was more closely tied into the video games themselves. Recent news confirms that The Pokemon Company has answered that call with a new animated web series named Pokemon Generations looking to fill in that gap. READ MORE...

Detective Pikachu Will Be the First Live-Action Pokmon Movie

It was only last week we heard that the bidding for the movie rights of the fabled Pokmon franchise were heating up again thanks to the runaway success of Pokmon Go but now we have confirmation: Legendary is teaming up with The Pokmon Company to make a live-action movie... but not the one you were expecting.   Read More... //

11 Episodes of Pokmon on Netflix That Help Explain Pokmon Gos Grip on Society

The very best, like no show ever was.   Read More... //

Pokemon Go has already changed mobile gaming forever

Nintendo finally allowed a mobile game version of one of its biggest money-spinners to be made. And you have been hearing about it a lot over the past 48 hours. Possibly too much. But one thing that has not been widely discussed is the truly monstrous revenue performance that Pokemon GO has delivered right out... ...Read More... //