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Pretty Little Liars Series Finale Recap 6/27/17: Season 7 Episode 20

The girls are all sitting around at an outside café talking. Lucas taps by. Followed by a woman on a horse. They talk about how they miss "A" a lot. Snowflakes begin to fall. Mona is looking in a snow globe. The door to her hospital room opens. She drops it after seeing the person in the door. She asks the mysterious man if he is here to kill her. One Year Later… Aria and Ezra are walking on the studio lot. His book is about to become a movie. They are about to get married. Meanwhile, Emily is feeding the twins. Allison comes in. She says goodbye to her family and heads to a hotel. She meets Emily’s mom without her knowledge. Spencer and Melissa are brushing the horses. Toby shows up. Spencer is thrilled. They hug. Spencer’s rescue horse takes well to Toby. She offers him a lift back to town. READ MORE...

Best 'Pretty Little Liars' Quotes from the Series Finale

Pretty Little Liars came to an end with "Till Death Do Us Part," and not only was A.D. revealed (to be an evil twin!), but Aria and Ezra also got married, Hanna shared good news with the others and history seemed ready to repeat itself with a new group of high school girls. Here are the best quotes from the series finale.   ...Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/pretty-little-liars/best-pretty-little-liars-quote-65207.aspx

'Pretty Little Liars' Finale: Till Death Do Us Part

★ ★ ½ I'm writing this review while the wound is still fresh, so forgive me if I don't sugarcoat the AD reveal or anything else about this final episode of Pretty Little Liars . After seven years of this show owning me, my hopes for the series finale were sky high. But this series finale was bad. Like, nearly Charlotte-reveAl-level bad. This episode starts with a beautiful vision of the series-long peace these women have been looking for. The Liars are happy, Lucas is tap dancing, and Jenna is riding a white horse around town. But it's just a vision of Mona's. She's locked up at Welby after her disturbing confession last episode. A visitor in a hoodie arrives, leading to the last ever shush of the series. In an epic move for the finale, this last episode featured a group shush. Flash forward to a year later and the Ezria wedding is finally happening... maybe. Aria's keeping something from Ezra and now she thinks she can't marry him. Oh wait, she can. She just can't have children. Typical PLL melodrama; next! Emison is official. They kiss on the lips, say I love you to each other, and Emily had the babies. Yup, babies. Two of them. Spoiler alert: Emily accidentally ruins her own proposal. Hanna and Caleb are having relationship problems. Hanna's a control freak, Caleb is kind of over it. They're trying to have a baby. Oh yeah, and Hanna volunteered to let Mona come stay with the two of them now. Awkward. At the bachelor/ette party, the Liars and their significant others all look happy. But someone's peeping on them from the bushes. It's Melissa Hastings. That's right, guys — Melissa Hastings is AD. She lost her husband, baby, and freedom because of the Liars. Her motive makes sense. She's been here since the beginning. No one else could have been AD... But wait. It's Mona in a mask. Mona is following the Liars around in a Melissa Hastings mask to prove her loyalty to AD. A whole year later, Mona is still playing AD's game. Just in time for the Ezria wedding, too. At the rehearsal dinner, Hanna is forced to bring an unexpected guest: Mona. Receiving an unwelcome reception by the other Liars, PLL finally gives us a chance to see this huge cast mingle. Watching Ezra's mother verbally joust with Ella Montgomery (Holly Marie Combs) was hilarious. In one of the most epic parts of the finale, the wine moms return. Veronica Hastings, Ashley Marin, and Ella Montgomery even mention their unfortunate time in the basement from S6E10. What a talented group of actresses that I hope to see in better shows soon. And now comes the unfortunate part. The part where Spencer comes back from the party and gets bashed in the head by Mona. Original A hits her so hard that she gets knocked out. When she wakes up, it's Dollhouse 2. AD/Mona kidnapped her and put her in a locked room with mirrored walls. Face to face with her own reflection, Spencer drops her arm to the ground. But her reflection doesn't. Wait those walls are clear not mirrored... That's right, everyone: Spencerietta exists. Spencer's British twin is AD. Mary had a twin when Spencer was born. Her name was Alex. She was sold off to a wealthy family in England, then became an orphan. Wren found her at a bar, introduced her to Charlotte, and that was it. Alex and Charlotte loved each other. But Charlotte loved the game more. So after Charlotte dies, Alex swears revenge and comes to Rosewood. With Wren as a henchman she tortures the girls. Why? Because Spencer has friends and she doesn't. Which, forgive me for saying this, is a weak premise for years of torture. No longer wanting to be Alex, Spencer's identical twin starts pretending to be her. But this isn't the first time. We've seen Alex a few times before. Alex is the one who kissed Toby. She finally gets the life she wanted, hanging out with the girls at Aria's wedding and being with Toby. So after Jenna's sense of smell and Spencer's shy horse Bashful recognize that something is wrong, the mystery is solved. Jenna tells Toby that Spencer isn't Spencer and he tells the Liars. Seven years of mysteries come down to a blind girl's sense of smell and a horse we met this episode. At the wedding, Alex plays dumb while Aria wonders where Ezra is. He stood her up at the altar! Oh wait, he was just kidnapped by AD and put in the same Dollhouse. Must be a little crowded considering Mary Drake is in there too. When Alex comes back from the wedding, Spencer tries to have a heart-to-heart with her sister. But she doesn't care. Alex killed Wren and turned his ashes into a diamond. She's going to kill Ezra too. With the Liars finally on track to find AD, Mona bursts in, telling them that she's been working for AD and she knows where the Big Bad is hiding. While Mona leads the Liars, Spencer uses her lock-picking skills to escape. At the same time, the Liars bust into AD's headquarters. It's the house Toby was building for Spencer. Ezra and Spencer escape to the outside. Or what they think is the outside. It's actually just another underground section of this hell hole of a home. An ax-wielding (yes, really!) Alex tries to chop up Ezra. Spencer tackles her to the ground. And then for some reason PLL decides to use the most inappropriate and cliche trope there is. One gun, two twins. Toby and the Liars bust in on this attempted murderous encounter. How will he ever tell them apart? "Tell me your favorite poem from the book you gave me." Spencer starts speaking French and everyone knows who is who. Mona calls 911 and Alex is arrested by a handsome police officer. Alex admits that no one can call Mona "Loser Mona" anymore and the mystery is over. In a beautifully boring Ezria scene, the two of them are betrothed. Proving that if your high school English teacher hits on you hard enough, you'll marry him. Marlene King makes a brief appearance, ruining the wedding momentarily (and giving critics all the fodder they could ever ask for). The Liars are happy and they all say goodbye to each other as the happy couple head off on their honeymoon. It really is over, PLL is done. But not before dropping two bombshells on its way out. In an adorable French doll shop, Mona is doing wonderfully. She's selling dolls, has a handsome if not familiar looking boyfriend, and seems to be happy. Then she goes into the basement, puts tea out in front of two dolls in her dollhouse, and the audience sees that Mona has Mary and Alex Drake trapped. The original A has made a dollhouse of her own and trapped both of the Drakes there. "She can't keep us here forever," Mary Drake insists. "Of course she can. She's Mona." In the last true moment of the series, PLL 's strongest character has finally won the game. The girl that started this all ended it all. Or at least ended this incarnation of things. This finale ends where the pilot began, with four girls worried about their missing friend. PLL ended the same way it started, with a slipshod mystery and just enough suspense to keep us interested. Though honestly, this finale was a disaster. This show was never logical and anyone holding out for an ending that tied this series together will surely be disappointed. As a fan for seven years, I can safely say I was. Thank you Pretty Little Liars for all of the years of excitement, mystery, and pretty girls getting anonymously stalked. Occasionally compelling, often disappointing, and every so often truly brilliant, this is a one-of-a-kind show that I am going to sincerely miss. No matter how silly or murder-filled it may have been. Were you happy with the finale? Did you hate the AD reveal? Leave your comments in the section below. div.post p { text-align: justify; }

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Pretty Little Liars Recap 6/20/17: Season 7 Episode 19 “Farewell, My Lovely”

Aria is on the side of the road. An officer is trying to help her get the keys she supposedly locked in the trunk. He presses on the trunk, but gets a call when it opens. He turns away. Aria slides her arm in and grabs her keys on top of a body. All the girls, Ezra and Caleb are talking. They are trying to make Hanna realize that Mona is AD. Ezra tries to call Aria but she isn’t answering. He gets upset and tells them they can’t just cut Aria off, she made a mistake. Aria is driving, talking out loud and to the trunk. She can fix this. Meanwhile, Mona arrives home. She finds a note left for her. Caleb and Hanna are outside Mona’s and see her leave. They follow her. Spencer goes to visit her bio mom. Her mom has a gift for her, her motel. She has put her name on the deed. She knows about the girls, the police and what is happening. She wants to help. She tells her goodbye. READ MORE...