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Quantico Finale Recap 5/15/17: Season 2 Episode 22 “RESISTANCE”

Roarke had wanted to strip the American people of their civil liberties. But that wasn’t something he could just do on his own because there was still a system of checks and balances in place. So he and the other remaining Collaborators had come up with the idea to change the constitution and stop all detractors from voicing an opinion or rising up against them however first Roarke had to get pass Alex and her friends. The agents knew that they had to stop Roarke while they still had the chance and so they initially thought it was possible to merely stop the vote altogether at the convention. Except they had gotten careless. The agents all met at the same place, they had all looked for bugs, and they thought that they had managed to fool everyone into believing that they actual believed in DISA. However, they made the mistake of ignoring the new Smart TVs that were recently installed at their bar and so they hadn’t known that anyone was listening in until Maxell decided to burst their bubble. He had walked in on them and had even commended them on keeping up their stories for months on end though as it turns out he never thought that they were on the Collaborators’ side and he had simply been playing around them as a way to find out what their grand plan was. READ MORE...

Quantico Season Finale Recap: Who Wants to Be a Terrorist?

ABC renewed Quantico for a third season, but this certainly feels like the end. ...Read More... //

'Quantico' Season 2 Finale Recap: Does Alex Get Shot?

The last time we saw the task force on Quantico , they had 100 days until the Congressional Convention. In the season 2 finale, titled "RESISTANCE," more than two months have passed as they have less than 30 days until the big day. Time quickly speeds up within the first few moments as the main event quickly approaches. They interview various candidates for the FBI and CSI combined agency, but they don't seem to have any luck. ...Read More... //

Quantico Season 2 Finale: EP Talks Alternate Ending, Skipped Kiss, Nixed Cameo by Supergirl Star and More

Weeks ago,QuanticocreatorJoshua Safran told TVLine that the ABC spy drama had shot an ending that hed cut if word of the shows renewal hit before the finale aired. As it turned out, though, the scenewas gone long before news of the Season 3 pickup and Safrans stepping down as showrunner broke Monday evening. The [] //

Quantico Season 2 Episode 22 Review: RESISTANCE

Well, that sure did feel like a series finale. On Quantico Season 2 Episode 22 , Roarke faced defeat. The task force was victorious, and everyone moved on with their lives. A season full of twists and turns was nicely wrapped up. There's not this desire for another season. If this were the end, it would have been fitting. Everyone's okay, and Alex and Ryan went flying off into the sunset together. The question is, why not just end it? ...Read More...

Quantico Recap: A Unified Nation

What do the Collaborators want to do, exactly? ...Read More... //

'Quantico' Recap: Why is the Task Force Back in the Spotlight?

The agents seem to be making waves this season on Quantico . And while they have a major victory in this episode, titled "RAINBOW," it seems like it's only taking them a few steps back.   As for their personal lives, Shelby Wyatt and Clay Haas can't seem to stay away from one another. Ryan and Alex have a similar tune and find each other possibly back together again. A few more familiar faces also return as the agents get closer to hopefully bringing down the terrorists for good. ...Read More... //

Quantico Season 2 Episode 21 Review: RAINBOW

I really hope the government or the airline buys those people new phones. On Quantico Season 2 Episode 21 , the task force rallied together to stop a terrorist attack. Yay team! They earned another win, but the battle is far from over. ...Read More...

Quantico Recap 5/1/17: Season 2 Episode 20 “GLOBALREACH”

Clay watches the television news as it reports that his mother will be impeached. She tells him he can’t give up. He needs to get his team back together and stop trying to protect her and worry about protecting our county. Owen meets with Alex and offers her encouragement. She is worried that she is going to get in so deep he won’t be able to pull her out. Raina begs Felix to try to find out where her sister is being held. He promises he will try. Shelby and Ryan are hold up watching movies and drinking beer because they don’t know what else to do. Clay calls the team to the bunker and tells them they have to do something to keep the collaborators from winning. Roarke goes on TV and rips the president and says she is responsible for the attack. Clay says they have to discredit Roarke before it is too late. Alex meets with the collaborators and they tell her she is now one of them. READ MORE...

'Quantico' Recap: Has Alex Reached Her Breaking Point with the Terrorists?

Quantico is just a couple of episodes away from its second season finale, and the drama from episode 20, titled "GLOBALREACH," certainly needs to be tied up sooner than later. The episode kicks off with Clay and Claire Haas arguing over what to do next with the task force after they were caught in the act in an earlier episode. Claire encourages Clay to get his team together, but he isn't confident that he even has a team left. He reminds his mother that Owen and Alex have gone MIA. She tells him to keep his attention off of her and put all of his efforts into defeating the terrorist group that the task force she created was meant to do. Apparently, that's all he needs to hear. ...Read More... //