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Quick Draw

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2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
30 Minutes
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Great Bend, Kan., has had five different sheriffs in its brief history, and they've all been murdered. Which doesn't make good odds for the next man to take the job -- Sheriff John Henry Hoyle. A graduate of Harvard University -- as he is quick to point out to just about everybody he meets -- he does his best to bring the little-known science of forensics to the Wild West. Townsfolk are unimpressed with the new sheriff's credentials and ideas --it's his skill with a six-gun that makes the populace sit up and take notice. Hoyle and his reluctant deputy, Eli, pursue the criminals who have been plaguing the town; all the while, Hoyle tries to impress saloon/brothel owner Honey Shaw, who's tough as nails and tougher to impress.

User Reviews

by andrew.bremner

Sep 17, 2014 5:21 AM EDT

Seriously funny , If you like The Office then you will like this series to

by Estella Ortega

Oct 18, 2016 10:30 PM EDT

Irreverent and unpolitically incorrect at its best. LOL all the way.

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