What do you want to be when you grow up? That is the question faced by all as we embark on that awkward struggle from teenager to adult. Believe me, I spent too much time trying to answer that question. I spent some time fighting forest fires before moving on to my

Episode Guide

127 episodes

  • 22 episodes
    22 episodes
    • s2010e707Night Market, Beijing
    • s2010e706Night Market, Beijing
    • s2010e629Destination Unknown The Great Wall
    • s2010e624The Jade Factory
    • s2010e623Parks Of Beijing
    • s2010e622Destination Unknown Beijing
    • s2010e621Thank you Tripfilms
    • s2010e605Trailer Destination Unknown China
    • s2010e428Cruising with the Murphy
    • s2010e415Cruising with the Murphy
    • s2010e413Cruising with the Murphy
    • s2010e408How video has changed my life
    • s2010e405Cruising with the Murphy
    • s2010e401Cruising with the Murphy
    • s2010e328Cruising with the Murphy
    • s2010e322Cruising with Murphy
    • s2010e224Memories
    • s2010e212Bhutan up close
    • s2010e210The Evolution of a Thai beach
    • s2010e129Traveling the world with Destination Unknown .
    • s2010e127Destination Unknown Iceland
    • s2010e104Destination Unknown Bhutan
  • 41 episodes
    41 episodes
  • 47 episodes
    47 episodes
  • 17 episodes
    17 episodes