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Joel Veitch is the creator of the cult website RATHERGOOD. COM which he founded in 2000. Since then its unique menagerie of animals and songs - particularly his singing kittens and moon-obsessed Spongmonkeys - have developed a worldwide cult following. He writes, directs, sings and makes songs, animations, and comedy. He makes commercials, stuff...

Episode Guide

37 episodes

  • 24 episodes
    24 episodes
    • s2010e715Uncle Wormsley
    • s2010e707Kitten Chasing A Piece Of String
    • s2010e617Pork Force
    • s2010e610I Love You Chinchap
    • s2010e603Funky Kitten
    • s2010e528Joel Veitch
    • s2010e525Diamonds In My Poo
    • s2010e519Finger Thingdicator
    • s2010e513Science Time - Sea Slugs
    • s2010e506Harmacy
    • s2010e415Conservative Party Cat
    • s2010e408Crusha Kittens Roller Disco outtake- Errol hits the camera!
    • s2010e401The Axolotl Song
    • s2010e302Bacon Rocket
    • s2010e226Jesus Man
    • s2010e218Making Black Pudding
    • s2010e205Look At My Potato
    • s2010e127Bunnies love USBCELL batteries
    • s2010e114The Internet Is Made Of Cats
    • s2010e108Eric The Squid Spinner
    • s2010e105Colossal Arctic Blessed
  • 13 episodes
    13 episodes