Real Simple Episode Guide

Real Simple is an online series of instructional films from the lifestyle magazine, Real Simple, that stream over YouTube. Just as the magazine provides plenty of useful lifestyle tips, so do the YouTube videos. Learn how to live life more frugally with Real Simple’s Save At Starbucks episode, where Carly Zipp of Real Simple Magazine visits a Starbucks and finds some ways to save some money on its delicious, but not exactly cheap, drinks. Learn how to give the prettiest presents with Real Simple’s How To: Wrap a Present, where Real Simple’s Kathleen Harris demonstrates. Find out what to give as those gifts with Real Simple’s Holiday Gift Guide. Learn from Real Simple’s Allie Lewis Clap as she demonstrates ways to make packaged foods look and taste gourmet. All of that is just the tip of the Real Simple iceberg, so head over to YouTube and check Real Simple out.

Episode Guide

50 episodes