Reckless (UK) Episode Guide

Dr Owen Springer is a surgeon in his thirties, on his way from London to Manchester to move in with his ailing father. On the train journey, Owen needs to make an urgent phone call but the only person who will allow him to use their mobile phone is fellow passenger, Anna Fairley, a beautiful woman in her forties. Unbeknown to Owen, she is also the head of the management consultancy administering his forthcoming personality assessment for a new job at a local Manchester hospital. By the time of their second meeting, Owen has already developed romantic feelings towards Anna, though she spurns all his advances. To complicate matters further, Owen discovers Anna is also the wife of his new boss at the hospital, Dr Richard Crane. However, Owen discovers Richard is having an affair himself, knowledge which he uses to bring himself and Anna closer together

Episode Guide

6 episodes

  • 6 episodes
    6 episodes
    • s1e6Episode 6
      March 10, 1997
    • s1e5Episode 5
      March 6, 1997
    • s1e4Episode 4
      February 27, 1997
    • s1e3Episode 3
      February 20, 1997
    • s1e2Episode 2
      February 13, 1997
    • s1e1Episode 1
      February 6, 1997