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Red Band Society Recap: Gotta Have Faith

Red Band Society is never subtle about its themes, and is often eager to let Voice-Over Coma Boy announce What The Episode Is About right at the top, in case anyone out there has a hard time following along. At the start of this episode, we learn from Coma Boy (who is now able to play video games even though he's not all-the-way-conscious, which is impressive/unnerving) that, "Faith, other than the ending of The Sopranos and why the Clash broke up, it's the greatest mystery of them all." (Okay, real quick, the ending of The Sopranos symbolized that the main character's punishment for his misdeeds was that he had to continue to be himself and that real life rarely follows a neat narrative. The Clash broke up because of the normal rock 'n' roll reasons: dueling egos between the main songwriters and substance abuse issues. Neither of these is all that mysterious, Coma Boy, but I digress.)   Read More... //

Red Band Society Recap: Of Man and Superman

  So we come to the end of the Red Band Society. Production has been halted , and the final episodes have been moved to Saturday night to be burned off. Now, Red Band Society hasn't been officially canceled....but come on. It's hard to single out one reason why this show failed to take off, but "sick kids in a hospital get into antics in-between chemo sessions and surgery" was always a strange, hard-to-market concept for a mainstream TV program, while at the same time this show was never able to shake off the perception that it was riding the coat tails of The Fault in Our Stars , even though it's actually an adaptation of the Catalan series Polseres vermelles .   Read More... //

Did 'Red Band Society' end just right or need a Season 2?

FOX burned off the final two episodes of its feel-good hospital-set dramedy "Red Band Society" on Saturday (Feb. 7), with the finale serving as both closure for each of the chronically ill teenagers' storylines and a bittersweet peek at what could've been in a potential Season 2. How did your favorite red-bander leave things? Let's look at the resolution of each of their storylines below.CharlieOur precocious narrator spoke to the audience from a coma for most of the season, but these final three episodes that were dumped on Saturdays saw the skateboard-loving kid wake up, and, in the final moments of the episode, speak again and ultimately leave the hospital with his family.LeoMuch like it happens in real life, Leo's cancer returns. His relationship with Emma is still strained, but realizes that instead of moping around the only thing he can do is work up the energy to fight it once again. RELATED: Zap2it first:... //

Red Band Society Finale Post Mortem: EP Talks Emma-Kara Friendship, Leo's Silence, That Rolling Stones Moment

Red Band Society executive producer Rina Mimoun has a vision. A decade or two from now, she hopes that the audience who tuned into her short-lived Fox series about the residents and workers of a hospital pediatric ward will remember it with the same fondness she holds for a one-season wonder from her own youth: [] //

Red Band Society Recap: Get Guilty

  If Red Band Society hadn't gotten canceled halfway through its first season, this show would have eventually developed an insurmountable structural problem: the main characters would always have to be just sick enough that they can't go home, but not so sick that the show becomes too damn depressing for a mainstream soap opera starring teenagers. The only alternative would have been the core cast members having to either leave after their characters had recovered (a move the producers would probably like to avoid, as very few shows teen shows actually let their characters graduate, la FridayNight Lights or Degrassi )...or, uh, die (a move the producers would probably really like to avoid, unless one of the actors was being a pain).   Read More... //

Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 10 Review: What I Did For Love

Love was in the air on  Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 10  but so was heartbreak and in the end most everyone ended up a little more damaged.  Kara and Leo were at the top of that list and at times it was hard to figure out if their shared ditch day was healing or would simply hurt them more.   Read More... //

Red Band Society Season 1 Review What I Did For Love

This episode of Red Band Society, the final of 2014, leaves us in a weird place. With only three more episodes to come after the break and a very slim chance of a season two, what really has the show done with these first ten hours? Where and who are the characters now compared to [] //

Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 9 Review: How Did We Get Here

There were several things in  Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 9  that were just a hot mess, not the least of which was teenaged pop star Delaney Shaw.  Delaney had checked in for "exhaustion" and she completely disrupted Nurse Jackson's directive for quiet time on the ward.  Dash described Delaney as one hot mess who would have sex with just about anybody which was why she seemed like the perfect girl to help him lose his virginity, as he explained to Kara in this  Red Band Society quote … //

Red Band Society Recap: Mother, May I Sleep With Cancer?

  The quality of a given episode of Red Band Society inevitably rests with the amount of Dash we get onscreen. Brian "Astro" Bradley isn't the best actor on the show. (Octavia Spencer, duh.) He's not even the best of the child actors. (Ciara Bravo, obviously.) But he is the most charismatic and fun-to-watch actor, and this show has such a maudlin streak that you need as much pop onscreen as possible, so the tendency to sideline Dash is always frustrating. (For one thing, I'm pretty sure we've never seen his parents, and we know very little about his life before he went to the hospital.)  Read More... //

The 'Red Band Society' fall finale proves there is such a thing as too much drama

It'd be a shame if the last time we saw "Red Band Society" on FOX was the show's fall finale, "What I Did For Love." It wasn't the show's strongest episode, but it threw so many wrenches into each storyline that it would be a shame not to see some of those through.All 13 episodes of the show's initial order were produced, but none of the last three episodes are scheduled to air on the network. Although the show could be considered for a second season when decision-making time comes in May, the fact that three produced episodes could only see the light of day online somewhere is not a good sign for the show's future -- and it should have one.It's true -- the show has struggled to find a balance between how much hospital melodrama to show versus the intra-hospital relationships, how much adult drama versus kids coming of age. But as the... //