Red Shoe Diaries Episode Guide

"Red Shoe Diaries" is one of Showtime's most successful and longest running original series. Created by Zalman King, the world's most successful creator of sensual/romantic drama ("9 ½ Weeks, "Wild Orchid," "Two Moon Junction"), the 66 episodes have appealed to a woman's audience as much as they have to men. Each episode stars David Duchovny who is stunned when his beloved fiance inexplicably commits suicide just before their marriage. He discovers her secret diary that exposes parts of her life that he never knew existed. In an effort to try and understand what could have driven her to this desperate act, he places an ad in the newspaper asking women to send him their own diaries, to reveal their own most intimate secrets. Each episode tells one of those stories and features young actors at the beginnings of their careers who have gone on to become recognizable stars in both movies and television.

Episode Guide

67 episodes