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Rizzoli & Isles Review: The Single Sock

Rizzoli & Isles fans finally got to see Jane's estranged lover Lt. Casey Jones once again. What's the " Over / Under " that we'll get to see Maura's mother, the other serious dangling plot point, during next week's winter finale? I was both happy to see Casey once again and highly disappointed.  No doubt the guy is going through Hell but he's sending Jane such mixed signals that he had my stomach turning during each scene. First he showed up at her place of work but swore it wasn't to see her.  The he shared that he's having surgery that could possibly heal his paralysis only to tell her that they're over. Read More... //

Rizzoli & Isles Season 3 Review “Virtual Love”

This week  Rizzoli & Isles   set out to solve the murder  of a married microbrewer with a secret apartment, multiple online gaming  liaisons, and a crazy assistant. Got all that? Well if that wasn’t enough excitement for you noobs, there was also a side story about underprivileged children in search of  mentors, a motorcycle gang, and Rizzoli’s mom trolling for a new man. If you missed the episode and are having a hard time picturing how all this came together, imagine a combination of Road House, the Hobbit, Fatal Attraction, and Dangerous Minds. Great, we’re all on the same page. Let’s start first with the main story – the virtual gaming world. This often-scoffed-at pastime evoked the same stereotypes that it usually does – old and overweight people pretending to be young, attractive warriors who carouse through burnt out villages to meet up for virtual sex. This is well-trod ground. From South Park’s "Make Love Not Warcraft" to Big Bang Theory’s "The Barbarian Sublimation," online gaming has been ridiculed for attracting the nerdiest of nerds. Yawn. I will give Rizzoli and Isles some credit for making Detective Frost an online gaming expert. This softened the mockery towards the gamers, who in one scene hung out in some bizarre cyber den in plastic Viking helmets. While I have never actually played a multiplayer online role-playing game, I expect that if a show is going to make fun of my nerd brethren, the jokes better be smart and funny. That wasn’t so much the case here. Read More... //

Rizzoli & Isles Review: Multiple Murder Boy

" Love the Way You Lie " had a lot more to do with lies than love, at least where our multiple murders were concerned.  Let's start with murder number one… Suicide Boy. I'm sure Ethan Slater's depression, drug use, and eventual suicide pact made for quite a page turner. Korsak couldn't put it down and although I understood Kevin Baker's anger over his sister's death, I knew he wasn't the killer.  He was so angry he would have made it hurt, a lot. Slater's steampunk room was pretty cool.  The antique typewriter was a great collector's piece but I couldn't imagine working on it every day.  I can remember using an electric typewriter as a kid and there was always a lot of White Out to go over my many typos.  Thank goodness for computers with automatic spell check for when my fingers work faster than my brain. Read More... //

Rizzoli & Isles Season 3 Review “Class Action Satisfaction”

It’s flu season , so germs are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. If you are the type who flinches when someone near you coughs, or who grabs a door knob  with your sweater, you were definitely squirming on your couch during last night’s  Rizzoli  & Isles . The episode opens with a cafe customer spray coughing blood everywhere, before keeling over. I had visions of a dying Gwenyth Paltrow from the film Contagion. I wanted to shout at Rizzoli’s mother, Angela (Lorraine Braco), "Don’t touch the blood!" The mysterious death lures in Rizzoli and Isles , and the immediate assumption is that there is something poisonous in the cafe’s food. Suspicions turn to Angela’s boss, Mr. Stanley (Alan Rachins). This part was a little silly. What motivation would the crotchety Stanley have to murder a customer in front of a full breakfast crowd? The fact that the deceased turns out to be a pharmaceutical distributor should have sent up the red flags that some medical experiment was the likely cause. Read More... //

Rizzoli & Isles Review: Men in Tights or Mennonites?

Rizzoli & Isles returned for its winter run, and watching " Class Action Satisfaction " was like spending time with family. Sometimes you just want to hug them... and other times, not so much. I couldn't wait to find out who the father of Lydia's baby was and I'm so grateful it was Tommy. Poppa Rizzoli turned out to be such an unreliable sleaze that I hope he's gone for good, although I doubt the rest of the family will get that lucky. The legal dilemma over Lydia's actions was intriguing. Although she dropped her baby on a doorstep, she left him on his family 's doorstep; therefore it wasn't legally considered abandonment. And I really couldn't be angry with Lydia. She's confused and scared and her domineering mother is a lousy influence. Still, she was smart enough to recognize that the Rizzoli's would take care of her son. Read More... //

Rizzoli & Isles Summer Finale “Melt My Heart to Stone” Review

I’m pretty sure there was a crime involving a bleeding statute in the opening minutes of the summer finale of  Rizzoli & Isles , however I was too distracted by my tremendous disappointment  in Frankie not getting promoted to detective. How sad was it when Frost had to take back the action figure? Who the hell is Riley? Oh yeah, she’s Jane’s neighbor from a few episodes ago who dated Frost and Frankie simultaneously. The team begrudgingly welcomed her but the entire scene was nothing short of awkward. Frankie was not the only member of Jane’s family reeling in disappointment. Maura revealed that Angela was drowning her sorrows in . . . knitting. Gasp! By the way, I  loved  Angela’s take on Riley’s actions to fulfill her dream of joining homicide. Watch out Riley, those knitting needles can be dangerous. Read More... //  

Rizzoli & Isles Summer Finale Review: Let The Jerk Go!

" Melt My Heart To Stone " teased us with a Hoyt connection and almost had me fooled.  Not that I thought the summer finale was going to resurrect the serial killer but a murderous apprentice certainly seemed plausible. Women being murdered, having their arms cut off and then encased in plaster to become replicas of the Venue de Milo made for a suitably creepy serial killer for our last episode of the summer.  As an added bonus they really kept me guessing about the killer until the last 15 minutes. Read More... //

Rizzoli & Isles “Home Town Glory” Review

I thought the fact  that Maura convinced Jane to buy a purse and shoes  was a pretty unexpected way to kick off this week’s episode of  Rizzoli & Isles  . . . until we saw Angela. Recognizing that Lydia was struggling and in serious need of help, Angela decided to throw the mother-to-be a baby shower. Angela appeared to spare no expense as she’d accumulated quite an impressive spread for Lydia. Of course, Jane and Maura got called away to investigate a crime before they could clue Angela in on some very important missing details about Lydia. Read More... //  

Rizzoli & Isles Review: A Family Thing

" Home Town Glory " didn't have a lot of glory for anyone, except perhaps the one person who deserved it. I couldn't believe that Jane and Maura tried to keep Lydia's identity a secret from Angela.  Not only wasn't it fair, it was foolish. Lydia may not be the smartest woman on the planet but her instincts were right.  Angela deserved to be told the truth.  Especially when they found out that she was planning Lydia a baby shower. Read More... //

Rizzoli & Isles Review: The Fantasy of Love

" Cuts Like a Knife "  opens at the So In Love Wedding Chapel where the bride looks like she just walked out of a horror movie. Wow!  That white dress really showed off her…blood splatter?  I'm guessing that's not what she was hoping for when she picked it out. The brutal murder at the wedding chapel quickly turned into a horrifying case of human trafficking that included branding, rape and auctioning young woman off to the highest bidder.  The entire case turned out to be way more disturbing than I ever expected looking at that wedding scene. Read More... //