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Weekend Binge Guide: October 2017

Have the weekend free? Going out is overrated! Binge-­watch one of these shows instead:   If you want to laugh:   iZombie See all reviews for iZombie Don’t be fooled by the silly name! Veronica Mars ’s Rob Thomas has created a smart, funny show that is surprisingly original considering it’s a mix of the most trite TV genres: zombie procedural dramedy. Liz Moore (Rose McIver) is a med-student-turned-Zombie after an unfortunate boat party. She finds work as an assistant medical examiner, conveniently providing her with the brains she needs to pass for Living. She explains away her brain-induced visions by claiming she’s a psychic and eventually teams up with a homicide detective to help solve murders in Seattle, which becomes increasingly zombie-infested as the series progresses.   If you want to cry:   Rookie Blue See all reviews for Rookie Blue This show is very dear to my heart. Andy (Missy Peregrym), Traci, Chris, Dov, and Gail start as rookie cops in Toronto - and the chemistry among the cast right off the bat is what had me hooked. Their relationships grow and change throughout six seasons, but in some ways the group realizes they’ll always be rookies. The emotional highs and lows make these characters so relatable, but the occasional car chase, bomb diffusion, or drug raid provides enough action to keep you engaged. I miss these Rookies!   If you want to scream:   The Magicians See all reviews for  The Magicians Based on the series by Lev Grossman, The Magicians is a darker, more mature Harry Potter . Like, imagine if those kids grew up and went to grad school in upstate New York. You’d land somewhere in the realm of Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy. Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph) finds himself in the midst of magicians, something he’d always dreamed of given his lifelong obsession with Fillory, a Narnia -like fantasy land. Despite the skepticism of his peers, Quentin maintains that if magic is real, Fillory must be real too. It turns our he’s right, but Quentin discovers that the wonders of Fillory come with terrors more dangerous than he could have imagined.   If you want to think:   Orange Is the New Black See all reviews for  Orange Is the New Black I think most everyone who’s seen Orange Is the New Black agrees it’s a success, but the most recent season stepped it up in a way that was smart, culturally relevant, and extremely timely. Much of the season deals with the loss of a beloved character (no spoilers), using it as a jumping off point to tackle issues of race, police brutality, and capitalism, just to name a few. The standoff at the end of Season 4 escalates into a riot that lasts for the entire season, giving this "bottle season" more focus and intention than we’ve previously seen from OINTB . The performances are strong as always, particularly from Danielle Brooks as Taystee. Trust me, just watch it! p { text-­align: justify; }

Rookie Blue Canceled by ABC

ABC has canceled Rookie Blue after six seasons, TheWrap has learned. The show follows a group of rookie police officers and the struggles they face while patrolling the city streets.Missy Peregrym,Gregory Smith,Enuka Okuma,Travis Milne,Charlotte Sullivan, Ben Bass andMatt Gordon all starred in the Canadian summer series. lana Frank, Tassie Cameron, Russ Cochrane, David Wellington and John Morayniss serve as executive producers. The showis a production of IFC Films and eOne, whichalso distributes the series internationally.    Read More... //

Jason Priestley, 'Rookie Blue' Star Cindy Sampson Find 'The Code'

The Canadian procedural will see the 'Beverly Hills 90210' star play an ex-pro hockey player-turned- private investigator.   Read More.... //

Rookie Blue Boss on Series Finale-Like Ending, Andy and Sam's Wedding, [Spoiler]'s Goodbye and Season 7

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursdays episode of Rookie Blue. Wedding bells were ringing on Thursdays Rookie Blue finale as Andy and Sam finally got hitched after six seasons of running away from each other, to each other and everything in between. As romantic as the nuptials were after a wedding dress-clad Andy [] //

'Rookie Blue' Star Previews Potential Series Finale: "It Felt Like We Were Saying Goodbye"

Missy Peregrym talks to THR about the "emotional" season six finale, Andy's big day and a possible season seven. Plus: Watch an exclusive finale sneak peek.   Read More... //

Marlo's Baby Arrives In Tomorrow's 'Rookie Blue' - Watch A Sneak Peek!

The moment everyone's been worrying about is finally here on tomorrow night's Rookie Blue. In "Ninety Degrees," as a heat wave hits the city, Marlo (Rachael Ancheril) goes into labor with Sam's (Be...   Read More... //

'Rookie Blue' Star Previews a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Matt Gordon on Oliver Shaw's resignation and the show's questionable future.   Read More... //

Rookie Blue Sneak Peek: Andy and Juliet Set a Trap to Clear Oliver

Rookie Blues finest arent about to let their sergeantgo down without a fight even if it means teaming up with an unlikely ally. In TVLines exclusive video from tonights episode (ABC, 10/9c), Andy finds herself getting help from a surprising source: undercover Internal Affairs agent Juliet. In order to prove that Oliver wasnt responsible [] //

'Rookie Blue' Eyes a Happily Ever After

Showrunner Tassie Cameron breaks down that surprise proposal and previews the "dark" final episodes of the season.   Read More... //

'Rookie Blue': Peter Mooney Previews Our Look Into Nick's Past

Season six of Rookie Blue has so far been mostly fun and flirty for Officer Nick Collins, but tonight that's all about to change. In "Letting Go," Nick's past collides with his present and Juliet i...   Read More... //