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From executive producer Todd Harthan (“Psych,” “Dominion”), ROSEWOOD stars Morris Chestnut (“Nurse Jackie,” “The Best Man” franchise) as DR. BEAUMONT ROSEWOOD, JR., a brilliant private pathologist who uses wildly sophisticated technology and his drive to live life to the fullest to help a tough-as-nails detective (Jaina Lee Ortiz, “The After”) and the Miami PD uncover clues no one else can see.
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Sep 24, 2015 9:10PM EDT

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This show is a really cheesy idea, but it's appealingly packaged.

The main character is a 'private pathologist'. Never mind how such a person is supposed to get enough work to keep him in business in his skeletally staffed high tech lab. He is brilliant enough to see that a supposed murder victim had lethal cancer and committed suicide (because obviously nobody would ever murder someone who is terminally ill). He himself is a walking combination of potentially deadly symptoms, caused by being born three months prematurely, but he looks like, well, a Hollywood hottie, and can certainly work up a sweat, right up until the script calls for him to be pathetically frail.

The characters are fun, and lively, with the possible exception of the romantic interest. I don't think it's really the actress's fault, but her lines in particular are vapid and uninteresting.

I don't hate it, but unless you're a fan of one of the actors involved it's probably not going to make the cut for you.


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