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Royal Pains Review: The Impossible

At times Royal Pains seemed a little "Lawson Translation" tonight. Other times, it seemed to hit the nail on the impossible head. But that just another normal week in the Hamptons for our favorite medical crew. READ MORE...

Royal Pains Season 5 Episode 2 “Blythe Spirits”

Royal Pains "Blythe Spirits" Season 5 Episode 2 airs on Wednesday June 19 2013 at 9:00 p.m. on USA Network. Episode Synopsis: Royal Pains Season 5 Episode 2 "Blythe Spirits"- Hank treats a local cop with a rebellious teenage daughter whose antics may be affecting his health. Evan and Paige adjust to living in their mysterious new home, while attempting to settle a neighborhood feud "Hamptons-style." HankMed receives an unexpected offer from a patient. And Divya learns the new changes in her life may be more complicated than she had expected. READ MORE...

Royal Pains Exclusive First Look: Evan Wages War to Save HankMed

In the battle of old money vs. new money, who will win? On the Royal Pains premiere, Hank ( Mark Feuerstein ) and Evan ( Paulo Costanzo ) met Hamptonite Blythe Ballard ( Frances Conroy ), who went from a new patient to their biggest adversary yet. Before the Lawsons knew it, Blythe was presenting them with a cease-and-desist letter, ordering HankMed to stop practicing in the Hamptons immediately. But the brothers are never ones to stay quiet. With Hank dealing with his own issues stemming from his brain surgery, Evan will take it upon himself to wage war. Royal Pains bosses, cast spill on the season premiere shocker "One of the big arcs for the season, both narratively and emotionally, is Evan finally confronting this outsider status that he's always felt since he got [to the Hamptons], creator Andrew Lenchewski tells "Blythe ... represents everything he's always felt rejected by — the old Hamptons guard, old money, the very exclusive tightknit elite — and he feels like this is the opportunity for him to finally be included and at the same time give voice to Hank Med's interest." //

Top Moments: Mad Men's Disgusting Discovery and NPH's Triumphant Tonys!

Our top moments of the week: 11. Lamest Reveal: On the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars , we immediately learn what's in that trunk: a dead pig. Gross! It's a letdown for those fans who thought it would be a (human) body, but don't worry, sickos, we've got you covered: A later ... //

Royal Pains Bosses, Cast Spill on the Season Premiere Shocker

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from the season premiere of Royal Pains . Read at your own risk.] Oh baby! Royal Pains Season 5 premiere ended with a stunning reveal: Divya ( Reshma Shetty ) is pregnant! Read More... //

'Royal Pains' Season 5: Mark Feuerstein talks Hank's recovery

Zap2it: Your "Royal Pains" character, Dr. Hank Lawson, was injured in an explosion at the end of Season 4. How do we find him as Season 5 of the USA show begins Wednesday (June 12)?Mark Feuerstein: There are a lot of moments where that comes into play, and I won't reveal just how well or not well Hank remains when we return. There are moments that are darker because Hank is recovering, or trying to, and then there are light, fun and breezy "Royal Pains" moments.The writers did a brilliant job of navigating when it was time to tell the story of Hank's recovery and when it was time to put that aside and let him possibly return to the usual life that our show depicts.Zap2it: How was the continuity of playing that for you?Mark Feuerstein: Having treated many "patients" on the show, to have the opportunity to do my own version of what they've... //

Royal Pains Season 5 Preview: Secrets, Lies & A New Big Bad

While USA’s Royal Pains occasionally will delve on the darker side of things (the explosion supposedly killing Boris last season, for example), the long-running series also possesses a strong funny bone with banter and outlandish situations involving its cast of characters. Read More... //

Royal Pains Season 5 Preview: Brothers Re-Strengthen Bond As They Face New Threats

A great deal of season four of Royal Pains was about putting the brothers Lawson back together and after HankMed seemingly broke apart over Evan’s desire to grow the company. Read More... //

USA Returns 'Royal Pains' And 'Necessary Roughness'

USA's summer original series rollout continues with the returns of Royal Pains and Necessary Roughness tonight. BFTV has previews of both shows, plus some Royal Pains and Necessary Roughness gear t... //

Royal Pains' Paulo Costanzo on Evan's Political Gamble and Making Frances Conroy Cry

The last time Royal Pains fans caught up with the HankMed team, Hank ( Mark Feuerstein ) was getting ready to go under the knife for major surgery. When the USA series returns for Season 5 on Wednesday (9/8c, USA), the doctor will still be adjusting to being the patient. "It's a new dynamic because it's the first time that Hank has really... //